Bug Deflectors

If you're sick of looking at squashed bugs on your windshield, bug deflectors may be the solution for your vehicle. Bug deflectors are devices that keep bugs from getting on your windshield and creating an aesthetically unappealing appearance on the front of your car. Aside from making your car look ugly, having many squashed bugs on your windshield can decrease visibility, and cause you to stop more often to clean your windshield at gas stations. Bug deflectors, also known as bug shields, are plastic cases that are attached to the hood of a vehicle in order to prevent bees, flies, mosquitoes and other small insects from smashing onto your windshield and hood as you cruise down the highway or side streets. If you are interested in keeping your windshield and hood as clean as possible, then you may want to consider the following information about bug deflectors, the types they're offered in, how much they cost, and their benefits.

Types of Bug Deflectors
With some of them being flat plastic surfaces that attach above the grill of a vehicle on the façade of hood. Popular brands that sell bug deflectors include WeatherTech, Westin Platinum, EGR, Lund, Wade and AVS. Bug deflectors are also commonly sold in three main colors – chrome, clear, and smoke. There are also custom colors that can be purchased including red, green, blue, yellow, and other popular vehicle colors. The material used to make bug deflectors is usually either ABS plastic or acrylic, with the former being the least expensive of the two. Most bug deflectors are designed for trucks or SUVs, although they are also available for cars and even motorcycles. The type of bug deflector that you choose should depend on your vehicle's make and model, as well as your budget and specific needs as a vehicle owner.

Cost of Bug Deflectors
The cost of bug deflectors will vary based on what material they are made from, the brand that produces them, and the retail shop that you purchased them from. In general, the cost of bug deflectors ranges from $30-$200, with those that are made for trucks being the most expensive type. Installing a bug deflector on your vehicle is fairly simple, so there are no costs associated with assembly or installation, as is usually the case with many other types of vehicle modifications and customizations. Bug deflectors are also very lightweight, so it is possible to find great deals online without paying exuberant costs for shipping and handling. In fact, many retailers online will offer free shipping for bug deflectors if they are purchased in combination with another product from the same store. It is important to note that the more expensive bug deflectors will do a better job of keeping bugs off of your windshield, so if you are serious about keeping a clean hood and windshield you should not sacrifice quality to save money.

How to Choose a Bug Deflector
Ideally, you'll want to choose a bug deflector based on the model of your vehicle and the contour of the hood and windshield. If the windshield at a steep incline and is more likely to catch bugs, and the bug deflector should be higher than one that would be installed on a car that has a lower contour on the windshield. Of course, if you are on a budget, a chief bug deflector is certainly better than having no bug deflector and all, especially if you live in a tropical environment where bees and mosquitoes are extremely common. Look for bug deflectors that will attach easily to the hood of your car, as this will minimize the effort it takes to install a modification.

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