Brake Dust Shields

If you have never heard for brake dust shields, you are missing out o a vitally important aftermarket part that can help protect your investment of adding expensive custom wheels to your vehicle. Some custom wheels can costs thousands of dollars. They look fantastic when you first purchase them but soon they begin to collect brake dust and loose their luster and eye appeal. They can end up looking like dirty grungy wheels and become really difficult to keep clean. If this is happening to the wheels on your vehicle, consider adding protection from bake dust in the form of brake dust shields.

Designed to protect your wheel’s finish, brake dust shields protect your alloy wheels from the black sooty material that collects on them. That black sooty material is called brake dust. Every car aficionado has to constantly deal with it. Even if you are really not all that into vehicles, you probably already know how hard it is to keep your wheels clean of brake dust. As soon as you wash your car and clean the wheels, it comes right back the minute you drive your car anywhere. It can ruin the showroom look of your car, no matter how clean and waxed you keep it. Wheels are notorious for being difficult to keep clean of the relentless collection of brake dust that easily eats away at the finish.

Car enthusiasts know that the quickest way to ruin the wheels on their cars is to allow brake dust to collect on them. It eventually corrodes and destroys the finish on wheels and can ruin your initial investment in custom wheels. Brake dust shields can prevent that corrosion on factory installed wheels as well as after market wheels. It totally shields the wheels from brake dust and stops the corrosion completely.

Brake dust shields are also known as wheel dust shields. They are manufactured and sold by Kleen Wheels. Brake dust shields are designed to fit between the hubcap and wheel. You do not need tools to install them. They are sometimes referred to as internal hubcaps because of the way they fit on the wheels. Brake dust shields are also designed to be vented, allowing easier brake cooling.

Brake dust shields need to be fitted to the wheel of your vehicle so you have to be specific about what size wheels you have when you call to order them or when you order them online. Brake dust shields are sold in pairs and most people will purchase two pairs to fit both the front and back wheels of their vehicle so that all of their wheels are protected.

Brake dust shields are generally sold as an aftermarket part, but some expensive automobiles are sold straight from the factory with them already installed. There are many advantages to adding brake dust shields to your car’s wheels. The biggest advantage is that they will protect your wheels from brake dust damage. They are a one piece dust shield made from alloy aluminum and each wheel needs one for protection. Alloy aluminum is easy to clean so you get the added benefit of being able to wash and clean your wheels a lot easier. There is no need to use harsh chemicals that can damage your custom wheel’s finish even further.

Since brake dust shields come in a variety of sizes, you can be sure to find just the right size you need for your vehicles’ wheels. They even come in sizes for trucks and SUVs. For a little less than $100 you can purchase a set for both the front and the back to protect all of your wheels.

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