Bench Seat Console

Driving a car is much easier when you have a place to put all of your things that you need on your trip. If you drive with a beverage or your morning coffee, you will need a place to put your cup while you are driving. A console is the answer, but there are some cars that have a bench seat and do not offer the kind of space that you need for all your necessary devices and accessories. The answer to this problem is a bench seat console, but you will have to make sure that you choose the right one for your vehicle.

It is important that you find the right bench seat console that will fit in your vehicle and not allow the console to move around while you are driving. When you have a steaming cup of coffee in the cup holder, the last thing you want to happen is the console to move and the cup to tip over.

There are models that will fit in virtually any configuration of bench seat that you might have. If there is a space on the floor the easiest solution is to find one to sit right in that space without moving. Make sure that it is in easy reach for you while you are driving so that you don't have any safety problems while you are driving. Reaching for an item like a ringing phone or a cup of coffee can be the reason for an accident. Make sure that this does not happen to you and position your bench seat console in a place where you and your passenger can have easy access.

Make certain that there are plenty of compartments for all of your belongings while you are driving. A sufficient amount of cup holders is also essential for your bench seat console. A cup holder should be able to hold your travel cup as well as a drink cup from your favorite fast food place. Check to be sure that the holders are large enough. Handles on your travel mug can sometimes present a problem for cup holders, but there are many travel cups that do not have handles for using cup holders easily.

If you travel with a number of devices like your cell phone, PDA or mp3 player, be sure that you have enough space to store it all. It should also not be placed in an area where it will block other accessories in your car like your radio knobs or ashtray. This could present a problem when you have to keep moving your cup to get at the other accessories in your car.

Also, be sure that your bench seat console does not get in the way while you are driving. If it is too close to your arms while you are driving or shifting gears, you might find it difficult to drive and not knock over your cups at the same time.

A simple accessory like a bench seat console takes a great deal more consideration than you might think. With enough planning and thought, you will be able to position it so that you can store all of your items, hold your cup of coffee and still drive all at the same time. That is the ultimate goal for your console unit.

Consider the amount of time that you spend in your car and plan accordingly. Doesn't it make sense to choose the bench seat console that will not cause more aggravation than it solves? Choose wisely and you will be well organized in your vehicle at all times.

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