Battery Tender

Have you recently heard of a battery tender and you would like to buy one? A battery tender is actually a nifty device to have on hand. A battery tender is a unit that can plug into an AC outlet and will transfer amps of power to your 12 volt battery. People use battery tenders to keep their battery in working order when it is not active for long periods of time. A lot of the people who buy and use battery tenders are those who have season vehicles that will sit in storage for several months without being used. When you have a battery tender you will know for certain when you get into your vehicle that it will start right up.

A battery tender is a great option because it does not just give your battery a small charge. Instead, they are designed to completely charge as well as maintain many different types of lead batteries. In addition, the battery tenders that are available today work in a manner that will not affect the battery in a negative way, as has been seen in the past with most trickle chargers.

The battery tenders of today are quite easy to use and will make keeping your battery fresh simple and effective! Most of the units today are fully automatic. The tender has a regular charger cycle and at the end of the cycle the charger will automatically switch its output voltage off or at least ensure that it stays t a safe level that will keep your battery charged without negatively impacting it. In addition, battery tenders can deliver full output power with input AC line voltages that are as low as 90 VAC.

Many people like the fact that when they use a battery tender that there is very little in the way of current draw from their battery. When the AAC power is disconnected, the battery tender will not draw a current from the battery at all. Even in the larger units the power draw is very insubstantial, as little as one milliamp! This is a very positive thing because you know without a doubt that your vehicle will be in working condition when you return to it.

In addition to being easy to use and not drawing from the battery, these units are also very light weight and easy to move around. This allows for the tender to be moved around as needed while it will still provide the power that is needed to keep your battery charged even when it is not in use for many weeks or months at a time. There is also no guess work involved in using a battery tender. All of the units today either have a digital read or lights that will tell you what the charge progress is, for instance if it is charging, or recently been charged. This makes it easy to determine the state of your battery any time you need to start up your vehicle.

A battery tender is a great tool to keep with you or in your garage. Many people actually keep them in their trunk when they spend a lot of time outdoors or away from a lot of t will time away from main roads. You can buy a decent batter tender for as little as $30 but if you want something that will output up to 5 amps you may need to pay as much as $100. Many of the units come with their own cases so you can easily store the unit in your garage or your trunk when it is not in use!

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  1. My corvette draws down 2 amps and some new fords 3 amps. Battery tenders at most put out 1 1/2 amps, thus deminishing returns on their charging. Which still does not answer my question. Badcharger or bad battery?