Axis Wheels

Since 1997, Axis Wheels have led the way in bringing fashionable and creative designs of wheels to the market. Starting with a small number of products and workforce, Axis wheels has grown to be one of the leading manufacturers of stylish accessories for building wheel and tire packages. With the newest additions of Axis Super Hiro and Axis halo, the company has continued its prolific accomplishments and lived up to the standard it has set over the course of many years.

This particular article is basically an assortment of the most frequently asked questions about Axis Wheels and answers some of the fundamental queries starting from maintenance procedure to list of the popular consumer models.

It is recommended that the wheels should be washed regularly; preferably at least once a week. The dust deposited on the wheels, combined with heat generated from brakes, will gradually damage the finishing of the wheels if they are not washed on a regular basis. Washing the wheels with a little warm water is heavily recommended and care should be taken not to spray cold water onto the wheels immediately after a drive - as abrupt temperature change will cause the rubber tire to contract rapidly and wear out quickly. It is advisable to use a mild soap or approved cleaning agents for an ideal wash.

Staggering wheels is the practice of using different width wheels for rear and front of a vehicle to add an aggressive and stylish look to the car. Usually it involves having wheels of larger diameter in the rear end and often, thickness of the front and rear wheel depends on the car itself. The Maxis Lip model from Axis Wheels is already a popular model and is widely used with Acura, Scion, Honda, and Volkswagen for a staggered look. Although the idea of a staggered look may sound a welcome one for car fanatics, there are issues like that of proper fitting and rotation which should be considered before staggering up a ride.

The lug nuts should be bolted in a crisscross pattern and impact wrenches should be avoided as they leave the possibility of over-tightening and irregularity. It is highly recommended to consult an owner’s manual for correct torque specifications. In case of confusion, it is wise to contact expert installing instructors available at Axis Wheels.

The warranty offers on Axis Wheels state at they will never have any structural failure if bought from authorized distributors. It also assures that, the wheels are flawlessly built from the best of raw materials and if any product is found to be defective in workmanship or material according to Axis Sport tuning, the company will repair or replace that part by sending replacements to original distributor. The warranty will however be invalid if the defect or malfunctioning is caused by damage in transit by misuse, negligence or accident. The warranty is also void when the wheels have been modified, altered or any adapters and spacers have been used. Problems arising from wheels with incorrect tire size installed or excessive vehicle loads are also exempted from warranty. Cases where the wheels corrode after purchase due to climate condition, chemicals, cleaning agent or negligence are also not covered in the warranty.

Axis Wheels has currently 20 product models in the market, including two from OG and five from EXE line. Axis Angle, Axis Attack, Axis Elite, Axis Matrix, Axis Penta, Axis Speed, and Axis Zero are some of the most widely used product of Axis wheels. These products are particularly appreciated for their unique and innovative design with high attention to detail. Exclusive features like hollow-spoke reverb and stunning looks have made Axis Wheels a most wanted among car lovers.

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