Cigarette Lighter Adapters

Anyone that owns a vehicle will have one or more cigarette lighters in the vehicle. If they are nonsmokers or people who do not smoke cigarettes often enough to use these lighters, they can make the real estate for the lighter much more useful. Cigarette lighter adapters are perfect additions to any vehicle that has unused cigarette lighter locations. These adapters can do various different jobs depending on the manufacturer and what it is designed to do. Many different types of adapters are created for specific purposes some including specific devices while others can work with a wider range of devices as well.

The most common cigarette lighter adapter configuration is used to add power outlets to the vehicle which require a power outlet to function correctly. This works in conjunction with the battery of the vehicle and should only be used with devices that do not use too much power because risks of draining the battery are a possibility. Devices that have rechargeable batteries are the most beneficial from these configurations because it allows the car battery to only be used briefly and the normal running of the vehicle maintains the battery level to sustain its charge without risks.

Other specific cigarette lighter adapters are designed to work with only specific devices to charge batteries or keep the devices running while the car is in use. These devices are usually low power consumption and will have automatic cut off limits when batteries are fully charge to reduce battery drain on the vehicle even when the vehicle is not running. This allows devices to stay plugged in even when the vehicle is parked for an extended period of time. Risk of draining a battery only occurs when the battery in the vehicle is low and it is best to not have any lighter port devices in without the engine running.

Some cigarette lighter adapters allow you to have multiple cigarette lighter ports in the vehicle by splitting the power between the lighters and allow more devices to be connected at once. This is usually useful for vehicles that only have a single cigarette lighter but a person requires a cigarette lighter as well as a device that is connected through the socket. This allows smokers to have a cigarette lighter in conjunction with another cigarette lighter adapter device. Many smokers enjoy having this ability if their vehicle does not sport multiple cigarette lighter sockets to take advantage of.

Many people use cigarette lighter adapters for several different reasons and they can be extremely useful when using GPS devices that need external power through these adapters. Of course many great conveniences are made possible through the use of these devices. Many vehicle owners simply do not smoke and have available sockets to use for something else. Power saving devices are some of the best devices to use when taking advantage of a cigarette lighter sockets because they have less risks of running the battery dry when unintentionally left plugged into the socket.

They are made possible to use through a vehicle that has an engine with a mechanically accessed alternator. The alternator is responsible for converting mechanical energy into electric energy to recharge the battery and sustain the charge while in use. This only works when the engine is in use and can allow devices that have a constant rate of drain when plugged into the socket to be used. If one of these devices are in use while the vehicle is off, the battery has a higher risk of draining out. The sockets can be used to their full potential with one of these converters while using power conscious devices.

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