Banshee Clutch

The Yamaha Banshee is a 4 wheel drive all terrain vehicle or ATV for short. It is very popular and not only fast and fun, but is also very cool-looking and reliable. Many avid outdoor recreational fans love ATVs. These fun vehicles also can be classified as Off Highway Vehicles (OHV) or Off Road Vehicles (ORV), the same as with motorcycles, Jeeps, Dune buggies and other off-road vehicles.

The Yamaha Banshee comes in a utility model, trail riding model and racing models. As these are ATVs, they are ridden in some of the roughest places you can find anywhere just like dirt bikes and other off road vehicles. As a result, banshees have been known to burn out the clutch and be in need of a clutch replacement from time to time. A banshee clutch kit can be purchased from a Yamaha dealer or you can go online to find several different brands. There are tons of aftermarket parts out there for the Yamaha Banshee.

A utility model banshee can reach a maximum speed of up to 65 miles per hour. They are used to haul small loads with attachments or small dump beds. Many farmers or ranchers use them to tow small trailers with other equipment loaded on them from place to place. The banshee clutch is always being used and gets a lot of wear and tear on it. Different hauling weights over rough terrains can put the banshee clutch to work harder than other types of off road riding and put excessive wear on the clutch.

The Yamaha Banshee 350 is a high-performance ATV. It has a twin-cylinder, two-stroke engine that is liquid-cooled. The banshee clutch in this model is often in need of replacement because it is pretty popular with sand dune riders and gets a lot of use. Its unique power delivery puts a strain on the clutch going up and down the dunes. It is one of the heavier banshees that were sold by Yamaha up until 2006. After that year, the manufacturing of it was stopped due to EPA emissions regulations. The Yamaha YFZ450 and Yamaha Raptor 700R are other examples of the bigger, heavier and more popular banshees.

As stated earlier, the banshee clutch is prone to burn out because of the excessive load or use it is frequently put under. A stock Yamaha banshee clutch can be purchased for replacement or an aftermarket clutch can be installed. To prevent being stranded because of a stock banshee clutch blow out however, it is best to replace it as soon as possible with an aftermarket banshee clutch. Many do-it-yourselfer’s know how to install a new clutch on their ATV and are able to avoid labor costs when it comes to fixing or replacing it. There are some very good videos online that show step by step instructions on how to replace your banshee clutch. All it takes is a quick video search online for you to be able to find these instructional videos. You can also find plenty of pictures and diagrams online as well.

Barnett is considered by most avid Yamaha ATV riders to make the best banshee clutch repair kits. The Banshee Barnett Dirt Digger Carbon Fiber Clutch Kit can give your banshee the optimum performance that you need and deserve. You can find this banshee clutch kit for sale on many websites. It is a durable clutch kit that is best used on the high performance models. The kit comes with all the friction plates and medal that you need. To reduce heat and increase longevity, the friction plates are made of carbon fiber. If you want really smooth banshee clutch engagement, this is the right kit to buy. The springs are heavy duty too. You can also find new clutch baskets and banshee clutch covers online as well. Barnett is not the only brand of clutch you can buy for your ATV. There are several other banshee clutch kits online too.

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