Chrome Reverse Rims

If you want to really turn heads with your vehicle, you should consider purchasing chrome reverse rims. Also known as "Hot Rod wheels" or "Nostalgia wheels," chrome reverse wheels are a great way to give your ride a classic look that is going to quickly attract people's attention.

So, what makes chrome reverse rims so special? While there are other types of rims that try to imitate the look of chrome reverse rims, a true chrome reverse rim is far superior in its looks and quality than any imitator. A true chrome reverse rim is a reversed wheel that has the center put in so the backside of the wheel faces out. This is done to give the wheel more offset. This was quite common on old Ford wheels, which were riveted together. Then, the rivets were chiseled off, the center was pushed out, flipped around and was then riveted or welded back in.

If you look at a set of rims, you can tell if they are a true set of chrome reverse rims by looking at the backside of them. If the rim has a smooth taper to the drop instead of a step, you will know that you are looking at real chrome reverse rims instead of an imitation.

While the most common size of chrome reverse rims are fourteen and fifteen inches, you can find them in sixteen and seventeen inch variations as well.

Because there are a wide variety of sizes of chrome reverse rims available, the cost of these rims depends on the size that you plan on purchasing. If you plan on purchasing one of the smallest available sizes, you can find chrome reverse rims for under one hundred dollars per rim. However, for a set of seventeen inch chrome reverse rims, don't be surprised if the cost of the rims is over $350 a piece.

The reason that chrome reverse rims can give your ride the classic old school look that so many people love is because they give the wheels a deeper look and put the wheels out a little closer to the fender. This is in contrast to standard rims, which have a shallow side and a deeper side, the deeper side is the side that goes over the drums or calipers. If you want to ensure that your car or truck has a classic look, you can't go wrong with chrome reverse rims.

If you decide that you want to add the perfect touch to your classic vehicle by investing in a set of chrome reverse rims, you may want to add an addition to your rims as well. By topping chrome reverse rims with Baby Moon hubcaps, you can create a look that every car lover will admire and appreciate. Regardless of whether you own a vintage Chevy, Ford or a classic cruiser, the combination of chrome reverse rims and Baby moon hubcaps will look great and add a clean shine to your ride.

Although it can be a challenge to find chrome reverse rims locally (because they are a specialty item that only work well with a select group of classic vehicles), the Internet makes the task of ordering your own set of chrome reverse rims much easier. Another advantage of shopping for and purchasing chrome reverse rims on the Internet is that it's easy to look through lots of pictures before you make your final decision. By having the ability to compare the look of different sets of chrome reverse rims, you can ensure that you order the perfect set for your vehicle.

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