4-Seasons Heater Valves

When driving your vehicle, it is important that you are in total control. There are many switches, levers and knobs that make up the various systems and components of your car. When these components are working and functioning properly you can enjoy their uses. The heater function is one of these systems that we definitely want to be in control of, especially during the winter months or in the summer months to make sure that it's turned off properly. To ensure the heater system works properly is the function the heater valve serves. The moment that the heater valve shows that it is not working properly it will be a good idea to have it changed.

The 4 Seasons brand is known as a world-class air-conditioning system and parts manufacturer. 4 Seasons heater valves are guaranteed to heat your car's interior. The valve works by controlling the amount of coolant that will pass through the heater core. The valve is made up of heat resistant materials since it is exposed to hot temperatures on a regular basis. Not only will this give resistance from the heat but will also prevent wear and tear as well that is brought on by regular use. Not only are 4 Seasons heater valves constructed of quality materials but the manufacturer has made it very easy to install, and it has a direct fit design which enables it to fit perfectly. Keeping this in mind, there will be no need to make any unnecessary changes to the product size and shape. Again, the installation is not difficult.

Step One: First, you want to match the 4 Seasons heater valve to the make and model of your vehicle. Once this is accomplished, you can order the 4 Seasons heater valve either from the Internet or from your local auto parts store. If the specific one you need is not in stock, you can ask for it to be specially ordered for you. Once you have the 4 Seasons heater valve in hand then you can begin the installation process.

Step Two: You will need to gather the necessary tools that will make it possible to work in the inside of the vehicle, working to take out the instrument panel and/or dashboard parts. If you do not have the right tools, the job can be a bit more difficult so this is a very important part of the installation process.

Step Three: Once the old heater valve has been located it can then be removed. After the removal of the old heater valve, simply place the new heater valve in its place. Make sure that you check everything over to be sure you have done everything correctly and that you have left nothing out of place.

Step Four: Attach the proper hoses to the correct places on the heater valve. The hoses coming from the heater core go into the part of the valve that would be the intake. There are simple labels to show which hoses are attached to what.

Step Five: Now, after the 4 Seasons heater valve has been installed, you can assemble the instrument panel and/or dashboard back together. For this step, be sure the heater is working properly. Be sure to turn the switch to the correct position for the desired temperature.

If for any reason you have followed all of the steps above and your heater valve is not functioning properly, it may become necessary to get a professional mechanic to help you. In most cases installation runs smoothly and there are not issues at all.

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