Chrome Rims

If you look around as you go down the road you will notice that that the most popular type of car rims are definitely chrome rims. There are people of all ages, with all different vehicle types, tire sizes, and more that like chrome rims. Each person has a different reason for choosing chrome, but generally consumers just like the look of the chrome on their vehicle as it really does add a unique look and feel to the vehicle that it wouldn't have with just stock rims.

Chrome rims are not at all rare, in fact it is just the finishing process that usually make chrome rims stand out. Many times cast aluminum wheels can be made into chrome rims. The term chrome rim refers to any rim that is polished to a chrome mirror finish that will then shine in and reflect the light. These rims go through a process that is involved and requires a couple different steps for the finished product. The newest addition to the chrome market is the black chrome rims that have become just as popular as the silver chrome rims that have been popular for years.

If you are interested in buying chrome rims you should be aware that you cannot just go out and buy any rims that you see that you like. You need to buy rims that have been manufactured to fit on the frame of your vehicle. Many people who are new to the world of rims do not know this, but your rims of any variety need to be proportional to the weight of the vehicle. If the weight or size is off, it can negatively impact the performance and even the safety of the vehicle, which is never a good thing. In addition to choosing the right weight rims for the car, you need to choose the rims that are right for the weight of your car as rims have maximum weight ratings. In addition, when choosing chrome rims you have to choose a set that have holes that match the lugs on the tires for your vehicle.

You can choose to chrome your current rims if you really like them. This is a process that is actually quite simple once the rims have been cleaned well. The first step is to plate the surface with copper and then a layer of nickel, and then a layer of chromium, which is what gives the rims their shiny appearance. If you would rather upgrade to something new and shiny you can buy chrome rims that have already been prepared for you, again you just need to make sure that you buy rims that are compatible with your vehicle.

Many people avoid buying chrome rims because they assume that they are very hard to care for. The great news is that chrome rims are quite easy to care for, all you need is chrome polish and in some cases you may need to do a bit of buffing. If you live in an area where road salts are used you may find that you need to clean your chrome rims a bit more often as the salt can eat away at the chrome finish. Generally speaking though, taking care of your chrome rims will be simple and something that you do as a part of normal vehicle maintenance.

For many it is not the care for the chrome rims that they worry about or that keep them from buying a set, it is the cost. The fact of the matter is that chrome rims are very expensive. The exact cost of the rims will depend on where you buy them from, what size, and how elaborate the design is but you can expect to pay at least $200 per rim for even the lowest end chrome rims. If you begin looking at the mid range you can see things around $800 and if you look at the high end of chrome rim lines you will find that each rim can cost you thousands of dollars.

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