Car Buffer

As much as it can be a labor of love, washing and waxing your car can be a pain. No matter how much you love your car, there are going to be long periods of time where you don’t feel like catering to its every blemish. In that case you could pay somebody to do it for you, but there’s no guarantee that they’re going to make your car look as pristine and polished as you need it to look. And even if you do get a good car washer, it’s a drain on money that simply doesn’t need to exist.

A better alternative is to buy the tools you’ll need to wash your car in a shorter period of time. A great tool for that is the car buffer. Car buffer aren’t usually used by individuals. Usually, when you see a car buffer, it’s it a detailing shop, where they need to clean, wax and polish a lot of cars in a short period of time. That makes sense, because washing cars can take a lot of time that these businesses simply don’t have: they have to get their cars out of their shop by doing a job as quickly and as well as possible. With a car buffer, businesses find a great mix between speed and quality.

But if you think about it, both their values and yours align perfectly. What car details need is for their cars to look as good as possible, otherwise there is less business. At the same time, they need to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. That’s what a car buffer does for waxing. And really, that’s probably exactly what you need as an individual as well – at least sometimes. A car buffer doesn’t, and can’t, replace the feeling of washing and waxing a car by hand – for lack of a better word, it’s not as intimate.

With that said, what are the obstacles to getting a car buffer? The most obvious one is that they aren’t sold in very many places, so not only can it be difficult to get one, but most people don’t think of it to begin with. So if you’re shopping for one, you might have to go online to find the right one for you, and that’s something that people don’t often want to do with electronic appliances like car buffers. People are worried that if it doesn’t work right, they won’t be able to return it. That fear is largely unfounded provided that you shop at a well known vender, as most have a 30-day return policy or something like it.

The most obvious reason is that people don’t want to pay for a car buffer, but they aren’t actually that great of an expense. The average car buffer might cost about $50, which really isn’t that much. Consider that a good car wash can cost around $30. If you use your buffer instead of paying somebody else to do it, you can save money in just two washes. There is the price of buying new rags that cover the buffer (to void scratches). They will be more expensive than sponges, but they’re washable, so they too should pay off over time.

And in exchange, you’ll be able to wax your car much faster than you’ve ever done. A car buffer can take more than half the time off of waxing it, and you won’t lose anything in appearance because of it. In fact, it might actually look better with a car buffer wax. It might take a couple of tries to get completely used to operating a car buffer, and to wax your car as well with it as you would with your hands, but in the end, it’s well worth the time and money you’ll spend on it.

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