Bridgestone Tires

Bridgestone Tires specialize in tires for cars, light trucks and sport utility vehicles (SUVs). Bridgestone is big on the technology that has developed for their tires. These technologies focus on traction, wet handling, wear and punctures, comfort, and noise. Your budget, your geographic location and the type of vehicle you drive will govern how you handle this very important purchase.

Perhaps the rising star among Bridgestone's tire technologies, the UNI-T feature combines strong material and design to promise comfort, precision, longer wear, more fuel efficiency, and a quieter, smooth ride. The three components of UNI-T are computer optimization, am "O-Bead" and long-link carbon that extends the life of the tires. Bridgestone tires come with a limited warranty, and the terms of the warranty are given to the consumer upon purchase.

Bridgestone/Firestone has been trying to rebound from their tire recall of 200, which was the most expansive and deadliest tire recall in history. Another recall on a lesser scale occurred in 2004. Most recently, Bridgestone reported a small recall in July 2009 for Firestone tires made in Costa Rica.

How long the tires last and how they handle in inclement weather are the two factors you want to consider before purchasing a Bridgestone tire. Your safety and your budget relies on picking the right model, so don't be in a rush to leave with the right set. Do your research, and make some phone calls to ensure that Bridgestone has the right tire that you need; they may need to put in an order.

When purchasing tires, you want to always shoot for buying a set of four at a time so that they will match up in performance on the road. However if you only need one tire swapped because of tire damage, just make sure that it matches the other three as much as possible. The same goes for if you need to purchase only two tires because one pair is more worn out than the other pair.

While there are options for passenger vehicles up to commercial trucks, Bridgestone is most proud of their performance tires. Here is a sampling of the Bridgestone models:

  • For light to medium trucks, the Duravis is the star tire of the pack. Designed for commercial highway driving, this tire is durable enough to hand high-mileage situations.
  • For passenger vehicles, there are all sorts of possibilities. The Bridgestone H9550 is an affordable model that's big on performance and sleek in appearance. A silica-enhanced tread compound helps with traction, making this a desirable model for ice, rain and snow. The tires can handle, but they're also conducive to a comfortable ride.
  • Also in the passenger vehicle family, the Bridgestone Weatherforce Plus is a value model for vehicles in inclement weather areas. UNI-T technology and silica-enhanced tread makes this a great all-season model for the elements. The Insignia SE200 also is a value tire with good tread and a promising warranty.
  • In the performance category, consider these models, the Bridgestone Potenza Pole Position with UNI-T is an edgy looking, all-season model that is made with high-tech materials that ensure wet/dry sustainability. This tire's design was inspired by racecar drivers and is a must for the sport car owners out there. Traction is key in the Pole Position. Quiet with rapid water evacuation, the asymmetrical pattern increases surface contact for the best performance possible.
  • Another performance vehicle model, the RE760 Sport will impress with its fast response time and precise control. Both stable and with a power grip no matter what the elements bring, this quiet tire with a tread pattern is a strong pick.

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