Center Muffler

For those of the caliber of middle age gentry and upwards, living in urban metropolises, it is quite generally known how much the strain is on the nerves when a car zooms by with a deafening roar that crashes through the moment overpowering everything in vicinity. Well, the reason this happens is because some teens take to there mind to detach the center muffler from the system. Without the center muffler, one realizes that the car is not the obedient purring pet, but rather a raging monster. Thus a center muffler helps keep the internal combustion engine quiet.

The basic workings of a center muffler are done by the simple physics of destructive superposition. As the sound wave collides with the barrier provided by the hole, some amount of it deigns to travel forward into the chamber, while the rest is reflected. Once in the chamber, the wave proceeds to collide with the farthest end wall of the muffler, and is reflected back. The reflected wave meets with the incoming incident wave and destructive superposition occurs, thereby canceling out both its effects. This is possible because the length of the chamber of the center muffler is calculated such that this situation can take place. The reflected wave is resonated at the same time as when the incident wave has entered the chamber.

However, that is in fact, an idealistic theory. This is because, with the variety of mechanisms taking part in the engines and machines of the car, different sounds are of different frequencies. Also, in all cases, the frequency of the sounds always depends on the rate which the engines are operating. The parameters of the resonator are always adjusted so as to make its effect useful for the frequency range which includes loud, heavy music. The muffling of sound is quite an important aspect of cares where the quiet, unobtrusive operation of the machine is required for good service.

The muffler is constructed with a variety of metals for efficient sound reduction. The metals are layered in layers of three, where the middle layer is thicker and is the insulating layer. The thick layered walls complete with an insulation is what allows for absorption of the pressure pulses when the incident sound wave collides against it. Similar absorption is caused by a different method in the main chamber, by perforating the inlet and outlet pipes with holes. Pressure pulses are created when the exhaust valve opens and releases a spurt of high pressure gas. These hit head on, the low pressure air preexistent in the chamber. The pressure pulses oscillate and get reflected all around the main chamber, in the process also undergoing destructive superposition when two waves collide, and canceling out the effects of one another.

A contraption known as the exhaust resonator, works completely like the chamber, but simply lies outside. This further fine tunes the effect. This is an add-on device to further fine tune the  highreduction of the noise generated when the exhaust pipe extracts the combusted materials from the system. Resonators are often made of glass. It is said that resonators are also advantageous is giving a smoother running experience and streamlining fuel economy by producing more horsepower in comparison to the amount of fuel combusted.

Another add-on device is the catalytic converter which too aids the muffler in effectively reducing noise. However, they work a bit differently from exhaust resonators and center mufflers.  They restrict the sound from coming out of the exhaust pipe, rather than destroying it within. Thus catalytic converters exhaust resonators and center mufflers, all go hand in hand in streamlining the performance of the car and noise reduction.

For those intending to go shopping for center mufflers, there are quite a few product lines to keep an eye out for. Walker SoundFX mufflers boast optimum quality at a price which optimally adjusted. These mufflers give some credit to their appearance which does not deteriorate over time, while still retaining their good performance. It can fit snugly with O.E. V-Force Performance Mufflers put forward construction as their strength. Indeed they claim their making to be the reason why the mufflers provide such high standards of performance. Silverline Stainless Steel mufflers too give a lot of attention to detail in terms of appearance. With a streamlined silver look it is sure to win hearts. The polished exterior and one-piece look of the muffler makes it a sure to buy. However this good looking gizmo can be used on anything, from sports cars to trucks and pick-ups!

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