Asanti Wheels

There is an American saying that goes, “The car makes the man.” If this is true, then there are a lot of very well treated, smooth running and highly decorated men out there. Arguably, ever since cars became a popular mode of transportation (first, for the gentlemen classes, the only ones who could afford them, and later as an ubiquitous mode of transportation) some people have loved their cars so much that they consider them powerful, beautiful and, most of all, customized extensions of themselves. For that reason, they buy the most high end after market accessories they can afford to customize their precious vehicle. After market products may include new fenders, spoilers, trim, instruments, sound systems, alarms, etc. And very often, people who wish to customize their cars with a unique look choose to equip it with aftermarket wheels, such as Asanti wheels. In fact, for a long time, in popular parlance, an automobile was also known as a “set of wheels” (i.e. Instead of remarking on a friend’s new car you might say, “Nice set of wheels.”)

Now, not all people upgrade or customize their cars as a way to express their individuality, some upgrade their automobiles in order to increase the automobile’s value. Though if you are of a philosophical mindset it can be argued that even people who are upgrading their cars with features like Asanti wheels for the stated reason of increasing their market value are actually upgrading their cars based on their desire to customize the car more toward their higher end tastes. Nonetheless, no matter what reason someone gives for upgrading their automobile, luxury or after market features like Asanti wheels does indeed contribute to that saying “the car makes the man.”

If you choose to buy Asanti wheels for your car, be prepared to drop a lot of spare change on the endeavor and even put your name on a waiting list. Car modification is so popular that the high brands, such as Asanti, often have long waiting lists just to buy Asanti wheels. Though the wait may seem long and the hassle of spending so much money on customization might not seem worth it, many die hard automobile modifiers disagree. Further, equipping your car with high end Asanti wheels will most assuredly add value to it, should you ever wish to resale.

Today, people often spruce up their vehicles by say, adding fancy or high end rims to their Asanti wheels. Appreciators of rims maintain that these parts add something to a car or truck’s personality and demeanor. Some might even say that a set of Asanti wheels combined with custom rims give a car a particular attitude. No matter what your opinion on rims, if you are the type of person that feels that you should customize your automobile with fancy rims on your Asanti wheels, chances are you are going to drop a chunk of change on them. Not feeling so generous? You can find rims on online auction sites such as eBay or, with some scouting, at local secondhand auto parts stores or pawn shops, but even if the rims are used you had still better be prepared to make an investment.

There is one rule that car aficionados often say when talking about rims. Rims should be appropriate to the car. Often, this means that modern rims should go with modern cars, while classic rims should go with classic cars. If you have ever seen modern rims sitting uneasily on the wheels of classic cars, you will likely understand just exactly what these aficionados are talking about. The sight looks strange, even funny, and some say it is disrespectful to the car to trim it with such an inappropriate adornment.

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