Car Door Trim

The doors of your vehicle are often the first things a person notices when viewing it from the side, and should therefore be maintained and kept free from damage as much as possible. Unfortunately, car doors also often the first part of the car to become dinged, dented, and damaged, usually as a result of someone exiting the car before making sure there is enough room to open the door without jamming into a car parked next to them, or a wall. Although most drivers and passengers will make this mistake at least once in their life, by having car doors that are made of durable, scratch resistant materials, it is possible to minimize the damage caused by such silly mistakes. Most car owners utilize car door edge guards to protect the outside, while utilizing car door trim to protect the inside of the doors. The following paragraphs discuss information related to the advantages, types, costs, and installation of car door trim.

What Is Car Door Trim?
Car door trim is a flexible, durable, rubber-like material that is attached to the frame of a car door via adhesives in order to provide a protective surface. Over the years, as you open and close your doors the gears and latches that keep the door shut can wear down without proper car door trim. Vehicles that do not have any car door trim at all are also susceptible to water damage because they are not adequately weatherproofed. Trim usually consists of a flexible material that is applied to any area of the car that needs to be protected from the elements and repetitive wear and tear. Car door trim can be purchased in a variety of colors, materials, styles, and shapes (the most common of which include the L, U, and J configurations). Alternatively, it is possible to order rolls of car door trim that can be cut and arranged in custom configurations.

How Much Does Car Door Trim Cost?
The cost of car door trim varies greatly, depending on a variety of factors including how much is purchased at once, vehicle compatibility, whether or not the trim is already configured appropriately, and the retailer it is purchased from. In general, the price of car door trim ranges anywhere from $25-$100 in most cases, with the more expensive car door trim being complete configurations that are ready for installation with specific vehicle types. Some sites online sell complete car door trim installation kits, which include all of the tools, resources, and documentation needed to quickly assemble and install car door trim. If you're a DIY type of person, then you can purchase car door trim by the roll at the cost of about $2.50 per foot (when less than 10 foot of trim is purchased at once) or $1.50 per foot (when more than 50 foot of trim is purchased at once). Many sites that sell car door trim also distribute molding cutters and other tools that are essential for the car door trim installation process.

How Car Door Trim Is Installed
In order to install car door trim, the previous trim must be removed from the inner frame of the car door using something that can provide either leverage or cutting capabilities (such as a knife, screwdriver, or molding cutter). After the old trim is removed, the new trim can be firmly applied and molded to the frame of the car using high grade adhesives. Unfortunately, improper installations are the number one reason why vehicle owners have to replace their trim prematurely, so if you're not confident in your ability to firmly secure the trim to the frame of the door, then you may want to seek the assistance of a qualified mechanic.

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