Automotive Fuse Holder

Fuses are electrical components fitted into numerous electronic devices to protect them from overloads and short circuits that may damage the device. The mechanism employed in a fuse is that it contains a thin wire which melts when excess electricity passes through it. This disconnects the circuit hence ensuring that the extra current does not affect other components of the device. To achieve maximum performance from your fuse, it should be attached near your battery.

In order to apply fuses in a vehicle, it must have an automotive fuse holder. Fuse holders are mechanisms that are used to carry and shelter fuses. They are generally manufactured in two different styles: either open or completely covered. Fuse holders such as fuse clips, socket, blocks and plug-on type fuse holders are classified under the open fuse holder style. The covered fuse holder comprises of fuse carrier fitted onto the holder so that it completely covers and provides protection to the fuse inside. Fuse holders are made in various sizes to be able to carry the different sizes of fuses available.

When buying a fuse holder for your vehicle, it should meet the required specifications of the fuses being used. Such specifications include the operating current, operating voltage stated by the manufacturer as well as the highest power dissipation capacity, otherwise known as the Rated Power Acceptance, of the fuse. Other terms that should also be considered are the cross-sectional area of the conductor or the minimum conduction path; to name a few.

Fuse holders can be found in most auto-shops as well as the internet with prices ranging from $10 to $50. The prices depend on a number of factors, such as the make of the fuse holder, the quality, the materials used to manufacture the fuse holder, etc. Fuse holders sometimes also include features such as being waterproof, resistant to vibrations, and an LED indicator which lights up when the fuse has blown up.

A few popular types of automotive fuse holders are mentioned below:
StreetWires FHXU8: This waterproof fuse holder holds your fuses with utmost protection with three layers of protection: a layer of three O-Rings, guards that prevent the entry of moisture, and a strong, clear plastic cover designed to withstand damage from collisions. This fuse holder can be attached firmly to an 8-gauge power cable using the built-in screws. Made with Diamond Nickel Plate which protects the fuse holder from corrosion and rust and gold plated contacts make sure that complete conductivity is achieved. The FHXU8 comes with a lifetime warranty.

Rockford Fosgate RFFAGU: This is a fuse holder which provides superior looks as well as quality service. The fuse holder is designed to safeguard your fuses from moisture and heat. It will also ensure that it is firmly attached with its setscrew terminals, and can attain high conductivity with its platinum coated contacts. It can carry AGU fuses and is also able to attach to a 4-gauge power supply cable. Thee RFFAGU comes with a 1 year warranty.

The fuse holder is a vital piece of equipment in all vehicles, and almost all pieces of electronics as a matter of fact. It carries fuses which help protect your equipment from short circuits and excess supply of power. They provide protection to the fuses from heat and moisture, as well as any possible damage resulting from an impact. They also make sure that the fuses are firmly held in place and not moved around because of the vibration induced from the engine. Though many people would think of them as an insignificant piece of plastic, they are a necessity for all vehicles.

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