Car Sun Visors

There are many reasons to get a sun visor for a vehicle, both functional and aesthetic. They can range in price from a small amount all the way up to hundreds of dollars and beyond. Sun visors serve both the purpose of being able to add an aesthetic look to your car interior and the pratical application of blocking sun from blinding a driver or passenger. It is common for sun visors to have a mirror and small lights placed in it, with options like LCD video monitors for entertainment or GPS display becoming more and more common as consumers expect more from their vehicles in terms of perks. There are even options like gauges to display engine functions or LCD computer displays for those who want to monitor high performance modifications they have made to their vehicles.

Prices for sun visors can be reflective of the materials and craftsmanship, though you should also be aware that not everyone selling them has the same idea when it comes to the price they should get for them. A sun visor can be an excellent way to customize the interior of your vehicle. You can find sunvisors made with a variety of materials, including the standard fuzzy carpet-like material that is commonly used in vehicles. Higher priced materials such as genuine leather or fiberglass can also be used. Materials such as reeds and bamboo are even available from some companies if you want a less traditional look that will set your car apart from another.

Those with more practical uses in mind can find fairly inexpensive prices on replacement sun visors with features such as visor extenders. These extenders are commonly small plates that are inside of the sun visor body and can be slid out to the side or down to give a greater area where rays from the sun are blocked out. Drivers who want the benefits of a sun visor in blocking out blinding light, but do not to be unable to see the area their replacement sun visor blocks, may want to look at transparent sun visors that have tinting. These sun visors allow the viewing of objects through the sun visor, but block out harmful sun rays, much like wearing sun glasses.

If you do pick up replacement sun visors for your vehicle, you should be able to get them replaced at any automotive body repair shop. Technicians at these shops typically do a lot of work inside a vehicle and not just on the exterior. If you have a few minutes though, and your replacement sun visors don't have any special electronic or electric features beyond what the sun visor currently in your vehicle has, you can save yourself what may be a sizable service bill and just do the install yourself. The current visor in your vehicle can be removed and your sun visor can be put in its place with just a few minutes of work, and an appropriately sized screwdriver. Just remove the screws from the sun visor mounting bracket that is in your vehicle, unmount the visor, and detach any wiring or cables. Install your sun visor by performing the steps you just did, except in reverse. If you do have a more complicated visor, such as one that will display engine settings, play video, or link into an existing GPS system, you may want to consult a professional. If this is the case, search your phonebook for a local car audio shop or custom car garage. They typically have cheaper hourly rates, than normal car repair garages or body shops, and it is very likely that they are more familiar with complex visor installs.

Whatever type of replacement sun visors you get, just make sure to check to see that they will be compatible with your vehicle make and model. If they aren't you may need to get a special mounting bracket for the installation. It is imporant to use a bracket that is in good condition and was made for your vehicle. Having a replacement sun visor, or a replacement mounting for sun visors, can obstruct vision, startle a driver, cause a visor to get lodged underneath a break pedal, or any number of other problems that could lead to an accident. Car sun visors should be a fun way for you to customize something practical in your car, so make sure you get the ride sized visor and, if needed, replacement mount.

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