Air Intake Filter

Intake filters go through a lot of rough treatment, and it really needs to be kept as clean and new as possible so that it can continue performing in the most efficient way. This is most important because the air-fuel composition of your vehicle depends on it. Along this vein, don't fall for cheap knockoffs when finding the right air intake filter; stay with reputable manufacturers so as to prevent contamination.

There also are kits available to keep your air intake filter in as tip top shape as possible. If given the proper treatment, your air intake filter could last for more than a hundred thousand miles. These are very sensitive systems comprised of synthetics and microfibers meant to trap even the smallest of contaminants. Keeping the air intake free of impurities ensure that your fuel injection system is performing as it should.

Just as important, it is important to know when to retire your air intake filter and purchase a new one. Not doing so can eventually damage your engine.  The benefits of having a good air intake filter are numerous, better fuel efficiency and improved performance for starters. In addition, as soon as you suspect or determine there is contamination in your air intake filter, replace it immediately to prevent corrosion on your engine. This adds to more pressure as you drive, and eventually you can really damage your engine.

On the other hand, a new air intake filter can work wonders. Intake air filters help offer more horsepower and a higher fuel efficiency, and they take as little as an hour and a half to install. It is one of the quickest, easiest and cheapest ways to really improve the performance of your vehicle. Layers of cotton and how much dirt is kept out are some of the things you want to consider when purchasing an air intake filter, as well has how easily it will be cleaned and reused. Good brands include K&N and Injen, but there are a variety of models out there, even "green" ones. For each brand there are sub-models, depending on which kind of car that you drive.

When trying to determine where to purchase your air intake filter, look both locally and online. Since most places can stock an air filter within 24 hours, you may be able to save on shipping if you find a local place that keeps good air intake filters in stock. You may receive installation service, as well.

Read on for some specific examples of est-selling air intake filters:

  • K&N Air Filters are considered the best in the world, promising high-power, low-dirt gauze that is washable. The K&N Air Filter comes with a 10-year and 1,000,000-mile warranty.
  • AFE Pro-Dry S Air Filters are touted for keeping messy and dangerous oil slicks out of your vehicle. The fast cleaning Pro Dry filters are devices you can easily reus, and they comes with a lifetime defect warranty.
  • Volant PowerCore Replacement Air Filter promises a power boost and boasts being the first brand out there to make it to 100,000 miles without needing to be cleaned. Free of oil, the Volant PowerCore air intake filter comes with a 100,000-mile warranty.
  • Injen Replacement Air Intake Filters is factory original and fir perfectly into your vehicle. This high-quality item is made of washable cotton and comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • AFE Air Filters offers five strong layers of cotton to keep out the dirt and jack up the airflow. Washable and reusable, this item comes with a lifetime defect warranty.
  • AFE Pro-Guard 7 Air Filters is great for off roaders and diesels – anything that's heavy duty. Boasting a strength of 11 times more than paper filters, the Pro-Guard 7 offers a lifetime defect warranty.
  • Spectre Air Filters aim to boost your horsepower and get rid of dust with their reusable products. Equipped with a lifetime warranty, the Spectre Air Filter says the possible fuel savings may pay off for the filter.
  • Green Air Filters, designed in the European racing world, holds extra dirt, is fully reusable and can hold up to 5 microns of particles. Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • S&B Air Filters boasts of strict adherence to ISO controls and a 1,000,000-mile warranty.
  • Volant Air Filters carries up to 8 layers of cotton gauze and has a lifetime warranty.

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