Auto Parts

Gear Shift Knob

A gear shift knob is located at the top of a gear shift lever. In other words, it constitutes the handle of the gear shift lever. Usually, in manual transmissions, the shift knob features a simplified diagram of the shift patterns printed on top of it, through which the gear shift lever's movement can be […]

Idler Pulley

The idler pulley is a part of your car which is responsible for the regulation of various belts connected to the crankshaft of the vehicle. These belts are connected to various other parts of the car's engine and other related accessories, and the idler pulley helps to regulate their smooth operation, ensuring smooth operation and […]

Turn Signal Switch

Turn signal switches are a part of the equipment package that makes up an automotive vehicle’s engine. In such vehicles, the turn signal switches play an important role in motioning the car in different directions. Turn switches work by allowing the driver to turn on and off the left or right turn signal lamp, which […]

Torque Converter Clutch

There are so many different car parts involved in keeping our vehicle working. The design of a vehicle is quite complex and many people are not familiar with how each car part works. Honestly, you could drive a vehicle for years before something goes wrong and then once something breaks down you are forced to […]

Car Coil Springs

As with anything we purchase, our cars become worn out overtime after years of use. There are so many car parts that can become worn and need replaced eventually. Unless you are fortunate enough to buy a car every few years then you have probably experienced some of this wear and tear on one of […]

Cooling System Thermostat

It is very important to keep your car running at an appropriate temperature to prevent it from over heating. There are a few key components used on your car that help ensure this does not happen. Some of the parts that work together include the radiator, the radiator cooling fans, the water pump and the […]

Flexible Drive Shaft

A flexible drive shaft is a mechanical pole that transmits power from an engine to the vehicle's wheels and is equipped with flexible, rotating gear apparatus at both ends that connect to both the rear and front wheel bases. Flexible drive shafts provide rotary power transmission along curved or adjustable axes and they are used […]

Leaf Spring Pads

There are many types of springs that can be used for a vehicles suspension. One of the older types of springs used were leaf springs. Leaf springs have also been called carriage springs or laminated springs in the past and currently may be referred to as cart springs or semi-elliptical springs. The leaf spring was […]

Trailer Brake Controller

A trailer brake controller is an electronic device which is used to transfer power from the towage vehicle to the electric brakes of the trailer. There are many different types of trailer brake controllers, which are unique in terms of looks and braking power. However, all of them can be categorized into two main groups: […]

Spark Plug Socket

If your spark plugs are starting to wear out, then you will notice that you start to have trouble starting your car. As a rough guide, it is advised that you should change your spark plugs every thirty thousand miles. This is why it is a good idea to keep spare spark plugs, and also […]


You may have just bought the perfect car with all the perfect options, but suffice to say, a car is not complete without that opening in the roof that slides open and close at your ease. By installing a sunroof system in your vehicle, you are guaranteed to have a great time driving your car […]

Automotive Voltage Regulator

The automotive voltage regulator is a device used to manage the configurations of your vehicle's alternator. It allows your alternator to constantly be providing the appropriate amount of voltage to your vehicle's battery. The voltage regulator is used in vehicles as a way to recharge your car battery. Any vehicle requires a voltage regulator for […]

Automotive Fuse Holder

Fuses are electrical components fitted into numerous electronic devices to protect them from overloads and short circuits that may damage the device. The mechanism employed in a fuse is that it contains a thin wire which melts when excess electricity passes through it. This disconnects the circuit hence ensuring that the extra current does not […]

OEM Auto Parts

It’s always suggested to invest in OEM auto parts when making any repairs to your vehicle. By buying OEM auto parts, you can make sure you are investing in parts that will fit your vehicle properly. This is especially important when you’re repairing a high performance vehicle such as the Audi RS. OEM is an […]

Exhaust Stacks

Most of us know exhaust stacks (or upside exhaust pipes) from seeing them on very large trucks, like 18-wheelers. They’re the exhaust pipes that stand straight up from the truck, and you can see the exhaust fumes rising up through them and over the truck, as opposed to coming out of the back (like most […]

Truck Fuel Tank

An old commercial used to say that trucks fuel American commerce. And what fuels trucks then? Well, fuel of course. So, in a way, you could say that a trucks fuel tank was actually a vital part of American commerce. The truck fuel tank, or the fuel tank in general, is an often overlooked part […]

Steering Joints

When it comes to driving a car, boat, motorcycles, ships, airplanes or basically any transportation medium it requires steering, in other words controlling. Either to turn left or right or simple burning rubber while making a “doughnut”. The steering is where all the control is, you can basically make the vehicle go any direction you […]

Heim Joint

Heim joints, more commonly known as rod end or rose joint bearings, are automatic joints that are specifically used in vehicles which are need of a mechanism that can bridge communication and functionality between certain mechanical contraptions, such as the steering gear. Heim joints are constructed so that they can replace a precision rotating joint. […]

Underdrive Crank Pulley

An underdrive crank pulley is considered to be an accessory for your car, where the stock crank pulley is replaced with a high-performance component. For those seeking to receive more power and greater performance from your car, an Underdrive pulley will definitely have a significant effect. Underdrive pulleys being used from the 1950s where they […]

Blow Off Valve

The blow off valve is an important part of any working turbocharged engine. The blowoff valve works as a pressure release system which is responsible for stopping a compressor surge from occurring and minimizing the amount of wear that the engine receives from heavy usage. The blow off is also referred to as the hooter […]

Alternator Voltage Regulator

Most vehicles these days require an alternator to keep the car battery charged at all times. Without an alternator our car battery would drain while trying to start our vehicle along with powering all the other components that require the battery’s juice to work. The battery is not only used to get the car started […]

Rear Quarter Panel

A quarter panel is an exterior section of your vehicle's body. Basically, most vehicles are created with a multitude of connecting parts. These all work to fit together similar to how puzzle pieces would. There are both front and rear quarter panels. Obviously, the rear quarter panels would refer to the quarter panels in the […]

Cylinder Heads

For many of us, who use cars simply as a means of transportation, car terminology can be a vast, impossible to navigate forest. What is horsepower and what do horses have to do with cars anyway? What is a transmission and what does it do? What the heck does RPM stand for? To make matters […]

Window Lift Motor

Power windows are operated by a motor which can automatically lift the window up. The window lift motor is the main component which is responsible for managing a power window system. Cars are usually designed with a window lift motor linked in the car door that can auto lift the glass without tilting to a […]

MAP Sensor

If you are an American, chances are you live in a suburb. And if you live in a suburb, chances aren’t good that you have access to viable public transportation that will get you everywhere you need to go. For that reason, you probably rely on your car for quite a bit of your transportation […]

Oil Pressure Regulator

The oil pressure regulator is a part that is specifically designed to regulate the pressure of the oil which is used in an automobile. The most common problem that this may pose in a vehicle is a broken regulator or simply older parts which will not work as well as they used to. To ensure […]

Starter Solenoid Switch

A common cause of vehicles not starting is a bad starter solenoid. This could all relate to the starter solenoid switches. If you pin-point your problem to the switches then you may need to replace them, or at least test them to further diagnose your problem. Keep in mind that there are actually two different […]

Camshaft Sensor

If you are anything like most Americans, you rely on your car to get you through your day. With most urban areas so spread out and ringed by suburbs, the common pattern for commuting to work is for a person to live in the suburbs and drive into the city in the morning and then […]

Drive Shaft Yoke

Drive shaft is a mechanical constituent element which conducts torque and rotation for a driveline - that cannot conduct immediately due to distance, which ultimately disables them to operate their conditioned movements. Drive shaft which conducts the gearbox to a rear differential is called the Propeller shaft, largely applicable for four wheelers. The Propeller shaft […]

Torque Limiter

A torque limiter's main purpose is to protect mechanical devices from becoming overloaded during use. A torque limiter does this by simply limiting the torque which is exerted when carrying a load. The torque limiter is useful when it limits damage resulting from crash stops and jams. There are various packaging forms of a torque […]

Auto Air Conditioning Compressor

In today's modern world, science has brought luxury and comfort into every aspect of our lives. That is why, on our way to work in the blistering heat of a summers day, we can enjoy the cool, refreshing air provided by the air conditioner of our car. Air conditioners provides the passengers comfort during the […]

Tail Lamp

The tail lamp is an important light on your vehicle. The light is typically located at the rear end of your vehicle. The tail lamp is a safety feature that can help prevent an accident from occurring. The tail lamp is an indicator light and it works to notify the driver behind your vehicle of […]

ABS Accumulator

The Anti-Lock Brake System is a highly sophisticated braking system which is found in many newer vehicles. Most new vehicles are designed with some type of ABS brakes. Anti-Lock Brakes work with a 4 wheel system which stops the possibility of wheels locking up. This is done easily as the brake pressure is regulated during […]

Fuel Pressure Gauge Isolator

A fuel pressure gauge isolator is used with mechanical fuel pressure gauges. It helps to safely isolate the fuel source from the interior of the cab. This makes certain that no fuel, no matter what type of fuel, can enter the cab even if a gauge or the tubing were to fail completely. This protects […]

Radiator Fan

One of the most important systems on your car is the cooling system. Anyone who has ever had their vehicle overheat on the road knows that it is important that all the components in the cooling system are working correctly to cool down the motor in your car and prevent it from overheating and damaging […]

Smog Pump

All vehicles emit a certain amount of emissions. These emissions are pollutants to our environment therefore our vehicles have been upgraded over the years and equipped with special features and car parts that help lessen the amount of harmful pollutants that leave our car and enter into the air. One of the parts that help […]

Adjustable Ball Joints

Ball joints are designed to join the steering knuckles to the control arms, and it is covered by a protective steel casing that is specifically intended to make sure that the dirt and grime that contaminate your vehicle's underbody does not work its way into the ball joint and cause unnecessary damage. The difference between […]

Thermostatic Radiator Valve

If you drive a vehicle that has a radiator then you will have a thermostatic radiator valve. This is the same thing as a radiator thermostat which it is often referred to as. The thermostatic radiator valve is a small device that is located between the radiator and the engine and tells the radiator when […]

LED Stop Lights

LED lights are being used everywhere. These tiny bulbs have many advantages over traditional light bulbs. They are much more energy efficient, for example, using much less power than traditional bulbs. They also don't put out as much heat, and they can be a lot brighter. LED lights are replacing standard bulbs in flashlights, indoor […]

Intake Manifold Gasket

There are so many parts to a car that all their jobs can be confusing. Many may be curious as to exactly what role the intake manifold plays in keeping the car running smoothly. The intake manifold is responsible for drawing in air and fuel and funneling it from the car's carburetor to the cylinders. […]

Gas Shock Absorber

The development of gas shock absorbers has created an upgrade for basic shocks. Gas shocks are a great alternative to traditional shocks and perform much better. The gas shock absorber is a key component in making gas shocks work efficiently. The gas shock absorber works in a unique way. The main issue with non-gas shock […]

Operational Brake Booster Vacuum

The brake booster vacuum is a very important piece of hardware in all modern vehicles. It is a round black canister that is located at the back of the engine that draws vacuum force from the vehicle whenever the brake pedal is depressed in the vehicle. By putting your foot on the brake pedal, you […]

Aluminum Differential Cover

When it comes to our cars we need to protect all the important parts to avoid them from being damaged from everyday road hazards and general wear and tear. By providing the appropriate protection we can rest assure we are doing everything we can to keep our cars in good working order. This applies to […]

Cooling Fan Clutch

A cooling fan clutch is an integral part of any vehicle that uses a combustion engine. The purpose of the cooling fan clutch is simply to signal more ambient air into the radiator area to lower to temperature to ensure that the vehicle does not overheat. One of the issues that may occur in any […]

Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump

There are plenty of people who may keep their own diesel fuel available at a farm or other location which will need to have an appropriate transfer pump attached to allow for efficient transfer of fuel into a vessel for keeping as well as back out into a vehicle that requires diesel fuel. There are […]

Canister Purge Valve

The purpose of the canister purge valve is to allow the fuel in the gas tank to mix with the available air before being purged into the intake manifold. This allows the fuel and air mixture to be correct and allows the vehicle to run correctly. There are little things you could do to ensure […]

Door Lock Actuator

Having working door locks on your vehicle is very important to prevent car theft and to prevent the things inside your vehicle from being stolen or bothered by others. All cars have locks but some are manual while others are automatic or powered. When you have manual door locks you just have to push the […]

Seat Belt Adjuster

This has probably happened to all of us. We are driving, or more likely, riding, in a car and the brakes are put on. Perhaps we were reaching for a cup in the cup holder or rummaging through the glove box. Suddenly, we are pulled tight against the back of the seat. What on earth […]

Neutral Safety Switch

Automatic transmission systems need a large amount of safeguards to ensure that the safety of the vehicle is possible. One of these safety devices is known as the neutral safety switch which plays a big factor in how the vehicle starts. The device is for controlling when the vehicle can be started and whether or […]

Piston Rings

There are so many parts on your car that have so many different functions that you may be confused as to what all the parts do. Unless you are an experienced mechanic, hearing about all the various car parts may have you more confused than ever. Especially if you take your car to a mechanic […]

Headlight Switch

Your car's headlights can act up, and if there's ever an issue with your headlights, you must fix it immediately. To assure you, and others on the road, are safe, you can't drive without properly working headlights. Any car, whether new or old, can fall a victim to a variety of headlight problems, and many […]

Torque Converter Stator

The torque converter is a special part that is designed to increase the mechanical power of the engine when used. It is designed with several parts and is a closed system which can be one of two modes. A locked and a non-locking torque converter option are possible and can be used in different vehicles. […]

Throttle Position Sensor

The throttle position sensor is responsible for monitoring where the throttle is positioned within the internal combustion engine. You can find the throttle position sensor attached to the butterfly spindle on most designs. By having the throttle position sensor on the butterfly spindle it will allow it to easily monitor where the throttle valve butterfly […]

Air Intake Filter

Intake filters go through a lot of rough treatment, and it really needs to be kept as clean and new as possible so that it can continue performing in the most efficient way. This is most important because the air-fuel composition of your vehicle depends on it. Along this vein, don't fall for cheap knockoffs […]

Air Check Valves

Many people have heard of hydraulics and their ability to alter the state of the vehicle by giving it extended height and several fancy tricks that are not normally possible by vehicles. One of the important parts of the system is an air check valve that only allows certain functions of the system occur if […]

Fuel Consumption Meter

Monitoring your vehicle's fuel consumption can be a very good idea. Making sure your car is using the right amount of fuel and getting the most miles per gallon can help you make sure you vehicle is running correctly. When your car starts getting poor gas mileage and you are going through gas quicker than […]

Starter Drive

Motorized vehicles will all have engines within them that require starter drives as part of the design to get the car started. With proper maintenance, a starter drive will not need to be replaced for a very long time but when it does come time for a replacement, only high quality replacement power drives will […]

Coil Over Shocks

A vehicle needs to have good suspension and working springs in order to keep the vehicle riding smoothly and comfortably down the road. Without good suspension the passengers will be able to feel every bump in the road and this makes for a very uncomfortable ride. Riding in a bouncy car is not only frustrating […]

Car Water Pump

Your car water pump is an important part of your car that works to keep your car from overheating. How? The car water pump, which is powered by a belt, moves water out of the radiator and into your car's engine, which ultimately keeps the temperature lower in your engine. These car water pumps are […]

Intake Manifolds

Any vehicle will rely on a properly functioning intake manifold to help deliver the right amount of fuel and air into the cylinders of the engine. This is crucial to prevent misfiring and several other complications that can cause damages to the vehicle. Maintaining the intake manifold and replacing older, rusted or damaged parts may […]

Heat Riser Valve

Many people take their vehicle for granted by not knowing the inner workings of their vehicle. Several of the specialized parts that are designed to do a specific job can always malfunction, or simply stick when they are not supposed to due to several different factors. One of the small but important parts that rest […]

Thermostat Housing

Your thermostat is an important component in your vehicle as it's responsible for regulating the temperature within your car's engine. It's a part of your car's cooling system. The thermostat is capable of managing your engine's temperature as it limits the coolant flow that travels to the radiator from the engine. The thermostat is not […]

Strut Mounts

Strut mounts are not only used as basic mounts located at the top of a strut, but rather they are also used as an axis for your vehicles steering process. Strut mounts help give your vehicle a smooth response to your steering system's movement. Since strut mounts affect multiple tasks your car must be capable […]

Transfer Case Parts

A transfer case is a gear box that is connected to the transmission on four-wheel drive and all wheel drive vehicles. It is also sometimes referred to as a "transfer gear case" or "transfer box." The transfer case on four-wheel drive vehicles is what transfers the power to either the front axle or the rear […]

Steering Idler Arm

Improper steering can easily cause fatal car accidents. Whether you're traveling at a casual speed, or on a highway, there's always a major safety concern if there's a problem with your car's steering alignment. The faults within your steering system need to be fixed as soon as they are discovered, and it's definitely not something […]

Airtex Fuel Pump

Many different vehicles will require a specific fuel delivery system to allow the vehicle to run correctly as well as use the proper amount of fuel that is needed during the running of such vehicles. The Airtex family of fuel pump manufacturers has been in the business of creating fuel pumps for over 70 years […]

Vacuum Gauge

While it's already obvious, the engine is practically just a large air pump. Once combined with heat and pressure, the air your engine intakes will get sent out as exhaust. While it's a rather complicated process, you basically need to understand that the engine works as an air pump to get a good idea of […]

Car Alternator

The car alternator is a very important auto part which must be working at all times for you to properly drive your vehicle. A car alternator (previously known as a generator) is responsible for providing your car's electrical system with power. The alternator is capable of delivering power to many smaller devices in your car. […]

Diesel Torque Converters

The torque converter is the main difference between manual and automatic transmissions. In manual transmissions, the engine is connected to the transmission by the clutch. The clutch allows the engine to stop running without being destroyed. In automatic transmissions, the torque converter replaces the clutch. Torque converters essentially look like detailed metal wheels with ridges […]

Vapor Canister

The vapor canister is an important part of your vehicle which allows unfiltered air as well as fuel vapors to go through and be filtered before heading towards the engine to be burned up during the combustion cycle. Without one, the excess fuel vapor would begin to collect underneath the vehicle causing a strong fuel […]

Car Door Parts

The two main reasons for buying car door parts are upgrades and repairs. The parts of a typical car door include the shell, window, interior, lock, latch, and side mirror. Conversion kits are available for upgrading the locks and windows to powered versions, and the windows can also be tinted to reduce glare. Many car […]

Rear Transmission Seal

If there is one word that most people do not want to hear on a trip to the mechanic, that word is "transmission." We rely on our cars from everything from getting to work to getting the groceries and when that car is down for the count, as it often is when there is transmission […]

Ceramic Auto Heater

People who live in cold climates sometimes find that they need an auxiliary heating device to warm up their car and to help keep their windows and windshields clear in the winter months. A ceramic auto heater can fill the need for extra heating for your car. You no longer have to sit in a […]

Tilt Steering Column

A tilt steering column is also known as an adjustable steering wheel. The tilt steering column was first manufactured by General Motors in 1963. When it first came out on the market it had seven adjustable positions. These adjustable steering wheels used to be a luxury item on automobiles, but now they are installed in […]

Automatic Transmission Clutch

Many people choose a vehicle with an automatic transmission because they are much simpler to drive. The automatic transmission is one of the most complicated pieces of engineering in your vehicle and it essentially performs all of the work that you would have to do on your own with a manual transmission. This highly technical […]

Starter Motor

Your starter motor (aka. starter), is a very important part of your car that must be kept working. Many cars have problems with the starter motor and whenever an issue with your starter is found, it must be fixed immediately. Your starter motor is what makes your engine power up, and is essentially needed for […]

Pitman Arm

The pitman arm is one of the most crucial parts of your car's steering system. The pitman arm is connected to your vehicle's steering gear, which is responsible for making your vehicle perform linear movements and be able to turn smoothly. The sector shaft secures the pitman arm in place, while a ball joint is […]

Air Flow Meter

If you live in the United States of America, chances are you live in one of the many states which require annual emissions inspections for cars that are older than a certain number of years old. This measure was passed in order to keep our air unpolluted and our environment clean and green, and most […]

Power Window Switch

In today's increasingly modern world, where owning laptops, iPods and other technological gadgets is the norm rather than the exception, can you imagine using a small hand crank to roll your own car windows down? Sure, that's a bit of an exaggeration. Many cars still come with manual windows, but increasingly, power window switches have […]

Fuel Pressure Gauge

Fuel pressure gauge is an important element in your vehicle. There are ready to install fuel pressure gauge that you can find in the market. Or if you are a DIY person, you can do one yourself. Here are the steps on how to install fuel pressure gauge. 1. To install the fuel pressure gauge […]

Harmonic Balancer

The role of the harmonic balancer is to absorb energy and reduce vibrations in the crankshaft. It is an important component because the vibrations can be strong enough to damage the engine, as well as the accessories driven by it. The balancer is a composite device made up of metal and rubber parts. Rubber is […]

Exhaust Flange

There are many parts in the car exhaust system that need to be joined together to form a continuous pipe from the engine to the muffler. An exhaust flange is essential for creating a strong joint between two parts of the system, and it also allow the parts to be changed without cutting the exhaust […]

Fuel Transfer Pump

Many individuals who are on the road a lot have chosen to have an auxiliary fuel tank on their vehicle. Generally, large semi-diesel trucks, some pick-up trucks and a few motor homes as well as other motorized RV’s are seen on the road these days with auxiliary fuel tanks. Having an auxiliary fuel tank allows […]

Turbo Manifolds

Turbo manifolds take exhaust systems and give them a boost so that your car more efficiently uses fuel and expels clean air. The European automobile technology is making an American invasion as the United States becomes more concerned about fuel economy and clean burning fuels. Turbo manifolds are a mixture of a manifold and turbo […]

Clutch Master Cylinder

A clutch master cylinder is actually a container that holds fluid and controls the pressure that is applied to the clutch when a driver steps on the clutch pedal to shift gears. As the clutch master cylinder takes in the pressure from the clutch pedal being compressed by the driver's foot, the slave cylinder boosts […]

Idle Air Control Valve

For many car owners, all we ask of our vehicles is that they get us from point A to point B. We do not ask for incredible speeds, head turning good looks, or an engine loud enough that it's revving can be heard in the next county over. No, for most car owners, the car […]

Electric Parking Brake

Electric parking brakes (EPB) offer the consumer the convenience of placing the parking break anywhere in the car and more vehicle safety, and reduce the human error of forgetting to engage the parking brake. Not only does this promote comfort for the driver, it also is more comfortable and allows for more interior design options. […]

Air Shocks

Each air shock absorber on vehicles that are equipped with them plays an important role in the smooth operation of the suspension of your vehicle. Air shock absorbers are found on cars, trucks, motorcycles and even on the suspension of commercial and private aircraft. Each air shocks absorber essentially absorbs the shock of the suspension […]

Camshaft Position Sensor

Electronic fuel injection systems rely on a number of sensors to control the delivery of the fuel and air mixture to the engine. One of these is the camshaft position sensor which uses the hall effect principle to detect when a magnet on the camshaft passes in front of it. Although it has no moving […]


Any time you are speaking of the transaxle in the automotive field, you are talking about a major mechanical part that affects how the transmission, the differential and the axle are integrated together. Transaxles are in cars that have the engine and drive wheels at the same end of the car. For instance, front engines […]

Window Regulator

As one of the important parts of any car door, a window regulator is responsible for the movement and control of the car's windows. Available in two varieties to suit the type of windows that your car is fitted with, window regulators can be either electronically driven or manually driven. Today, almost all window regulators […]

Car Thermostat

Your car thermostat is responsible not just for setting the temperature of your vehicle, but for maintaining and generating that temperature. Generally, it's connected to your car's heating system, which can range from a full air conditioning system to a simple fan heater depending on the age and technological level of your car. There are […]

Cruise Control Switch

Cruise control comes as a standard feature in many new cars and relatively modern used cars. Pioneered in the luxury car market, cruise control is a simple system designed to moderate and limit your driving speed independently from the amount of pressure that you apply to the accelerator. In practical terms, it allows you to […]

Chrome Door Handles

Back in the 1950's in the United States, car culture reigned supreme. Boys bought cars in order to impress girls, and better yet, if they were lucky they could drive said girls up to Inspiration Point in those cars and perhaps learn a few lessons about the birds and the bees. With car culture going […]

Rear Main Seals

The rear main seal is a synthetic rubber ring that stops engine oil from leaking out of the rear crankshaft bearing. Like all engine seals, it is subjected to high temperatures and vibrations that will eventually cause it to fail. Oil leaks around the area between the engine and transmission are usually a sign that […]


Whether you have a need for speed or you want to stay on top of your fuel economy, consider installing a high-level tachometer, which will accurately measure the speed of your automobile in a variety of driving situations. Located on the dashboard, the tachometer measures the action of the engine drive shaft in revolutions per […]

Air Check Valve

An air check valve is a part for your secondary exhaust system that prevents your car from experiencing damaging by reducing harmful emissions in your car. A car's air check valve feeds exhaust gases into exhaust popes to keep the engine clean and the car clear of damage. Unburned fuel in the form of hydrocarbons […]

Rear View Mirror

The rear view mirror allows a driver to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles and objects. It is one of the most important safety devices in the vehicle. For this reason, a flat mirror must be used because a convex mirror would give a false impression of the true distance. In fact, it is […]

Diesel Vacuum Pump

The diesel vacuum pump is an essential component for power brakes in diesel engine vehicles. By extracting air from the brake booster, it helps reduce the effort required to depress the brake pedal. Some pumps use a vane and rotor mechanism to create suction pressure, while others use a rubber diaphragm and plunger rod. Since […]

Ignition Coils

If you are an adult, chances are you own a car and drive it to work, the store, the shopping mall, grandma's house, and many other places from day to day. Unless you are a mechanic or especially car minded, you probably do not think about all the processes that go into something as seemingly […]