Centerforce Clutch

With nine patents under their wing, Centerforce has a reputation for their clutches to be high-tech and fancy. While some think they are overrated, other think they are definitely worth all of the hype. The Centerforce clutches have been around for more than 25 years.

The company credits its longstanding history of solid products to their weight system that is very unique, in addition to a double action disking system, pressure plates that are actuated by ball bearers, and precision billet flywheels. These are just some of the advantages of having a Centerforce clutch, another being that they come in Home Depot orange, although this could be considered a drawback to some.

When processing their ball bearing plate designs, Centerforce uses the ball bearings as a pivot point for the diaphragm spring. This increases the holding capacity of the clutch system and keeps the pedal effort low. By using this ball bearing technology, Centerforce clutches are able to increase in quality and repeatability as they are developed. The Centerforce clutch has a large amount of torque capacity, which is accomplished by harnessing the centrifugal force as the engine increases its RPM. By using centrifugal force and leveraging the diaphragm of the clutch, the Centerforce clutch increases its clamp-loading terms of engine power and speed.

Centerforce's double friction disc system evenly places clamping force on the pressure plate, and the opposite side concentrates on clamping pressure and holding capacity through friction-facing in segments. Doubled friction facings and a solid pressure plate means a superior clutch hat insures smooth operating, a good grip and longevity. According to its makers, this double disking brings the holding capacity of the Centerforce clutch to 90 percent.

When using a Centerforce clutch, keep in mind that it takes about 500 miles for the clutch to really break in. In addition, only try to install one if you are comfortable working with cars and really know what you’re doing. Another important aspect of the Centerforce clutch is that you really have to seat it to the flywheel or it won’t work like it's supposed to. In addition, when selecting your product, make sure you are fully educated on clutch systems and that the salesperson knows exactly the kind of vehicle you have and what you will be using the clutch system for.

The Centerforce clutch packaging comes with a list of do's and don't's and tips for making your device last longer. The built-in centrifugal system of the clutch will also contribute to its longevity. In fact, the seating will be helped as well and the faster you go, the tighter the clutch will hold.

Before purchasing a Centerforce clutch, know your vehicle's make, model and engine size. You need to clearly state what your vehicle is being used for, and have a complete history of any modifications that have been made on the car in the past.

Here are some examples of the Centerforce clutch system packs:

  • The Centerforce I is a solid entry-level clutch and is great for stock engines or as a minor bolt-on modification to mildly increase power. The Centerforce I offers 30 percent more holding capacity than its OEM counterpart. The clutch is best used for high horsepower vehicles with big engines.
  • The Centerforce Dual Friction is suitable for the strip, although it was designed for the street. It has a fantastic grip.
  • The Light Metal Clutch (LMC) series is a low inertia system that is good for road racing and circle tracks.
  • The Centerforce II is better suited for street, strip, off-road and towing situations.
  • The DFX by Centerforce is a high-end application that is good for street/strip or drag racing.

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