Aftermarket Parts

Fuel Strainers

A fuel strainer, often known by the more practical name of fuel filter, is one of the most important elements in modern cars today. Like the dictionary word would suggest, fuel strainers help the car to keep away any solid impurities from the fuel pump, and help to maintain a constant flow of pure oil. […]

Polyurethane Bushings

If someone wants to know more about bushings, the easiest way to help them understand what bushings are is to use the analogy of the joints in our bodies. In order for our joints to function properly, they need to provide enough cushioning between our bones. In the case of our joints, the thing that […]

Axle Seals

A worn out or broken axle seal will need to be replaced immediately. To identify damage to the axle seal you will just have to look at where your vehicle was parked each day. A damaged axle seal will cause a minor oil leak which will accumulate more and more every single day. The oil […]

Steering Gear Replacement Kits

Steering gear replacement kits can be a lifesaver if your steering is on the fritz. They can save you money and time if you know what you are doing. Do not put off replacing your steering gearbox or it could get worse and you could find yourself on a busy road with no steering control. […]

Air Mass Meter

Air mass meters also known as "air flow meters" – are used for measuring the amount (or mass) of air that flows into the engine of an automobile. This information of the amount (or mass) of air is then used for calculating the correct volume of fuel that is needed by the engine. Needless to […]

Clutch Pedal Pad

Clutches are normally one of the driving elements in a manually driven automobile, which are susceptible to a high amount of stress due to constant engagement. Since it always needs to be referred, every time a gear has to be changed or the ignition of the car being charged - the clutches makes up the […]

Auxiliary Fan Assembly

The auxiliary fan in your car or truck serves two distinctive purposes. First, it forces air through the radiator and will turn itself on when the coolant’s temperature rises above a specific level. When it first comes on, the auxiliary fan will operate at a very slow speed. As the engine heats, the speed of […]

Honda Brake Pads

If you have noticed that your brakes on your Honda are starting to make a horrible screeching sound, then it is probably time to buy some new brake pads and replace them. The brake pad is the part of the brake that takes the majority of the friction when they are in use. It is […]

HID Light Kits

HID light kits are used as an upgrade to your vehicle’s original halogen bulbs. HID light kits are becoming a very popular aftermarket part to add to any vehicle, whether new or old, and are also incorporated in most new cars as well. The HID light kits consist of high intensity discharge lamps which are […]

Oil Pan Gasket

The oil pan is the part of the engine responsible for holding whatever oil is not running through the engine. This is true whether the car is on or off, and its job doesn’t go much further than that. The oil pan is located at the bottom of the engine, and can hold anywhere between […]

Radiator Hose

Your car’s radiator hose should be replaced every two or three years whether it goes bad or not. While this may be an ambitious effort to keep your car parts up to date, it can save a possibly stressful and costly situation from occurring in the future. It wouldn’t cost much to buy, and install, […]

Custom Axle Shafts

In order to understand why you might need a custom axle shaft, it’s important to know exactly what axle shafts are and what they do. The axle shaft is a key component in a number of vehicle functions, all of which involve the wheel system. Axle shafts in general are the base that gears can […]

Crankcase Breather

A crankcase breather is designed to help prevent the buildup of gas inside the crankcase. The crankcase is a metal shaft that holds many parts, particularly the crankshaft. Allowing gas and other debris to build up on the crankcase can cause damage to your engine. A crankcase breather helps to prevent this damage by reducing […]

Wheel Studs

Wheel studs and lug nuts are what keep your tires attached to your car. The studs are the bolts on the brake drum or disk hub, and you slide the wheel onto them, fastening it to the car with the lug nuts. Anybody who has ever changed a tire has seen wheel studs. The lug […]

Universal Splitters

Many vehicle owners today choose to purchase aftermarket body kits in order to enhance the look and performance of their vehicles. Universal splitters are an aspect of body kits that allow you to completely change the look of your car. When driving at faster speeds, underbody lift is typically always an issue. You want to […]

Engine Oil Seals

Two of the most important seals in an internal combustion engine are the front and rear engine oil seal. They are also known by other names, such as crankshaft seal and transmission seal. They keep the engine oil from leaking out of the crankcase and prevent contaminants from entering the engine. They are made from […]

Car Power Inverter

Car power inverters are car accessories that allow normal electronic applications to run in through a car’s native power source. Most of these run through the car’s normal power adapter (also called the cigarette lighter), but in some cases, they can also be attached directly to the car’s battery for more extreme applications. With a […]

Oil Pressure Switch

A vehicle’s engine requires just the right amount of oil pressure in order to run smoothly. Not properly maintaining the oil in your vehicle can cause damage to the engine and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. An oil pressure switch helps you to properly maintain your vehicle’s oil pressure which in turn helps […]

Drive Belts

Many of the accessory systems in a car are driven by nothing more than a pulley and one or more car engine drive belts. Before the introduction of the single serpentine belt by Ford in 1979, multiple belts were commonly used. A serpentine belt has many advantages over multiple belts, including reduced slippage and longer […]

Heavy Duty Truck Bumpers

Trucks are the hardest-used vehicles on the road. Unlike SUV’s, which are mostly bought now for city driving, trucks are almost always bought because we have specific purposes for them, most of which put a lot of wear and tear on a vehicle, and abuse that only the toughest vehicles and people can manage. The […]

Trans-brake Solenoid

The definition of a solenoid, is a piece of equipment that changes electrical energy, to mechanical force. This means that whenever an electric current flows through a wire, it changes that current into a magnetic field. A solenoid has a coil that is tightly wound up, and covered in layers of insulated wire. When an […]

Oil Filter Gasket

Motor oil is an essential car component that performs some hefty tasks. It not only lubricates the interior of the engine but it also soaks up contaminants. Some of them flow into the suspension and some are of chemical base that are held onto by the additives. This is how oil can soon be inundated […]

Engine Rebuild Kits

Vehicles are typically built with strong performing engines but the life cycle of a car’s engine can be rather short in some cases. A few decades ago, an engine would typically only last around five to seven years before it needs rebuilt – preferably by using engine rebuild kits. Usually the life span for an […]

Bosch Oxygen Sensor

An oxygen sensor (or O2 sensor) is a component within your vehicle that is used to provide vital information to your vehicle's computer system. The most important data that is transferred is the fuel-to-air ratio your vehicle is operating at. You will want your vehicle to be steadily around 14.7:1 fuel-to-air ratio but this cannot […]

BMW Parts

BMW, one the worlds leading German automobile companies have always manufactured cars that have been show stoppers. Cars from BMW have always lined up the stables of the rich and wealthy. The critical reason behind the success has also been the fact BMW parts are widely available in the market. BMW prides itself on its […]

Champion Spark Plug

The spark plug is a small electrical component that is attached to the cylinder head in most vehicle engines. The spark plug is responsible for igniting gasoline and other similar compressed fuels. This is done through creating an electric spark with this particular component. Also, spark plugs are used for other items as well such […]

Dodge Ram Parts

If you have a Dodge Ram pick-up truck you will want to give it the proper care and maintenance to keep it functioning well and its performance reliable. The Dodge Company manufactures many other vehicles than just this large truck. The Dodge Dakota is another popular yet small pick-up truck produced by Dodge. They also […]

Aluminum Radiator

Using aluminum radiators in your vehicle can help to distribute heat much better than the molded plastic options. The aluminum radiator options are different for every vehicle and can be used to increase the efficiency of the vehicle. The best thing about the options available through aluminum is the fact that they require extreme heat […]

Coolant Reservoir

The coolant reservoir is an area in our vehicles that contains the antifreeze and water solution that our engine needs to run properly. Without the coolant our vehicles would not be able to run under extreme weather conditions. The coolant keeps the engine working in both cold and hot climates. The fluid can be referred […]

Coil Spring Suspension Kits

Many vehicles have outdated and overused coil spring suspension systems and could have even had a spring break at some point. The coil springs are important in providing the proper amount of handling with the vehicle and when combined with horsepower, handling is one of the most important functions in any vehicle. Imagine driving at […]

Toyota Camry Parts

It was in late 1983 that Toyota Camry made its first appearance; a front wheel drive, which was introduced to replace its successful predecessor Toyota Corona. Specifically designed for the US market, Camry gained worldwide popularity and has dominated in the area of medium size family sedan for the next 25 years since its debut. […]

Transmission Cooler

Transportation has been an issue since the beginning time. People needed to go places, either for work or simple going around for fun. It started off with walking, then moved on to using animals to pull a cart or themselves. Till it came to the modern time and the usage of motor vehicles have increased […]

Honda Bumper

Imagine a scenario, where you are coming home late from work. You are tired and quite drowsy. At one point, without warning, you fall asleep while driving; and unfortunately you veer off the road and hit a lamp post. Yet by some holy miracle from the heavens, you survive. What kept you from possible death? […]

Universal Joint Kits

Before we come about to knowing a universal joint kit it is important to know its key purpose. A universal joint kit is the key component of the universal joint, without it the universal joint would not be a joint let alone serve its purpose. It is also known as a cross piece regarding to […]

Bypass Oil Filter

Having a good oil filter in your vehicle can make the difference in how your car performs. If you do not have an efficient oil filter in your vehicle your car will not function to the best of its ability and you will be stuck with a car that needs a lot of maintenance or […]

Honda Civic Parts

Many people choose to purchase and drive a Honda Civic because they are reliable, fuel efficient, great looking and have a good reputation for lasting well over 200,000 miles. Many people also choose to purchase a Honda Civic because they look great when modified and there are many parts you can purchase to change the […]

Magnetic Oil Filter

There are so many new and improved car parts today that are designed to help keep your car running smoothly and more efficiently. Manufacturers are constantly striving to find new innovative ideas that can help us get more miles out of our cars without needing to run to the mechanic as often for repairs. Obviously […]

Adjustable Shock Absorber

There are different types of shock absorbers that can be placed on a car however they all are made to serve the same purpose. Some of the shock absorbers are made to withstand a broader range of loads. The adjustable shock absorbers are better at bearing loads up to 30 times the amount as the […]

Exhaust Manifold Gasket

Most exhaust manifolds are composed of either cast iron materials or stainless steel materials. The exhaust manifold is a part of your car which is responsible for gathering the engine exhaust and sending it through cylinders and out the exhaust pipe. The more cylinders a car has, the more fuel combustion there is which makes […]

Hub Unit Bearing

Installing new hub unit bearings is actually a relatively easy process to execute if you follow the instructions carefully. However, if you feel unconfident, or uncomfortable at the thought of changing hub unit bearings yourself, then it is best to take your car to a certified mechanic who will do this for you. This will […]

Tee Connectors for Vacuum Switches

Before the existence of Engine Control Units, or ECU, automobiles used “engine vacuum” in order to carry out a number of functions. Vacuum Switches were generally used to control this “engine vacuum” flow and this was done either directly, mechanically, solenoids or by temperature. The vacuum switches operated several devices including vacuum motors as well […]

Distributor Cap

The distributor cap is a critical device within you vehicle’s ignition system. Effectively, its purpose it to transfer the charge created by the rotating of the distributor shaft and the rest of the motor. The distributor cap takes that energy and uses it to power the engine’s cylinders at the appropriate time and order. As […]

Wide Angle Mirrors

We’re all used to using regular mirrors and having to look over our shoulder to see through blind spots, but sometimes that doesn’t cover it all. Usually, this happens in big vehicles, where either the blind spot is too big, or there is something blocking your view. In this case, wide angle mirrors are great […]

Car Mud Flaps

If you drive, you need mud flaps. Despite the common misconception that only drivers who drive off-road need them, mud flaps protect your car from all sorts of dangers, even if you only drive on newly paved streets. Driving on any surface presents a great deal of danger to your car, whether through contributing through […]

Rear Axle Bushes

The rear axle refers to the drive axle which connects the rear wheels with a central differential, which is used to create proper distribution between both axle sides. Some rear axles connect with a crossbeam which just works to support the rear end of your vehicle, but this is only necessary for vehicles with front […]

Fuel Vapor Canister

Traditionally, the storage systems and the vapor recovery of an automotive vehicle comprise a vapor canister which is remotely mounted, and is operatively connected via distinct valves and lines within the fuel tank. Generally, vapor canisters come in the shape of a small box and usually have a number of spots for hoses in the […]

Leaf Spring Brackets

Most people don’t realize what an expensive, time consuming, headache inducing endeavor towing can be. To casual observers, they see a trailer being towed down the highway, and they assume that it’s as simple as hooking one up to the other and driving. Those who have had to tow trailers know that it is quite […]

Throw Out Bearing

The throw out bearing is the integral part of the clutch. In essence, the throw out bearing is the part of the clutch that allows the gears of the car to shift. When you press on the clutch pedal, it sets off a chain reaction that puts the throw out bearing in play. The throw […]

Windshield Washer Nozzles

Every car owner, at some time or other, has to clean his or her car’s windshield. This helps them have a clear view while driving, and also adds helps to beautify the interior and exterior of the car. The windshield washer nozzle is an accessory which makes it easier to clean the glass quickly and […]

Optima Battery Chargers

Optima batteries are a popular brand of powerful, enduring batteries used to power vehicles for instance cars and boats. Optima batteries tend to be expensive; however they do not exploit consumers with their rated prices, as full value is exercised over the prices since such batteries have a long lifespan and aptitude to work in […]

Automotive Universal Joint

Universal joints, otherwise known as U-Joints, are bendable mechanical devices used to connect two shafts which are not aligned with one another. Through this connection, the rotational movement of one shaft can be transferred to the other shaft. For an example in automotive use, a Universal Joint may be used to in a vehicle’s transmission […]

Truck Muffler

Imagine a day when you are driving along in your truck. It is a beautiful, sunny day with soft clouds slowly floating through the air. Everything seems peaceful, until you feel a sudden jerk, followed by a loud noise. After that, your engine starts screaming in torment, as if it does not want to move […]

Ballast Resistor

A ballast resistor is a device used as a resistor to regulate modifications (both expected and incidental) of the physical form of another device. There are two different types of ballast resistors, the fixed resistor and the variable resistor. Fixed Resistor A fixed ballast resistor is used for devices that require a low amount of […]

Toyota Lift Kits

Toyota has been building reliable trucks for the working man for nearly a century. Ever since the Toyota Type G1 truck was released in 1935, the designs of these trucks have continued to improve. Over time, people have continued to modify their vehicles as well to make them perform better, or appear more attractive. Not […]

Starter Motor Heat Shield

Starting your vehicle is made possible with the starter that is located in the engine of your car. One of the issues that can cause starter failure is overheating. When this happens, the starter fails to turn over the vehicle and your car will not start. There are some solutions to this problem that can […]

Windshield Wiper Blades

A common problem in many vehicles is their ability to effectively clear off windshields through the use of old windshield wiper blades. Older windshield wiper blades can cause pressure points as well as several different problems that cause ineffective wiping of the vehicle windshield. Making use of different options can clear up the problems, especially […]

RV Air Conditioner

RV air conditioners are some of the most important parts of a climate controlled RV and will continue to be requested in some of the most expensive RV configurations. Everyone wants to ensure that they have a climate controlled experience in an RV because they can begin to get very hot, especially when in use […]

Locking Fuel Cap

Locking fuel caps are available in many different forms which allow the fuel in the vehicle to remain inside the fuel tank while the owner of the vehicle is away. Many of these locking fuel caps can be used to thwart siphoning of fuel by other motorists who would rather steal the fuel than pay […]

Transmission Filter

Unfortunately, many people forget to change out their transmission filter when they are performing routine maintenance on their vehicle. It is not a complicated process and it can help your transmission last for many years. When your transmission filter becomes dirty or clogged, it can cause a number of problems with the shifting of your […]

Lead Acid Battery

Unless you have a hybrid vehicle, you have a lead acid battery in your car. A lead acid battery provides the energy that your car needs to start, as well as any energy that is used when the car is off. Lead acid batteries use a combustible chemical reaction involving lead plates, sulfuric acid and […]

Flexible Exhaust Pipes

Flexible exhaust pipes are very important in the automotive world when they are needed for specialized vehicles. The main options are usually piping that is made of a durable plastic that will be able to be flexible and arranged as needed while others will be made of stainless steel or other durable metals that are […]

Air Suspension Conversion Kits

If you are someone who likes to modify cars, then you may be interested in finding out what air suspension conversion kits can do for your vehicle. When an automobile is using air suspension it means that the suspension of the vehicle is powered through the movement of air through a pump or a compressor […]

Automatic Car Starter

Wouldn't it be great if your car would start up in the morning by itself and be completely warm in the winter or cool in the summer? Well, while it won't start up on its own, using an automatic car starter is a way of accomplishing this. The small remote, which looks very similar to […]

Honda Civic Mufflers

Mufflers are accessory to cars, which has a specific purpose to reduce the noise produced by the engines. As the British name suggests – Silencers increase the overall engine efficiency and boost performance, while allows motor vehicles to emit sound in accordance with the law. For the petrol-head and extreme modifiers, good mufflers often help […]

Brake Pad Wear Sensor

When it comes to maintenance on our vehicles, keeping the brakes in proper working order is a must. Letting the brakes on your car become worn down is very dangerous. Being in a situation where you must hit the brakes suddenly and your petal is to the floor and the car is still not slowing […]

Automotive Relays

There are many components required to run all the various parts our cars need to work properly. Several of the car parts you may or may not be familiar with or have even heard of before. They all serve an important purpose and learning about what they all do can help you understand your car […]

Blower Motor Resistor

The blower motor resistor is an important part to the car's heating and cooling system. Without the blower motor resistor the car will not blow heat or air on the lowest and middle settings. If you are suddenly stuck in a car that only blows air on high then you will want to fix the […]

Dual Battery Systems

Almost any vehicle can be modified to have a dual battery system which composes of the vehicle's battery which is used to run the vehicle and another larger, deep cycle battery for extended use with appliances and other needs. These setups are not difficult to implement and there are many kits and procedures that can […]

Synthetic Oil Filters

When it comes to taking care of our vehicles, one of the most important things we can do is change the oil regularly. Without clean oil and oil filters our cars cannot function properly. The type of vehicle you drive and the weather climate you live in can determine the best kind of oil you […]

Towing Mirrors

Many people are driving large vehicles such as a full size vans and trucks, semi-trucks, RV's, campers or moving trucks each day. Unfortunately, there are just some vehicles that are too big that the driver cannot see the road properly. Not only can this make changing lanes difficult but also reversing or parking the vehicle. […]

Replacement Headliner

Headliners are one of the parts of vehicles to really deteriorate with age. Older vehicles used cloth and fabric headliners that are sewn together for the proper look and feel. Newer vehicles also use this method but employ hard cardboard type material where the fabric and foam were attached to. It is important to replace […]

Wheel Bearing Seals

The wheel bearings support two very important jobs for a vehicle's suspension. They allow wheels to rotate with minimal friction as well as support the weight of the vehicle on top of them while in use. To function correctly, the bearings must remain in near perfect condition and no leaks or contaminants must occur. This […]

Oil Cooler Adapter

Many vehicles can benefit from using an oil cooler adaptor because it allows the oil to be cooled and filtered between the point of the oil filter and engine block. This is a very important thing to utilize especially if the vehicle is in heavy use and oil temperatures will go up to levels which […]

Radiator Caps

A very important component of any vehicle is a properly fitting radiator cap. These special caps sit on the top of a radiator and allow access to the coolant reservoir of the radiator. It is important that the cap that is already there is capable of withstanding high pressure increases and if any damages occur […]

Clutch Cable

Any vehicle with a manual transmission will use clutches, and even vehicles with automatic transmission have clutches. Most people think that there is only one clutch in your vehicle, but this is not true. There are actually multiple clutches and they play a major role in your vehicle operating properly. Just like with many other […]

Spark Delay Valve

The spark delay valve is also known as a vacuum delay valve. The function of this particular car part is to delay the vacuum to the vacuum advance unit when rapid acceleration is needed. This happens anytime the car is in idle or during acceleration occurring at any speed under 15 miles per hour. It […]

Lowering Springs

When we purchase our cars from the dealer they come with a standard set of shock springs. The shock springs are responsible for giving our cars the freedom to ride over bumps while preventing the car from bouncing all over the place. If you have ever been in a car that rides over a bump […]

Universal Radiator Hose

Many people have radiators that will burst through the normal radiator hose because of extreme heat or pressure. By replacing the radiator hose with a universal radiator hose option, you can ensure to extend the use of the vehicle and prevent damage to the radiator from not having the proper fluid motion due to leaks […]

Truck Battery

Your truck battery will eventually need to be replaced. Your truck battery won't just stop working without notice though unless there is an electrical shortage for the sensor light. If all the electrical components are working properly then the battery light should be working as well. When your truck battery is about to die you […]

LED Truck Lights

The brightest form of economical lighting these days are made possible through Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs for short). More and more trucks are starting to use LEDs as a source for their lights in many different applications. This super bright option allows drivers from very far away to see their lighting and provides a definite […]

Universal Hood Scoop

Universal hood scoops are useful for various reasons. Not only are they a great decorative option (some are just for decorative purposes), but several of the designs are made to help increase the amount of air flow to the engine and surrounding vehicle hardware. It is an efficient way to help cool down the vehicle […]

Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

When most people hear someone talking about carbon fiber, the first thing that they think of is a race car. While it is true that carbon fiber can dramatically improve the performance of a race car, that isn't the only vehicle that can benefit from parts that are made of carbon fiber. Regardless of what […]

Turbo Resonator

The turbo resonator is a muffler that slightly reduces the high-pitched noise that comes from the turbocharger, often referred to as turbo whine. It can also change the tone of the noise to make it sound deeper and more appealing. Most turbo resonators are simple, inexpensive and lightweight units that can be quickly installed with […]

Seat Heater Kit

If you live in one of the colder regions of the world, a heated seat in an automobile during the cold winter months can be a luxury you would not live without. In fact, you will most commonly find seat heaters installed in cars that are driven in colder climates as opposed to those driven […]

Oil Mist Filter

Have you ever worked in an industrial setting? If not, perhaps you have toured an industrial site as a consultant or, when in school, as part of a class trip. After all, the part of the United States now known as the "Rust Belt" was once alive with machines working nonstop to power the United […]

Mercedes Benz Parts

Mercedes Benz is a known all over the world as a luxury car with a timeless reputation. From their meteoric rise in popularity post-World War II to the present day, Mercedes Benz has produced some of the most beautiful, sleek, powerful and well-designed cars in automotive history. Because of the car's long history, there are […]

Battery Jump Starter

When you're out in your car, the last thing that you need to happen is an unwelcome break down. Whether you're in the middle of the city or the side of the freeway, having your car break down and refuse to start is one of the least pleasant experiences that any driver can have. Here […]

Nissan Parts

Everyone knows that Nissan cars are high quality vehicles. If you ever need to have your Nissan car repaired and you are the type that likes to do it yourself, you will want to purchase high quality parts. You should always use authentic Nissan parts to repair your Nissan vehicle. It is the quality parts […]


Thermagasket is a product produced by RX Auto. Thermagasket is a potion that claims to be able to repair cracked or breached head gaskets, a cracked head or cracked block. Cracked head gaskets, like many automobile malfunctions, can be a huge problem. The head gasket's job is to seal oil ports, cooling ports and the […]

Suspension Bushings

No one wants to be driving down the street while hearing pops and creaks when you are turning corners or coming to a stop. If you are hearing strange noises like this, your car's suspension may be bad or a suspension bushing needs replacement. Your suspension is vitally important to the performance of your car. […]

Xenon HID Kits

An Xenon HID Kit allows you to upgrade your lighting system on your vehicle so that it is much safer to drive at night. In fact the light output is much closer to that of natural daylight. Upgrading your lighting system with an Xenon HID kit utilizes a revolutionary new concept in automotive lighting. If […]

K&N Air Filters

The makers of K&N air filters are giants in their field of work. They promise significant and bona fide horsepower improvements on the make and models of the vehicles they equip, and if they can't promise a better boost, they won't even sell the product. Manufactures of air intake filters for more than 30 years, […]

Yamaha Banshee Parts

When it comes to small all terrain vehicles, the Yamaha Banshee is considered one of the best. Sold by the manufacturing company Yamaha, best known for its motorcycles, the Yamaha Banshee 350 was available from the years 1987 through 2006. While other ATV models are produced for just a few years at most, the Yamaha […]

Windshield Wiper Blades

Windshield wiper blades should be changed as soon as they show signs of wear. Worn blades leave water streaks across the windshield that can impair vision during rain storms and increase the chance of an accident. It only takes a few minutes to change windshield wiper blades, and the only tool needed is a flathead […]

Timing Belt

The timing belt connects the crankshaft with one or more camshafts, and it also drives the water pump in many engines. It allows the engine to move the valves while keeping them synchronized with the pistons. It is often called a camshaft belt, or a camshaft chain because some engines use a chain instead. A […]

Mitsubishi Parts

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to go directly to the car manufacturer for Mitsubishi parts, especially if your car is more than a couple of years old. In fact, car manufacturers only produce the steel sheeting that goes on the car and other parts are outsourced. In addition to going to auto part […]

Head Gasket

The head gasket is the largest seal in the car engine. It seals the joint between the engine block and the cylinder head, keeping dozens of cylinders and channels from leaking into each other. A gasket failure, often called a gasket blowout, is usually caused by the failure of another component that causes the engine […]

Disc Brake Caliper

A disc brake caliper is the device on which brake pads are mounted in the operation of a disc brake system. Disc brakes slow or stop the vehicle through the rotation of the wheel. Usually made of cast iron or ceramics, these brakes are connected to the wheel and operate on friction created by the […]

HID Conversion Kits

These days, it's all about the stylish, powerful HID lights, a controversial yet incredibly popular alternative to halogen lighting for your vehicle. Not even approved by the federal government, auto enthusiasts can’t keep their hands off these plug-and-play devices that run on Xenon gas and emit bright, color-tinted light. Safety, knowledge and knowing the law […]

Ford Clutch Kit

When you have to replace the clutch on your Ford vehicle, you will need a Ford clutch kit. The clutch on your vehicle is an important part of the vehicle's function and it will not run properly without it. You should do also some looking around to ensure that you are getting the best possible […]