Car Decals

Vinyl car decals are beginning to also be called vinyl graphics for your car. The vinyl car decals are easy to use and applying them to your car is really in vogue these days. Buying and applying car decals to your vehicle is not only popular but also fun. They can be easily applied and then removed when you grow tired of them. Many people these days are even using them as a way of advertising.

Modern day car decals do not ruin the finish on your car or do harm to it in any way. You can buy these car decals in a variety of different shapes and colors. New advances in adhesive technology have made it possible for these vinyl graphics to be used without the need of the use of chemical solutions in their application. All you do is peel and stick. Before the new adhesive technology was developed, the older adhesives that were being used needed heat to be applied when removing car decals. The older ones could really do some damage to your car’s finish. Nowadays these new vinyl decals allow air to escape even after the decal is applied so there are literally no air bubbles left in the decals and heat is not needed to remove them.

Car decals serve the same function as car wraps. That function is to get noticed. Car wraps are very expensive, whereas car decals are a lot less expensive to use. Because of the notice that you can get by using car decals, many small business owners have started using car decals on their vehicles to advertise products and services.

Race car drivers are paid by sponsors to apply car decals on their racing cars as a way to promote their products or their business. It is not uncommon these days to see several cars out and about on the streets with innovative one line product advertisements in the form a decal on the car window, side or bumper. Small business owners can use car decals as effective way to advertise their website or new products with very little expense. You can purchase customized vinyl car decals on the Internet. All you need to do is put in your order for what you want the customized decals to say or what type of picture or design you want to have made in the form of a decal. Car decals are becoming quite the rage as a fantastic, inexpensive and an easy-to-use marketing tool.

If you are not interested in using car decals for advertisements but only want to change the look of your car, you can add these vinyl graphics easily. Since they are so easy to apply you will not have to hire a professional to apply them for you.

You can use these vinyl graphics and apply them to your car windows or bumpers. You can custom order car decals for events that your car will be at such as for high school graduations, weddings, family reunions, announcing the birth of a baby boy or girl and other types of events where you want your car to be noticed. Proud parents of honor roll students like to use car decals also to announce to the world that their child is in honor roll student.

Many retail custom sign shops deal exclusively in car decals and graphics. If you have access to the Internet you can use it to search for the best prices on custom vinyl car decals. There are many websites to deal exclusively in car decals online also. The prices can vary so it is best to shop around before you decide on which company to buy them from.

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  1. Sticviews offers a great solution for car decals. The vinyl sticviews' uses is a low tac adhesive that doesn't leave residue on the surface and doesn't damage the paint job! Not to mention it's easy to install and easy to remove.