Wheels & Tires

Plastic Wheel Covers

Plastic wheel covers, hubcaps, or wheel trims are all words used to describe the same thing: a cover or seal meant to cover the center hub of an automobile tire, and protect the lug nuts and bolts. The lug nuts and bolts fasten the wheel to the axle of the car, and should be kept […]

Volkswagen Alloy Wheels

Whether for a modern Volkswagen or a classic Beetle, nothing looks better than a beautiful German car with a set of modern alloy wheels. Renowned as a 'people's manufacturer,' Volkswagen offers its own range of alloy wheels for many of its models, most of which come as standard. It also offers a large lineup of […]

KMC Wheels

Individuals these days are really into having a custom ride. Those who like to make a fashion or performance statement with their vehicle often will purchase custom wheels as one of their first steps to accomplish the goal customizing their vehicle. With just the addition of KMC wheels to your car you can go from […]

Light Truck Tires

If you own a light truck then you will want to buy a specific type of tires. Every tire has information on the tire that tells you what it is for. For instance, you will often notice tires have a letter that is followed by a number. An example of this would be P210. The […]

Audi Wheels

For decades, Audi was the underdog of the German car industry. Beaten out on the lower-end by car manufacturers such as Volkswagen and topped in performance and luxury by BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Porsche, the car manufacturer was in a tight spot. Its offerings throughout the 1990s were poor, leaving the brand with nowhere to […]

Alcoa Wheels

Alcoa is a company that has been revolutionizing the aluminum industry and aluminum wheels for decades. Alcoa has also revolutionized other industries with their pioneering and unique innovations, accumulatively releasing more than 8000 patents since 1888, which range in fields from consumer packaging to automotive parts and aerospace engineering components. Alcoa wheels are some of […]

Honda Tires

When you are looking to purchase new tires for your Honda vehicle, it will be important to consider all of your options before making a decision on just one. There are quite a few different things to keep in mind when you are trying to purchase the right pair of tires for your car, including […]

Spare Tire Covers

Anyone who owns and drives a car should make sure that they have a spare tire in the trunk of their car in case they ever get a flat tire. A spare tire can be quickly put on so that you can continue driving to your destination. Most new cars have spare tires that are […]

Aluminum Truck Rims

Question: what’s prettier than a sweet, customized pickup rolling down the highway with rims so bright and shiny they’re practically blinding? Answer: nothing! So you’ve already decided that you want those shiny rims on your pickup. Awesome; but do you go with steel or aluminum? What are the drawbacks and advantages of each? Aluminum Rims […]

Aluminum Wheels

Aluminum wheels are used on a variety of trucks and cars as both aftermarket upgrades and original equipment from the factory. Aluminum wheels have many benefits over steel although they are a bit more expensive. They typically range in cost from around $100 on the low side to more than $1,000 for each wheel on […]

Mercedes Benz Wheels

The alloy wheels on Mercedes Benz cars are famous for a number of reasons, including their durable design and aesthetically-pleasing exterior. An increasing number of people have been looking into getting a set of these for their own vehicle because they tend to last a long time and can provide the kind of looks that […]

Chrome Reverse Rims

If you want to really turn heads with your vehicle, you should consider purchasing chrome reverse rims. Also known as "Hot Rod wheels" or "Nostalgia wheels," chrome reverse wheels are a great way to give your ride a classic look that is going to quickly attract people's attention. So, what makes chrome reverse rims so […]

Toyota Rims

The vehicles made by Toyota are loved by countless people across the globe. Although the company has recently hit some speed bumps in the production of its vehicles, Toyota is more committed than ever to producing cars that people love and will keep them safe while they drive. One of the reasons that so many […]

ADR Wheels

If you love your car but are tired of its stock appearance, it's time for you to add your own touches to its look. When it comes to customizing the appearance of your car, there is no shortage of options for you to change. From the color of your car to your headlights, you can […]

Kumho Tires

Kumho is a leading tire manufacturer founded and currently based in South Korea. The company is one of the world's biggest commercial and industrial tire manufacturers, with a product line offering everything from truck and tractor tires to tires and replacement parts for common family vehicles. A true leader in its class, Kumho tires are […]

Dunlop Tires

Dunlop Tires is a company that is 75 percent owned by Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company and the remaining 25 percent is owned by Sumitomo Rubber Industries. Dunlop is a British company that sells the Dunlop brand of tires all over the world. The company began back in 1888 with John Boyd Dunlop who invented […]

Truck Rims

Truck rims are responsible for keeping your tires mounted and attached to the axle. When shopping for truck rims it will be important to choose the right size of rims but there are many other characteristics to look at. Many people invest in truck rims for their visual appeal and if you plan on doing […]

4x4 Wheels

If you want to buy new wheels for your 4x4 off-road vehicle, there are a few things that you should know. First of all, buying wheels simply looking at the appearance is a big mistake. Although it may look excellent, it may affect your vehicle’s performance in numerous ways. The tires and the type of […]

Wheel Center Caps

A wheel center cap is the center piece for the wheels on your vehicle when there is a custom vehicle or when straight from the factory. A wheel center cap can be easily lost or stolen. There center real cap can differ in diameter and the way they hold the wheel onto the wheel axle. […]

Snow Tires

When people think of cars, the first thing that usually comes to mind is their looks, style or how fast they can cover a mile. If they think deeper, they will come to the size of the engine, or the amount of power it can deliver. However, it is quite common for most to overlook […]

BBS Wheels

BBS wheels are vehicle wheels that are specifically designed for maximum traction. They allow drivers to better take corners on the roadway. BBS wheels have been very popular in motorsports for the past thirty years or so because of their specific design and the research that the company does to ensure that their wheels offer […]

Pickup Truck Tires

When shopping for tires for a pickup truck you will have to think about quite a few factors. It is much more difficult to choose the right tires for a pickup truck then it is to choose the right tires for a car. This is simply due to the fact that pickup trucks are being […]

Custom Wheels

Other than for the reason that custom wheels look cool on your car, truck or van, why would you want to add custom wheels to your vehicle? First and foremost, the reason should be for their better performance value. Adding custom wheels to your car is the most common way to personalize your car and […]

Ford Truck Rims

Wheel rims are an important part of any car when it comes to protecting wheels. This is especially important if you drive through rough terrain, as it will protect the wheels from any debris. Not only are rims an important part of protecting your Ford truck wheels, but they have now become something to customize […]

Low Profile Tires

Low profile tires are continuously becoming more popular in recent years. Not only is there a higher demand for these tires but there are also many more styles and designs that are being made available by the manufacturer's as well. To get the best visual appeal for your vehicle and improve the handling and performance, […]

ATV Wheels

ATV wheels are the rims on ATVs or all-terrain vehicles that hold the tires in place and allow them to turn. They are made from pure metal or metal composites and propel the vehicle forward and in reverse by an axle. Having the right ATV wheels on your vehicle will allow you to travel in […]

Dip Wheels

The most important style statement that any car can carry is in its wheels and Dip wheels are one of the best at it. Dip Wheels have been doing the rounds in the market for a while now and have managed to be the show stealers of the wheel market. They definitely lend a sleek […]

Aluminum Truck Wheels

You will probably have noticed that a lot of modern trucks these days come fitted with aluminum truck wheels. A few years back, it was totally different, and the majority of truck wheels were either steel or a different material. If you are considering changing your truck wheels to aluminum, then you will have to […]

Studdable Tires

Studdable tires are basically automobile tires that can be studded. The reason these tires are studded is to make them perform better while driving in harsh conditions. This is most effective for winter driving as the roads are rough to drive on during the winter months. If you have studdable tires then you should not […]

Axis Wheels

Since 1997, Axis Wheels have led the way in bringing fashionable and creative designs of wheels to the market. Starting with a small number of products and workforce, Axis wheels has grown to be one of the leading manufacturers of stylish accessories for building wheel and tire packages. With the newest additions of Axis Super […]

Tubeless Tires

Conventional tires are composed of two layers. The outer layer is a protective skin that gives it the functions we need. The main function of the outer layer, of course, is to grip the road. There are several designs that do this to varying degrees, but that’s the general principle. The quality of the tire […]

Honda Accord Rims

There are many ways to customize your car to make it look stylish and fit your personality. No matter which type of vehicle you own you may choose to alter the exterior. One of the best ways to enhance the outside appearance of your car is to add new rims to the tires. Honda Accords […]

Off-road Truck Rims

If you are an off-roader, you probably understand how imperative your wheels are. Choosing a set of wheels based solely on its appearance and glamour may be enticing, but conducting some research as to where (the terrain) you may be off-roading can release that superior performance that your vehicle has been hiding. Off-roading wheels need […]

Wheel Hub Assembly

One of the most important parts of a vehicle is the wheel hub assembly, which will house the wheel bearings and the wheel itself. Most modern vehicles will also require an assembly that includes the anti-lock brake systems as well as wheel speed sensors to ensure that a vehicle has the most protection possible in […]

Off-road Tires

If you live in a climate where the terrain is rough then you may want to consider purchasing some off-road tires for your vehicle if you don’t already have some. These tires are specifically designed to be able to cope with roads that are muddy, covered in snow, sandy, and many other different terrains. If […]

Foose Wheels

Foose wheels are designed and produced by legendary automotive designer, Chip Foose. They are a series of exquisitely designed automotive wheel rims, renowned for their stunning outlook, killer finishing touches and as extremely fanioshable hot rod accessories. It all started when Chip Foose started his automotive career at the tender age of 7 – when […]

Summer Tires

A summer tire has a significantly less aggressive tread than a winter, or all season tire, as there is no snow or ice on the roads to worry about. If you live in a warm climate then purchasing summer tires may be a wise idea. However, if you live in a climate where it is […]

Asanti Wheels

There is an American saying that goes, “The car makes the man.” If this is true, then there are a lot of very well treated, smooth running and highly decorated men out there. Arguably, ever since cars became a popular mode of transportation (first, for the gentlemen classes, the only ones who could afford them, […]

Firestone Tires

The Firestone Tire and Rubber Company was one of the innovators in the tire industry. The company has continued to grow in popularity over the past century. Now, Firestone tires are one of the most common choices and can be found at various auto parts stores. Whether buying new tires for high performance vehicles, race […]

OTR Tires

Many people have a misconception when it comes to OTR (off-the-road) tires. Some believe that you need OTR tires only for when you need improved traction for your vehicle on rough terrain. It makes sense to think that larger tires mean more traction, but this idea is not entirely accurate. Granted, the right kind of […]

Honda Wheels

If you own a car, then you would probably know what the most important factor is when it comes to cars. Some may say that it’s the engine, or the transmission. Some may even say it’s the car’s chassis. In some ways they may be right, but even a child would tell you that the […]

Centreline Wheels

Centreline Wheels are a wheel manufacturer, known for the high quality performance rims for cars, light trucks, and other motor vehicles. With a massive range of racing and street wheel rims available, Centreline are a great pick for any motor vehicle enthusiast, whether they're involved in track racing, car restoration, or just interested in giving […]

BMW Rims

A stylish car, such as the BMW, will need stylish rims. As flashy as a BMW may be, it’s nothing without a highly desired set of rims. The wheels that come with a new BMW are definitely high quality, but they’re likely not the particular style you really want your dream car to have. Therefore, […]

Truck Wheels

One of the most common accessories on trucks today is the custom truck wheels that you can buy and add to your vehicle. There was once a time when a truck was nothing more than a utility vehicle used for work or for hauling around other items. Businesses used trucks to deliver their goods and […]

Winter Tires

Winter tires are designed to be used on your vehicles in the winter months. They are manufactured with a required traction index (110 or greater). This will determine the effectiveness of the specific model of winter tire. Anything over a traction index of 110 is considered to be a winter tire as the traction is […]

Tuner Rims

Imported economy cars are now being referred to as tuner cars in a lot of areas in America. Because they are so light weight and can be purchased at relatively lower cost than an American dedicated sports car, more and more people are buying them and customizing their looks. When individuals want to customize these […]

Black Racing Rims

In recent years, many people have taken to customizing and upgrading their automobiles. Many people say that they participate in this trend as a way to make their car more like an extension of themselves. This goes along with the old American saying that “the car makes the man,” which itself stemmed from an even […]

16 Inch Tires

Decades ago 16 inch tires were used for American made Harley Davidson and Indian motorcycles. They were used for the front and rear tires. 16 inch tires were also used on 3/4 ton pick-up trucks, boat trailers and utility trailers. In the 40's, 50's and 60's the standard tire size for passenger vehicles were most […]


What more are hub caps than a fashion statement? Do these decorative disks really hold any value in how your car performs? There must be something behind your wheel covers that makes them valuable and of a substantial importance, right? Wrong! Hub caps are just designed to give your vehicle a better look. What good […]

Tie Rod Adjusting Sleeve

Many vehicles have tie rods that are required for proper alignment of a vehicle's wheels. One of the most important components of these tie rods are the adjustment sleeves. These sleeves are made with treads on the inside and will be able to be moved to allow for the proper lengthening of the tie rods […]

Wheel Trim Ring

Many vehicle owners have had a chance to customize their vehicle in various aspects of the looks including down to the wheels and this could be an expensive ordeal. One of the best things to do is look at the wheel trim rings. The wheel trim rings are a part that fit over the normal […]

Off Road Wheels

In this day and age, with almost every corner of America connected by highways and most everyone using cars to get around, it is hard to imagine that the United State's interstate system was only initiated in the 1950's by President Dwight D. Eisenhower, and that it was only a few decades before that that […]

Car Wheel Covers

Generally, cars (at least those designed for on-road use) come with two different types of wheels: alloy rims, and standard wheels designed for use with wheel covers, also known as hubcaps. The two types are fairly evenly distributed, with the more expensive and performance orientated alloy rims often found on sports cars and performance cars, […]

Racing Rims

Racing rims are an automotive product that attract a great deal of attention both in and out of actual racing circles. With the massive amount of car enthusiasts valuing racing rims more for their aesthetic capabilities than their performance factor, a new market has been born, made up of rims that are focused more on […]

Honda Rims

If you own a Honda Accord, Insight, Honda Odyssey, Civic Wagon or a Honda Passport and it is time to upgrade your wheels, you should not settle for anything less than Honda rims. There is a new generation of low cost Honda rims on the market that look fantastic on your car and helps your […]

Bridgestone Tires

Bridgestone Tires specialize in tires for cars, light trucks and sport utility vehicles (SUVs). Bridgestone is big on the technology that has developed for their tires. These technologies focus on traction, wet handling, wear and punctures, comfort, and noise. Your budget, your geographic location and the type of vehicle you drive will govern how you […]

Mud Tires

Whether you are looking for on-road or off-road tires for your four-wheeler, look for high quality mud tires that have been tested and work with your specific make and model. Always be careful when buying any auto equipment online, and stick with reputable online stores that have their addresses and phone numbers listed on their […]

17 inch Rims

For those who want the right look for their automobile, it's all about the rims, and the 17 inch rims are emerging in popularity. Although not yet on the mainstream, many dealers out there deal in 17 inch rims. An important thing to consider it the outset, and making sure the tire fits properly over […]

Wheel Chock

A wheel chock is used to keep a vehicle in place while it is being towed on another vehicle. The wheel chock holds the wheels in place so that there is no movement during the transporting of your vehicle. People who are taking their motorcycles on a road trip will use these safety devices to […]

Goodyear Tires

If you ask a random sampling of people to name a tire company, chances are good that one of the companies they name will be Goodyear Tires. In fact, aside from Bridgestone and Michelin, Goodyear Tires is the third largest tire company in the world. There is a reason Goodyear Tires is so well known. […]

Michelin Tires

When it is time to replace the tires on your vehicle, there are a number of things that you will have to consider. Deciding what you need in advance will help you in selecting the right tires for your vehicle and will keep you safe, save you money and last for a longer period of […]

BMW Wheels

You bought a BMW for a reason, didn't you? Well, in most cases it is for the style and look of the vehicle, but by adding wheels to the car that are not BMW wheels takes away from that special look. Putting a cheaper wheel on a BMW is always an option, but most people […]

Radial Tire

The tires that your vehicle operates on are almost certainly a set of radial tires. This tire design became the standard for tires in the 1960's, even though they were originally developed by Michelin in 1946. A lot of people who do not deal with tires on a regular basis may not realize that tires […]

Car Alloy Wheels

A lot of car owners might have bought the same car, but over time they do things to make their individual vehicle stand out from the others around it. One way that some people choose to do this is through the use of car alloy wheels There are a variety of different sizes and styles […]

Chrome Rims

If you look around as you go down the road you will notice that that the most popular type of car rims are definitely chrome rims. There are people of all ages, with all different vehicle types, tire sizes, and more that like chrome rims. Each person has a different reason for choosing chrome, but […]

All Terrain Tires

All terrain tires are tires that are needed by those who go off road or have an all terrain vehicle. There are many different types of these tires on the market today and it can be difficult to discern which are the right tires for your vehicle. Do you really need the most expensive set […]

Chrome Wheels

Customizing your car or truck is a great way to improve its performance, appearance, and efficiency. When you customize your vehicle, you are able to select original equipment manufacturer and aftermarket auto parts to come up with the perfect look and performance. One of the ways you can customize your truck is by buying chrome […]

How to Select Custom Car Wheel Rims

When you want to change the way your car looks you may want to change your car wheel rims. Just this seemingly small change can change the whole appearance of your vehicle. In some instances replacing the car wheel rims isn't all cosmetic. If your rims are bent you will want to replace them as […]

Run Flat Tires

You may have heard of a run flat tire before and this is actually a unique concept that can benefit many people. A run flat tire is basically a pneumatic type of vehicle tire that is made to resist the typical signs of deflation when the tire has been punctured while going down the road. […]