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Since its introduction in 1996, the BMW Z3 has grown into a favorite of both the motoring press and the greater automotive world. The small roadster was released with a variety of power output choices and engine sizes, allowing it to serve as both a sports car and a commuter vehicle for the thousands of customers that purchased it, often more than once throughout its lifetime.

While BMW have retired the Z3 today – or, in many ways, replaced it with the Z4 – its legacy lives on as one of the sports world's most versatile small cars. Built using the popular E36 chassis, the Z3 itself is a mix of compact car and sports roadster. The original Z3 boasted a variety of small engines and gearbox options, starting from just 1.8 liters and working all the way up to a 3.2 liter inline six.

It's this versatility that made the Z3 such a success. Alongside its immense drivability and amazing sense of fun, the Z3 had a charm that made many motorsport enthusiasts BMW fans. It was helped by a wide range of third-party and aftermarket parts, including sports kits from AC Schnitzer, body kits and BMW Z3 spoilers, and a variety of exhaust and engine upgrades from BMW's M Division.

This guide is focused on one of those parts – the BMW Z3 spoiler. From aftermarket accessories to the more discreet options offered by BMW's own in-house bodywork and spoiler shop, we've taken a look at all of the best Z3 spoiler options. Whether you need a replacement spoiler for your Z3 or a replacement that truly shows off your car, this buyer's guide will help you make the right decision.

The Original BMW Z3 Roadster
BMW's original Z3 wasn't quite like the car most of us are accustomed to today. Following the car's launch date in 1996, the first run of Z3s used a plastic rear window and a variety of other light parts in order to keep performance up and costs down. This resulted in an unusual rear boot lid and lights design, which makes the original Z3 roadster a fairly difficult car to buy aftermarket spoilers for.

A variety of performance workshops offer spoilers for the original Z3, including BMW specialist AC Schnitzer and tuning company Hartge. These spoilers are typically designed for aerodynamics and speed alone, and are far from discrete against the car's otherwise simple styling. Several parts manufacturers also offer simple M3-style spoilers for the Z3, due to its E30-inspired rear design.

In fact, the BMW Z3's similarities with the early E30 and E36 3-Series models makes it a fairly easy car to produce custom parts for. While the Z3 failed to sell as well as the 3-Series, its often used as a blueprint for custom spoilers and boot lids. If you are interested in a custom spoiler or boot lid spoiler for your Z3, consider speaking to an E30 or E36 parts and bodywork specialist.

The Second BMW Z3 Roadster
BMW revised the Z3 later in its life, with a variety of facelift models hitting the market throughout the years 1999 and 2000. While the Z3 lacked any major revisions, its styling and boot space took a noticeable change during the two year period. Rear brake lights were revised and restyled, while the upper boot lid was changed to a slightly less curved form, with an additional reverse light added.

Alongside these changes was a revision in the rear window design. Unlike the early Z3s, which had a small plastic window installed to save weight, the revised Z3 used a full glass rear window. While this resulted in a change of angle for drivers (one that needs to be considered for those purchasing a pre-revision spoiler for their Z3), it did little to change the driving experience that the Z3 offered.

Due to the facelift Z3's different boot angle and reverse light placement, it requires a different rear spoiler size and fitting style. Drivers shopping for a BMW Z3 spoiler should consider that their Z3 may not be able to house a spoiler intended for an earlier model. The two models differ in standing height and length also, making a spoiler intended for one a poor fit on the earlier or latter model.

All BMW Z3 spoiler manufacturers will include information with their spoilers declaring them fit for one model or the other. If you're shopping online for a Z3 spoiler, it's important that you buy it for your car, not for anyone else's. With a two-inch width gap separating the two models, a spoiler designed for one can often result in severe problems when attached to the wrong version.

BMW Z3 Coupe Spoilers
The Z3 wasn't just a roadster. Alongside the ultra-popular roadster version of its compact car, BMW offered a hatchback-style Z3 Coupe. The coupe was produced during the second half of the vehicle's life, and is somewhat rare outside of the United States. Due to the car's shooting-brake design, small spoilers are often fitted to its roofing in hope of increasing its aerodynamics and drag efficiency.

These aftermarket spoilers are particularly popular for the M Coupe – BMW's motorsport enhanced version of the Z3 Coupe. Alongside the car's stylish design and aerodynamic side vents, a spoiler is capable of further increasing its acceleration and high-speed abilities when fitted properly. Spoilers are available from BMW and from specialist manufacturers such as AC Schnitzer and Hartge.

Finally, the BMW M Roadster has its own set of independent rear spoilers, available both directly from BMW and from a variety of race parts manufacturers. As the M Roadster was (and still is, in the form of the Z4) BMW's premier two-seat M vehicle, the bulk of these specialist spoilers come directly from BMW and are assigned to cars upon production.

Shopping for a BMW Z3 Spoiler
As with other BMW automotive parts, Z3 spoilers are available both online and offline through an immense dealer and aftermarket network. Consult your BMW dealer for more information on your vehicle's spoiler style and aftermarket options, as the immense variety in the Z3 lineup can make a simple purchase a major risk when online stockists are used as your only option.

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  1. I must agree on the addition of the rear car spoiler on the M Coupe, as well as on the Z3! Hard to imagine doing much to improve on the stock look of these BMWs - but the spoilers do the job I think! Thanks for a great article on these great cars!