Diesel Fuel Filters

Whether you drive a vehicle powered by diesel or by gasoline there comes a time in which you should replace your fuel filter. Most people hear about changing the oil filter but probably do not hear about the fuel filter as often. This is because the oil filters are usually replaced every time you change your engine oil. However every time you pump gas or diesel fuel you do not have to change your fuel filter. This allows us to forget about the importance of changing our fuel filters as often as we should.

Both gasoline and diesel fuel contain contaminates. These contaminates eventually build up inside the fuel line and cause problems. They can block the fuel from getting to the correct areas of the vehicle which prevents the car from running properly. Not only can this cause damage to the other parts of the vehicle but it can also leave you frustrated dealing with a car that is not receiving enough fuel through the fuel line.

The fuel filters are responsible for catching all the dirt and other particles that are in the fuel. Vehicles that are run on diesel fuel usually need their fuel filters changed more often than gasoline powered cars because diesel fuel is not as clean and contains more harmful and clogging type debris. A gasoline powered vehicle should have the fuel filter changed at least once a year as part of a routine maintenance plan however the diesel fuel filter should be changed more often, usually every 6,000 miles and even more often when driven in cold weather. Since the diesel fuel filter is also responsible for separating the water from the fuel this allows for the water to freeze in the fuel filter.

Replacing the diesel fuel filter is fairly easy and should not be forgotten. In order to get the best fuel efficiency out of your vehicle you should make sure this is made a part of your maintenance schedule. Since it is important to change your diesel fuel filter so frequently it is a good idea to have a few on hand at all times. Some replacement fuel filters cost a little more than others depending on the type and brand of the filter. Before purchasing a replacement filter make sure you know exactly what type or style you need.

If you are in the market to purchase a whole new fuel filter and water separator for your vehicle then you will have to pay a little more. However it is essential to make sure you have a working fuel filter and water separator in your vehicle. When replacing any type of car part that is associated with the fuel system it is very important to follow all the installation directions exactly. Whenever you are working with a part of a vehicle that involves the flow of fuel to the engine it is very dangerous. If you have never worked on a diesel vehicle before or have not replaced fuel filters before it is a good idea to have a professional show you how to do it properly. Or if you prefer, have a mechanic change your diesel fuel filter at the same time you have your oil changed on a regular basis.

When owning a diesel powered vehicle it is important to learn all the ways a diesel vehicle is different from a gasoline powered vehicle. Although there may not be huge differences, knowing the ins and outs of what is required to keep your diesel vehicle running smoothly can really help you keep your vehicle in great condition.

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