Centreline Wheels

Centreline Wheels are a wheel manufacturer, known for the high quality performance rims for cars, light trucks, and other motor vehicles. With a massive range of racing and street wheel rims available, Centreline are a great pick for any motor vehicle enthusiast, whether they're involved in track racing, car restoration, or just interested in giving their road vehicle the ultimate in handling and performance. With wheels ranging in size from 13 inches all the way up to 22 inch custom rims for project cars and car show demo vehicles, Centreline have rims available to suit any project. Founded in 1970, the company has almost 40 years of experience within the performance wheel industry, and is a mainstay of many competitive racing teams.

Picking out your choice of Centreline wheels can be difficult, with the wide variety of different designs and options overwhelming many buyers. Fortunately, it can be relatively simple to find a set of wheels that meet your need once you set some qualifiers and requirements. When searching for a set of wheels to fit your car there are three requirements which your prospective set of wheels shout meet: size and fit, performance capabilities, and design and aesthetic properties. This simple buyers guide will help you make sure you get the best set of wheels for your vehicle.

In terms of size and fit, it's most important to get a set of wheels that both achieve your aesthetic goals, yet still leave your car with maximum maneuverability. There's nothing worse than having your valuable project car's handling and performance adversely affected by a set of wheels that are simply too big to fit comfortably on the car. On the other hand, it's also frustrating to buy a set of wheels that you think are perfectly sized for your car only to find that they're too small to achieve the look that you've imagined would suit your vehicle.

It's ultimately a taste game, with size and performance balancing to create the perfect level of aesthetics and maneuverability. Think about it this way: what function does your vehicle primarily serve? If you're working on a show car, or one that is going to spend relatively little time operating at high speeds or in a track environment, it's safe to go with the bigger, more stylish wheels. While your handling will be affected, it's a small price to pay for the ultimate in aesthetics and show winning design. If turning heads is your goal, then Centreline wheels won't disappoint.

If racing is your number one priority, then picking wheels that offer the ultimate in performance and handling control should be your primary goal. With Centreline offering their own line of high quality racing wheels, you're spoilt for choice if you're planning to outfit your vehicle with racing rims and high grip racing slick tires. On the track, these wheels offer the maximum in terms of performance and handling, and are much more helpful for your race times than many major engine upgrades will be. With handling and braking power often neglected by many amateur racers, creating an advantage here through high quality wheels can net you much better times and results than your opponents.

However, if your car is primarily used for street use, then you'll need to look at one of Centreline's many street models. While these wheels offer maximum performance and handling capabilities, similar to their racing counterparts, they're designed to handle the wear and tear of typical street driving, and serve up a level of comfort that race wheels simply can't match. For most street drivers, a combination of high performance capabilities and acceptable comfort is the priority, and Centreline's street/racing series of wheels certainly live up to this requirement.

Finally, it's important to pick a set of wheels that matches and compliments the overall aesthetic qualities of your vehicle. This topic is highly subjective, with peoples individual tastes effecting their choices in wheels dramatically. What appears perfect to you may not suit someone close to you, so when you're helping your friends pick out a set of wheels, be sure to be accommodating and willing to listen to their ideas. Above all, your wheels should compliment the looks of your car, and not the other way around. While 22 inch chrome rims may be popular, they almost certainly overpower the other design aspects of your car, and often make the design look poorly balanced and out of sync with the rest of the car's lines. Pick your rims carefully, and allow time for the overall look to work itself into your mind and conscience.

These ideas, recommendations and strategies should help you make an informed decision when you're next out shopping for a set of Centreline wheels. With such a massive variety of products on offer, it's difficult to get lost in the selection and lose focus of what you really want. Don't turn into a victim of choice and end up with something that isn't right for you. By applying the principles and ideas in this guide, you'll end up with a set of wheels that both suits yourself and offers massive benefits to your vehicle's performance, handling, and looks.

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