Car Windshield Glass Replacement and Repair

It has happened to the best of us. We are minding our own business and then suddenly there is a though whack on our windshield. We quickly look and low and behold we have a small chip or even a crack on your windshield glass. In the past this was a sure sign that you would need to replace your windshield glass, which can be time consuming and expensive. No need to worry, that doesn't have to be the case anymore. The first thing you should do is drive home and take a look at the crack.

When you look at the crack you should try to determine if it is simply a chip on the surface of the windshield glass or if it is a chip or crack that goes all the way through the crack. If it is just a chip you are in luck. You can at this point drive to the auto store of your choice and pick up a windshield repair kit, who knew they sold such things? These kits can cost as little as $10 and will allow you to keep that crack just a crack instead of allowing for it to splinter off into a huge crack that is sure to mean replacement of your windshield glass.

If you are going to use a windshield glass repair product you will want to be sure that the surface is very dry before starting. Most of the techniques will require you to place a precut adhesive strip to the glass that will be applied directly to the chip. You will need to press this piece of adhesive to the glass and then peel off any remaining film. At this point you may need to take a syringe that is provided with the kit and you will need to attach the syringe to an adapter and then pull the air out of under the adhesive strip. This process serves to vacuum seal the adhesive strip against the glass, immediately repairing it and making it almost undetectable to the naked eye. There are other kits, but this is generally the most straight forward type of kit for you to use and get the best results with because there is no mixing of adhesives or epoxy type products.

Of course, if you have a crack you may have to replace your windshield glass. This is even true if you have a chip in your line of vision, as most of the products will have a bit of distortion after you have used them correctly. Luckily, insurance companies will usually help you pay for the process of replacing your windshield glass, just remember that depending on where the crack or the chip is you may not need replacement at all.

Many people have tried to replace their own windshield glass, but this generally is not a good idea. You need special tools to replace the glass on your own, and in most cases it is simply a better idea to bring your vehicle into a glass repair shop. Many people who have tried to do the repair on their own end up with a newly purchased piece of windshield glass broken or they end up with a windshield that leaks! No need to waste your time and energy on this process, because when you take your car to the glass repair shop they will have you in and out within minutes and you'll have a guarantee that it won't leak or be broken and this won't be much more costly than doing the project on your own, so it's worth it to have a professional do the replacement.

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