ATV Wheels

ATV wheels are the rims on ATVs or all-terrain vehicles that hold the tires in place and allow them to turn. They are made from pure metal or metal composites and propel the vehicle forward and in reverse by an axle. Having the right ATV wheels on your vehicle will allow you to travel in many terrains including sand, rocks and mud. It is important to choose wheels that are the proper size. The wheels should have the exact same diameter as the tires of the ATV. They are typically twelve by eight inches in the back of the wheel and twelve by six inches in the front of the wheel.

When choosing ATV wheels, the material is important as well. The most commonly chosen ATV wheel material is metal. Wheels made from pure metal are typically made from both aluminum and steel that is welded to the center of the wheel. Metal wheels normally have diameters of ten to twelve inches and can bend easily when traveling over rocks, jumping or when driving the ATV on a flat tire.

Composites are more durable than pure metals and resist wear and tear much better. They are created from a mixture of carbon fiber and glass. They are also a lighter weighted material and last much longer than metal wheels due in large part to their flexibility.

It is important to understand that ATV wheels are subject to corrosion and rust much more than a typical vehicle due to their use. It is important that you replace metal wheels immediately if you notice a dent or bend in them. It is also recommended that you choose wheels that are more resistant to rust. This will ensure that your wheels last much longer and ensure that your ATV is much more effective in tackling wet or muddy terrains.

When choosing your wheels, you should also keep in mind the tires that you use on your ATV. Determine the terrains or conditions that you will be riding your ATV in. If you are planning to ride over rocks regularly, be certain that you choose tires that have a high ply rating. This will ensure a better ride on your ATV and will keep your tires from wearing out before their time.

Maintaining your wheels is an important step in maintaining your ATV. Proper care and maintenance of your ATV wheels will ensure that they last longer and provide a much smoother ride. Be certain that you regularly check the pressure in your tires and keep both the tires and the wheels at the ideal pressure recommended. You should also understand just what can cause an ATV tire to lose air. Be certain that your tires cover the wheels properly and check regularly for cracks and punctures. You should also check the valve core, particularly if you notice that you are losing air. If a valve core becomes damaged or loose, it could cause air to begin leaking from the tire. Tires that are not holding the proper pressure will not fit the wheels correctly and may go flat or blow out, causing damage to the ATV and possible injury to the rider.

Riding ATVs is a very popular pastime and can be a very enjoyable activity, provided you are careful and maintain your ATV correctly. Choosing the proper wheels for your riding terrain as well as the right tire size and ensuring that the correct air pressure is always present will help to protect you from possible injury and protect your ATV from damage. Selecting your ATV wheels and tires correctly will provide much more enjoyment from your ride and allow you to tackle a variety of terrains safely on your ATV.

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