AGM Batteries

If you need a battery for something large like a vehicle, the amount of options available can make choosing the right one a challenging task. Although you want to be informed about what battery will perform best, it seems like the more you read about different types of batteries, the more confusing your decision becomes. If the process of selecting the right type of battery is overwhelming you, you'll be happy to know that you can get a straight answer by continuing to read the information below.

If the battery you are trying to choose is for a car, RV, boat or virtually any other vehicle, the type of battery you want to select is an AGM battery. AGM stands for Absorbed Glass Mat. What makes AGM batteries different from many other types of batteries is that AGM batteries are deep cycling. Deep cycling batteries have a solid lead plate in them. This is the component that is able to give them a superior level of performance. Whether you simply need to replace your car battery or want a battery to put in your RV that you can depend on while you're driving across the country, you'll be pleased with how an AGM battery works for you.

There are several features that give AGM batteries a performance edge over other types of batteries. The first feature is that they are fully sealed. This means that you won't ever have to worry about your battery spilling. With some types of batteries, spilling is a serious concern that can cause a major headache for you if it does occur. With AGM batteries, you will never have to deal with this problem. You also won't ever have to deal with topping off this type of battery. The reason is because it doesn't ever require being topped off with water.

AGM batteries offer several other benefits as well. Unlike some other kinds of batteries, you don't need to keep an AGM battery in a sealed box with an exterior vent. Not needing to do this means that you have one less thing to worry about in regards to your battery. Also, because AGM batteries don't require this type of box, they can be mounted on the inside of what you're installing them in. Another big benefit of this type of battery is its fast charging time. With an AGM battery, you can get a full charge in as little as three hours.

With many batteries, self discharge is a major problem. The reason is because many types of batteries will quickly self discharge when they aren't used for even a fairly short amount of time. AGM batteries have a very slow self discharge. It's so slow that this type of battery can sit for a full year and then easily be restored to its previous performance level. With other types of batteries, this simply isn't possible. The reason that AGM batteries perform so well is because they were originally developed for military use. Given that purpose, you know that they are a very durable battery.

If you're ready to purchase an AGM battery to use for your vehicle, you are probably curious how much they cost. Like many parts, this depends on the exact model they need. AGM battery prices start as low as $70. For most AGM batteries, the average price range is between $125-$300. If you have specific needs that require a higher end model, you may end up paying $400 or more for your battery. Regardless of where the battery you need falls on the price scale, you can count on getting plenty of bang for your buck.

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