Auto Parts


Almost all vehicles have a device called an odometer that is used to accurately gauge the vehicle’s distance that has been traveled. Cars, trucks, SUVs, off-road vehicles, bicycles motorcycles and many other types of vehicles all use an odometer. Odometers can be mechanical, electrical or both mechanical and electrical depending on the manufacture and the […]

Volvo Parts

If you are lucky enough to have purchased your own Volvo, you should know that what you own is a car made by the one of the world’s most reliable and reputable car makers in history. Volvo has been manufacturing high end vehicles since the late 1920’s and it continues to do so. If you […]

Steering Column Parts

In the last twenty years, most cars have shifted from using a standard wheel-controlled steering and handling system to a steering system that's controlled by a wheel, yet carried out by both computers and the driver themselves. It's known as power steering, and it's one of many innovations that have allowed modern cars to become […]

Torque Converter

In the world of motoring – both for personal transportation and for sport – there's a slight fear of the unknown. It's particularly common amongst casual drivers, and especially those that understand just the basics of engineering. If a car's broken, it's broken, and it needs repairs. That is their level of car maintenance and […]

High Flow Catalytic Converters

The catalytic converter in your vehicle is responsible for cleaning up the nasty pollutants from your beloved engine. It was invented back in the 1950’s thanks to the smog in Los Angeles; they weren’t seriously mass produced until 1973 where they start gaining popularity. They operate in an extremely harsh environment and therefore, don’t last […]

Aluminum Flywheels

Flywheels, also known as momentum wheels, are specifically designed to store rotational energy by resisting rotational speed changes, thereby stabilizing shaft rotation when fluctuations in torque occur (as is commonly the case within a reciprocating motor). Flywheels are crucial components that play a significant role in the way an engine functions, ensuring that the clutch […]

Sealed Beam Headlights

Headlights are crucial aspects of a vehicle's safety and performance, illuminating the path ahead and ensuring maximum visibility for the driver at night, and during less than ideal conditions. There are various types of headlights available, including LED headlights, rotating headlights, multicolored headlights, and sealed beam headlights. A sealed beam headlight includes all of the […]

Header Panel

A vehicle’s header panel can be found right in front of the hood. This is the area of the car or truck that holds the grill and the headlights. Although the header panel has no effect on the performance of a vehicle, it is very important to the structure of the truck or car. If […]

Clutch Interlock Switch

A clutch interlock switch is a veritable safety creation that prevents you from starting your manual transmission vehicle without the clutch properly pressed. The switch is typically located underneath the dashboard and is very similar in design and appearance to a brake light switch. It is typically found in the area where the clutch pedal […]

Billet Window Crank

A crank is a relatively simple mechanical device that allows you to lift, drop, open, or close an object, such as a window. Window cranks are most commonly seen in older vehicles, as cars with power windows and automatic features have become the industry-standard during the last two decades. However, some vehicle owners choose to […]

Auto Body Parts

Over time, automobiles inevitably experience some form of wear and tear, and the external appearance gradually begins to worsen, as bumps, scratches, dents, and rust appear little by little each year. Whether constant exposure to the elements, small driving mistakes, or actual automobile accidents caused the damage is irrelevant, - either way, defective and damaged […]

Diverter Valve

Any time your vehicle is accelerating the throttle will be open. When the throttle is open there will be an open pathway for air to travel to your engine. In this pathway there will be turbo which utilizes compressed air that is forced into the vehicle's engine once it reaches a specific pressure. After you […]

Traction Control System

Anyone who has seen a race where cars with big horsepower engines compete is likely to have seen some serious tire spinning and lots of smoke coming from the tires when a car is taking off from a stop or pushing down the gas after coming out of a tight corner. If you try that […]

Ignition Lock Cylinder

If you have ever gotten into your car and tried to turn the steering wheel you will notice that it will not turn unless you put the key into the ignition lock and turn it. If you don’t have the key or if the lock sticks the car will not start. Inserting the key into […]

Power Steering Pulley

By putting in new power steering pulleys into your vehicle you will be able to significantly increase its overall performance. There have been an increasing number of people making the upgrade and for a number of different reasons. Lightweight pulleys which control the power steering in your vehicle will be able to notice a remarkable […]

Car Door Trim

The doors of your vehicle are often the first things a person notices when viewing it from the side, and should therefore be maintained and kept free from damage as much as possible. Unfortunately, car doors also often the first part of the car to become dinged, dented, and damaged, usually as a result of […]

Transmission Valve Body

In the transmission of most vehicles there is a hydraulic system which uses specialized fluid which is sent by an oil pump through the actual valve body so it can be used by the bands and the clutches to control all of the gear sets. It is indeed a complex process and before you go […]

Pressure Plates

All manual transmissions need a clutch system in order to shift gears. Most of the cars and trucks on the streets today have a manual transmission will have a pressure plate in the clutch assembly. The pressure plate is necessary component in the clutch system on vehicles. There are three kinds of pressure plates. A […]

Fuel Sending Unit

The fuel sending unit in your vehicle is ultimately how you are able to tell how much fuel you have at any given time. It is associated with the fuel gauge which is regulated by something called a “variable resistor” and it helps you to monitor the fuel levels of your vehicle at any given […]

Lightweight Flywheel

An increasing number of people have been putting lightweight flywheels on their vehicles because of the many benefits they provide, including a smoother operation with regards to the transmission and the clutch. If you are considering getting one of these for your vehicle it will be important to think carefully about which kind you are […]

Aluminum Cylinder Heads

The structure and strength of quality cylinder heads are designed to resist extreme conditions that a motor typically produces. Cylinder heads were first constructed out of cast iron. Cast iron cylinder heads today are becoming harder to find because of the superiority that aluminum cylinder heads provide. Cast iron heads are known to only last […]

Car Instrument Panel

The instrument panel or "cluster" as it is sometimes referred to as, in your vehicle is what contains all of the important gauges, warning lights, and indicators that you need to drive and stay informed as to what your own vehicle is doing while on the road. In this panel is the odometer, speedometer, tachometer, […]

Gauge Pods

Gauge pods are interfaces in which gauges can be installed within a vehicle to provide detailed data about every aspect of the vehicle’s engine, drivetrain, and transmission performance. A vehicle's gauges display everything from the amount of oil pressure and gasoline to air-to-fuel ratios and turbo boost levels. From a terminology standpoint, gauge pods are […]

Throttle Actuator

A throttle actuator helps regulate the flow of air entering an engine to be used with the injected fuel in the combustion process. Commonly referred to as an electronic throttle body actuator, now that cars are built with complex computer controlled systems, your electronic fuel injection system controls the fuel and the electronic throttle actuator […]

Car Mirrors

There are many different mirrors on the modern automobile that serve many different purposes. For the sake of simplicity, we'll discuss in length the three main mirrors—the passenger side mirror, drivers' side mirror, and rear view mirror—as well as the details to buying, replacing, and finding the proper type of mirror. It is important to […]

ABS Modulator Unit

Years ago it was necessary for drivers to slam on the brakes and press repeatedly when they spun out of control, but ever since the ABS modular unit was invented that is no longer the standard operating procedure. This unit uses a series of belts to drive the modulators which help the car to brake […]

Electric Car Motors

Electric cars are certainly starting to increase in popularity due to the movement towards greener more environmentally-friendly energy sources. Although for years people around the world have relied on the traditional engine design which runs on gasoline, things are starting to quickly change as more and more automobile manufacturers begin to come out with designs […]

Power Door Locks

Many vehicle manufacturers have provided a simple way to access the vehicle through the use of power door locks. The feature allows for vehicle owners to unlock and lock their doors from a distance. The in car controls also allow for the simple push of a button or flick of a switch to unlock or […]

Fuel Injection System

Fuel injection systems are special methods of introducing a fuel and air mixture into the combustion chamber of the engine. The most prevalent type used today is a simple nozzle and valve system that sprays the fuel mixture with air to start the combustion system. This is considered safer because the carburetors of the past […]

Rack and Pinion Steering Gear

If you are experiencing issues with the steering in your car, it's worth educating yourself about rack and pinion steering gear. Because this type of steering gear is found in many modern cars, there is a good chance that it's currently in yours. By understanding how this gear works, you will be able to figure […]

Blend Door Actuators

The blend door actuator or the blend door is a part of a vehicle that helps combine the hot air with the cold air. The actuator is a motor that opens and closes this door to adjust the amount of hot or cold air to achieve ideal temperature setting. If your blend door actuator breaks […]

Rear Axle Assembly

The rear axle assembly is certainly one of the more important parts that make up your vehicle. It is responsible for connecting the two rear wheels on rear wheel drive vehicles; it carries the entire weight of the rear part of the vehicle and has the important task of driving forward both rear wheels. The […]

Auto Glass

Glass is a necessary part of vehicles in order to keep the driver and passengers safe. There are two different types of glass for automobiles, including tempered and laminated. The latter has been used in designing and manufacturing cars since the 1920s and it is a rather simple process which involves placing two panes of […]

Transfer Case Motors

Transfer case motors are basically components via which the power from the transmission is being delegated to the frontal and rear axles in four-wheel-drive vehicles. In vehicles where the drivers cannot select between 4 Wheel Drive or 2 Wheel Drive modes (known as All Wheel Drive), the transfer case motors are permanently fixated on all […]

Chrome Grilles

Chrome and the automobile have a history that stretches back almost to the beginning of the motor cars creation. Perhaps the golden age for chrome grilles was from the 1930’s to the 1950’s and some of the best aesthetic examples came from that time. In 1955 which is a record year for American car production, […]

Cold Start Valve

The cold start valve – it is otherwise known as the fifth injector. It is also known as the heat riser channel. It is essentially a variety of control valve that can be found snuggled in the crook between the exhaust manifold and the exhaust pipe. However this applies to any typically unaltered V8 or […]

Truck Drive Shafts

The drive shaft is a part of your vehicle which has many responsibilities. It is required to transmit any rotating motions and torque to other parts which may be connected to your drive train. If a part of your vehicle cannot connect to the drive train due to it being too far apart or similar […]

Truck Air Brakes

Truck air brakes were invented in the 1870s by a man named George Westinghouse. These brakes are used on larger trucks such as semi-trucks to bring them to a stop when loaded heavily. Typical cars and other smaller vehicles use brakes that work by hydraulics. Hydraulic brake systems use compressed liquid in order to operate. […]

Tie Rod Sleeves

The tie rod, also referred to as a track rod in the United Kingdom, is an integral part of an automobile's steering mechanism. A tie rod sleeve is an important part of the tie rod assembly which is used to shorten or lengthen the tie rod in order to adjust toe alignment. The tie rods […]

Vacuum Switching Valve

Today’s automobiles are essentially all run by computer. This can be a very useful way to run a car. Computers can help technicians diagnose problems in a car. They can also help make sure that the car is running at peak performance. They can even let the driver know just exactly how many miles per […]

Overrunning Clutch

The overrunning clutch is also commonly known as the freewheel. It is a component in the transmission of a vehicle which is responsible for deactivating the drive shaft in certain situations. The drive shaft is usually deactivates and stops working with the driven shaft when it reaches a faster rotation speed than the drive shafts' […]

Steering Racks

Steering racks are an essential part of the rack and pinion types of steering assemblies that are on modern day vehicles. There is a second type known as the re-circulating ball. With rack and pinion steering, any time you apply pressure to the steering wheel as you attempt to steer your vehicle, energy passes onto […]

Hydraulic Brake Booster

A large majority of vehicles, particularly the older models, use vacuum boosters for the brakes. However, it is fairly common for newer vehicles these days to be fitted with hydraulic brake boosters. The pressure that the hydraulic brake booster uses is generated by the steering pump. For vehicles that are fitted with a vacuum booster, […]

Coolant Level Sensor

Man’s best friend may be the dog, but a car comes a very close second. Just stop and think of how much one needs a car. A long aimless drive can be just the thing to make one relax, regardless of any stressful situations. These are the drives ones take when on holiday, with friends […]

Alternator Noise Filter

Alternator noise is a fairly uncommon problem but it can be very frustrating as there is not much information available on how to fix the issue. This article will go over a few strong methods of doing so but there are no guarantees that these will work for you. As there are various possible causes […]

Vacuum Gate Valves

Vacuum gate valves have a huge variety of uses in modern appliances. Indeed, vacuum in general is a force that is used for a number of reasons. Beyond the obvious vacuum cleaner, vacuum is also used as a power source for a number of powerful appliances, such as car engines. Gasoline engines naturally create a […]

Alternator Rectifier

Alternator rectifier, the name reminds of physics book, a word out of the chapter describing about electricity. Simply thought, what comes to people’s mind when they see this word? Answer – something that has to do with alternation and rectification. Therefore, the basic point is – alternator rectifier is an electronic device whose main task […]

Fuel Accumulator

The fuel accumulator is an important part of your vehicle's fuel system. It is a component that is located just past the fuel pump and has numerous important responsibilities. If you are having trouble finding the fuel accumulator then just locate the fuel pump and follow it towards the fuel filter. The fuel accumulator will […]

Exhaust Valve

An exhaust valve is a valve on a cylinder in the internal combustion engine. This is the valve that opens up and releases burned fuel into the exhaust manifold. The exhaust valve is mechanical and sometimes is referred to as a ‘poppet valve’. An intake valve can also be called a poppet valve. The exhaust […]

Diesel Exhaust Systems

There are various reasons why people look for diesel exhaust systems, these days: for some, it’s a way of improving the effectiveness of a diesel powered vehicle and optimizing the actual power of their car; for others, it’s mostly about enhancing the looks of their vehicle and fine-tuning the engine sound. Regardless of the reasons […]

Transbrake Button

The invention of the transbrake button has greatly changed the face of drag racing as we know it today. Normally a race car driver shifts their car by engaging the shifter that is located inside the car. But in drag racing, revving up the RPM’s and getting ready for taking off while using the clutch […]

Differential Spider Gears

A car’s differential is an integral part in converting the power of the engine to actual car function and movement. In essence, the job of the differential is to take the power that has already been put into moving the gears in the transmission, and use it to help move the car’s actual wheels. The […]

Blow off Valves

Arguably the most popular item when it comes to racing is the turbocharger. Usually just referred to as turbo, it’s an essential part when it comes to car performance, and it’s one that power without adding much weight at all to the car. That means that adding a turbo provides almost a pure speed increase. […]

Pinion Depth Gauge

There are two parts of the car that are referred to as pinions in a car. The first is in the steering system. When referring to the pinion in the steering system, the pinion is part of a rack and pinion system that is essentially responsible for turning your tires. When you turn the steering […]

Fuel Distributor

The power behind the modern day cars originates from their technically superior engines. These powerful engines require the right mixture of gasoline and oxygen to provide the power and speed we desire. This is made possible by the Fuel distributor which regulates the fuel mass supplied to the engine. The engine revs up and explodes […]

Caliper Bracket

Caliper brackets are responsible for holding one of the most important pieces of a car’s braking system. Every part of a car’s brake system is important to its functioning correctly, but some parts are dramatically more important than others. The brake caliper and pads of those supremely important parts, without which the brake system itself […]

Oil Filter Magnets

In the course of regular driving, a great mount of dirt, dust and grime can get into the car’s hood. Unfiltered, this can get into you engine and reap havoc on both the engine and the oils within it. That’s where oil filters come in. When the first cars were made there were no oil […]

Windshield Washer Pump

A windshield washer pump is a mechanical device that injects windshield washer fluid onto windshields. Every vehicle that has a windshield usually needs a windshield washer pump to inject this fluid to clean off the windshield. The pump is motorized and creates pressure to force the fluid out. You can find the windshield washer pump […]

Car A/C Condenser

If you have noticed that the air conditioning in your car is not functioning properly, then it may be time to think about replacing the air conditioning condenser in your car. If you go to the right places then you will be able to purchase a new A/C condenser for a very reasonable price, particularly […]

LED Tail Lights

Automobiles must have adequate lighting in the front and back to be on the road safely at night. In fact, it is required by law. The front lights on the automobile are headlights. The lights in the back are called tail lights. The tail lights in the back of your car makes it easier for […]

Radiator Fan Motor

If you have noticed, every time you drive your car on a hot day you will hear a fan motor come on when you are at a stop light or when you are going through a drive through where your car has to sit and idle for awhile. The fan motor you hear come on […]

Steering Box

Previously, only dealers had access to steering boxes. However, now consumers can bypass the dealer and purchase these kits directly from manufacturers, at a price that is more affordable. Called by many names, the steering box makes sure the steering in your vehicle doesn't leak, bind or make it difficult to steer the vehicle. Steering […]

Knock Sensor

There are many different sensors in your vehicle that play an important role in how well your vehicle can perform. The knock sensor is one of those as it can prevent many serious issues from surfacing without prior notice. Basically, the knock sensor is a sensor used to detect a knock (pre-ignition). A knock will […]

Carbon Canister

A carbon canister is designed to decrease the pollution that is typically produced by vehicles. Carbon canisters work to decrease air pollution from cars and trucks while increasing the fuel efficiency of these vehicles. When the engine of a vehicle is turned off, the engine still produces hydrocarbons from the vapors rising in the vehicle’s […]

Trigger Wheel

Installing a trigger wheel can be quite a difficult and complex process. If you don’t have a clue what you are doing then you are setting yourself up for a recipe for disaster if you do not do your research. If you don’t have a clue where to start, then you need to make sure […]

Automotive Junction Block

An automotive junction block is an invention that is fitted into automobiles to distribute electrical power to various other systems in the vehicle. The junction block essentially provides the main point for all wiring connections from the interior lighting, instrument panel and rear window wiper features. The junction block eliminates having to wire connections between […]

Hatchback Spoiler

Vehicle spoilers have been on the market for many years. Although it is possible to purchase a car with a factory or OEM spoiler, most spoilers sold today are sold as aftermarket products. A hatchback spoiler is simply a spoiler that is specifically designed for cars that have hatchbacks. While originally, consumers purchased these spoilers […]

Air Injection Pipe

A car or truck’s air injection system is specifically designed to produce cleaner air emissions. Exhaust gas from a vehicle is very hot when it leaves the combustion chamber. By introducing air or oxygen into the exhaust system as the gases leave the chambers, the fuels continue to burn as they leave the system. This […]

Crank Trigger Distributor

Racing engines that use crankshaft triggered ignitions use crank trigger distributors for a variety of reasons. The low profile of these distributors allows them to be fitted into tight areas while still delivering sparks accurately. The distributor itself is designed around CNC machined billet aluminum housing. The process of the machine used to create crank […]

Car Exhaust Pipe

The purpose of a car exhaust pipe is to direct exhaust otherwise known as waste gases away from the engine. It is imperative that the exhaust gases are directed away and not allowed to accumulate in engine because the passengers that are riding in the car can suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning. The exhaust pipe […]

Sway Bar

Adding a sway bar will improve the handling of your car. The sway bar is basically a vehicle suspension stabilizing device. If you are pulling a heavy trailer you will need a sway bar to help increase the suspension roll stiffness on your pull vehicle. Some SUV’s may need to have a sway bar installed […]

Block Heater

Most vehicles include engines that already have a block heater installed. If this is not the case, the block heater is essentially the alternative of the freeze plug which is found in most engines. The main responsibility of the freeze plug is to drain antifreeze from the engine block. This is done to prevent the […]

Plastic Diesel Tanks

Fuel tanks can be made out of a number of substances, and the material that makes them varies depending on what the fuel tank is made out of. Typically, plastic fuel tanks are for light weight and small tanks for easy moving. The most common of these is gallon container most of us might use […]

Truck Exhaust Systems

An exhaust system comprises of a pipeline which creates an outlet for exhaust gases from combustion, to be released in the air. The gases are produced from the burning of fuel in the combustion chamber of a vehicle. The basic work of the system is to create a channel for exhaust fumes resulting from combustion […]

Ignition Coil Pack

Modern vehicles are equipped with non-distributor-based ignition systems. Instead of relying on a distributor mechanism, they use an ignition coil pack and a small sensor array to ignite the fuel. The ignition coil packs consist of thin coils wrapped hundreds of times along a central core. Is it used to carry electricity from the car […]

Xenon Bulbs

Xenon bulbs are HID (high-intensity discharge) electric lights used mainly to make exceptionally powerful headlights, although their applications have become considerably more varied in recent times. They are called xenon bulbs due to the fact that they make use of a noble gas called xenon in order to maximize their light output. Unlike incandescent bulbs, […]

Brake Caliper

If this has ever happened to you, you will never forget it. You are driving along, minding your own business. Perhaps you have the windows rolled down and the radio up and you are happy with the world. And then you see a stop light, or a stop sign, or perhaps a car slowing up […]

Throttle Cable

The throttle cable is an important part in your vehicle that must be working at all times to assure your vehicle is performing properly. The throttle cable is responsible for keeping the engine’s throttle body and accelerator pedal connected. If the throttle cable isn’t properly in place, it could lead to faulty acceleration or possibly […]

Strut Braces

Tue car-enthusiasts are never satisfied with the stock versions of their new car. However, if you love modifications, it is important that you accessorize your vehicle with the right peripheral to make it look great and unique. One such accessory that is a must have and guarantees to provide the ultimate car performance is the […]

Dual Mass Flywheel

Flywheels are an integral part of any vehicle’s ignition and transmission. Although they are mostly known for their role in clutch transmissions, but they are found in automatic transmissions as well, and are a central part of both. To put it simply, the flywheel starts the engine and helps the gears shift. Problems with the […]

Silicone Wiper Blades

Windshield wiper blades are so basic to a car’s design that we often take them for granted. It’s very easy to see why; they’re relatively small, uncomplicated, and cheap. You can buy a pair of brand new windshield wipers for less than $20, and so we take them for granted. But the fact of the […]

Release Bearing

The basic definition of a release bearing is a ball bearing and collar assembly. As well as being called a release bearing, it is also sometimes known as a throw out bearing. The purpose of a release bearing is to reduce any friction between the presser plate levers, and the release fork. The sealed unit […]

CV Joint

The CV joint, also known as the constant velocity joint, is an important component within a drive shaft in most vehicles. The specific drive shaft that contains the CV joint is the one which connects to the wheel and transmission of the vehicle at each end of the drive shaft. The CV joints are fully […]

Forged Pistons

Pistons slide up and down the cylinder walls in a vehicle's engine as a way to achieve air and fuel compression within the cylinder region. Properly functioning pistons are necessary for a vehicle's engine to be able to operate correctly. Any vehicle that has a high performance engine will especially need working pistons. The type […]

EGR Valve

The EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve is a vital component in your vehicle’s exhaust circulation system. Without a working EGR valve your vehicle won’t perform up to par and can cause engine problems. This is a part which has been incorporated into vehicles for nearly half a century (originally to minimize pollution) and is basically […]

Cat Back Exhaust System

Most vehicles today use exhaust systems that require a catalytic converter. This is a device that is designed to remove harmful components in exhaust and converting them into other products that are considered to be less harmful. In the United States, it has become illegal to drive a car without a catalytic converter or cat. […]

Throttle Body

A throttle body controls the amount of air that flows into fuel injected engines and is part of the air intake system on modern day vehicles. It can be somewhat compared to a carburetor on non fuel injected engines. It is usually attached to the mass airflow sensor often located between the air intake manifold […]

Blower Motor

Your car needs a blower motor in order to keep the luxury of air conditioning available. Without a blower motor, or a working one, the air conditioner will not work properly. This does not just mean that you won’t get some cold air during the hot summer months, but it also puts your car’s engine […]

Fuel Pressure Gauges

A fuel pressure gauge is a handy tool to have around when working on vehicles. This tool can help you maintain a properly working vehicle and give you accurate information regarding your vehicles fuel pressure. The fuel pressure in a vehicle is necessary to monitor to make sure your vehicle is running the best it […]

Power Window Regulator

Over the years our cars have advanced greatly. Thanks to manufacturers we have so many wonderful features on our vehicles that add to the convenience of driving. One of the greatest features that we enjoy is the luxury of power controlled windows and locks. When cars started switching over from manual windows to power windows […]

Automotive Vacuum Pump

Any structure or machine that uses a compressor or high pressure hydraulics in order to fulfill its purpose requires a very important component – the vacuum pump. An automotive vacuum pump is such an indispensable component of an automobile. Any device that gets rid of gas or liquid molecules from inside an airtight container in […]

Steering Wheel Adapter

For many, having a car is just as much a hobby as it is a necessity. Many people enjoy fixing up their car to make it look a certain way or to represent their personality. Everyone has their own likes and their own dislikes. Not everyone chooses the same make and model of vehicle or […]

Fuel Pump Gasket

All vehicles have different gaskets, plugs and seals located under the hood in order to prevent car parts from leaking fluids or air, and to help parts from rubbing against one another. There are different types of gaskets that can be used, including the fuel pump gasket. The fuel pump gasket has an important job […]

Diesel Oil Filters

An oil filter is used to remove impurities from different types of oils such as lubricating oil, engine oil, transmission oil, hydraulic oil etc. Oil filters are widely used in hydraulic machines and automobiles. Internal combustion engines of motor cars and jet engines are usually equipped with in built oil filters. Unfiltered fuel might contain […]

Car Bushings

Car maintenance can be daunting. There are a number of small parts which serve an important purpose and have to be checked, repaired and replaced regularly in order for the car to last. Car owners need to have a good working knowledge of what these parts are and how they work, so that when something […]

Electric Brake Controller

Driving a trailer always adds weight and size to the vehicle towing it. For the driver and the vehicle, that means a more stressful and generally tougher driving experience. Driving without an electric brake controller makes that drive even more difficult. Towing a trailer without a break controller means that all of the stress of […]

Truck Radiators

Radiators are also known as heat exchangers. As the name suggests, radiators radiate heat energy, and thus work to transfer heat. Radiators are mainly used in buildings and automobiles, the basic purposes being heating and cooling. As it exchanges thermal energy between two media, one of the media is cooled while the other gets heated […]

Tie Rod Ends

The steering mechanism of your car is one of the most complex and delicate parts of it. It consists of a number of different components, and is responsible for giving your car the ability to turn. This may not sound like much at first, until you suddenly realize that heading down a street without the […]

Stabilizer Bar Assembly

As you drive down to your destination you barely feel the rough roads, comfortably sitting in your respective car seat minding your own business enjoying the road side views. The comfort does not come from the soft foam seats alone; there are other components in the vehicle that enhances the experience. There are the wheels […]

Sprag Clutch

Before we come to “Sprag Clutch” it is necessary to know about a “clutch”. So what is a Clutch? A clutch is a mechanical device that commands the power transfer amid the components of a machine by causing two rotary shafts to engage and disengage (brings into and out of gear). Clutches are available in […]