Bug Shields

One can be a playboy (or playgirl) cruising at top speed down a highway in your pride and joy. A Ferrari perhaps, just off the production line, or a premium Mercedes Benz. The car eats up the road in seconds, the view is beautiful, and the smooth motion is gratifying. Or perhaps the person involved is a more down-to-earth, regular joe going to and from work every morning in your sturdy, reliable Ford or Toyota. Or perhaps they are young, fresh out of high school, driving their first ever car. It’s a shabby, worn down thing, but it is their first car, and you could not have been more proud if you were indeed driving that Ferrari or Mercedes.

Whatever the case maybe, a car is a useful and valuable item. So how does a car owner feel when he or she gets out of their car, and, inevitably, finds it covered in dirt and littered with the corpses of insects? They don’t feel good, that’s for sure.

And they’re not supposed to, either. A car is a tool, and must be meticulously cleaned and maintained. A lot of work goes into keeping a car gleaming and serviceable, and much of the work is done by the poor guy who owns said car. It really isn’t pleasant for them to find that their windshield, laboriously soaped, sponged and wiped is grimy yet again. All that work, undone by one car ride.

And then there is the damage to consider. Bits of dirt can do a great deal of damage to the paint job of a car when said dirt is hitting it at 70 miles per hour. Road debris can also damage the glass of the windshield. It’s a sad state of affairs. Cleaning a car is time consuming, hard work and expensive too if you use a car wash. In this recession, where money is tight and everything is expensive, everyone needs a solution for cutting costs and effort.

Fortunately, there exists such a solution: A simple accessory called a Bug Shield.

Bug shields, as the name makes abundantly clear, were designed to tackle these problems. With a proper bug shield installed, the car owner can rest assured that no more insects will die ignobly and messily on their clean and gleaming windshields. And no more dirt specks will pockmark the glass, or tear the layers paint to shreds. And an added bonus? It makes the car look really attractive too.

One of the most popular Bug Shield producers is Lund. Lund bug shields are high quality bug shields and those investing in one will consider the money well spent. The Lund Bug Shield is made of high quality polycarbonate material with a contoured design to ensure that it is virtually unbreakable. No bug or speck of recalcitrant dirt can get through the Lund Bug Shield. Lund Bug Shields are also designed with aesthetics in mind. It can make any car look classy and fashionable. They are available in all sizes, from small to mid-range to full-height. They can also be painted to match the colour of a car – so if your car sports an unusual hue, you don’t have to worry that your bug shield will clash with it.

Lund Bug shields are a breeze to install. Unlike many other bug shields, the Lund Bug Shields are fitted without using drills. Each Lund Bug Shield is customized for each application, so the car owner won’t have to waste time finding the right fit through trial and error. This has the added bonus of ensuring that the Lund Bug Shield will complement the lines of the vehicle it is fitted on. It certainly gives the car a certain air, whatever the make. And when the shield becomes grimy, it can be removed, given a hosing, and fitted back into the car, good as new.

Lund Bug Shields are available for Trucks, SUVs, vans and cars. They are designed to be large and fully able to protect the entire surface area of the hood, fender and windshield. As mentioned, the Lund Bug Shield can be painted, but the product itself comes in a dark smoked finish which looks great as it is. The shields are priced at around $52, and can be ordered online.

Other Bug Shield producers besides Lund are: Ventshade, Stampede, Go industries, and Trail FX. Their shields come in a variety of styles:  chrome, stainless steel and camo.

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  1. I am very meticulous cleaned to my car, i want it maintained clean and always dirt free..So i am very thankful to have this bug deflector my problems about dirt and insects are all gone because of the help of bug deflector.