Driver Side Mirror

Although it may be cliché, the old saying "keep your eyes on the road" is still a very valid phrase. However, it is just as important to be aware of what is behind your vehicle as it is to keep an eye on the road ahead. Every year thousands of automobile accidents occur in which a driver is blindsided or rear-ended because they did not take the time or did not have the proper equipment to adequately check whether the rear of the vehicle was clear. These accidents cause millions of dollars in unnecessary vehicle damage, and countless weeks of being without transportation for thousands of vehicle owners. Fortunately, such occurrences can be avoided by simply having the right kind of driver side mirror, passenger-side mirror, and rearview mirror. The following paragraphs discuss the important features of a driver side mirror, as well as how to avoid the blind spot, and average prices.

Important Features of a Driver Side Mirror
A driver side mirror should be sleek, stylish, and aerodynamic, yet should provide robust functionality and maximum visibility. The mirror should adjust easily, and should be able to reflect images from the side of the vehicle, rear of the vehicle, and even as far as the interior of the vehicle facing towards the driver seat. Some driver side mirrors can be electronically controlled by buttons located on the door of the vehicle, while others must be manually adjusted. The driver side mirror should be able to easily swivel both vertically and horizontally, in order to provide a fully customized view for a driver of any height. The mirror should also be extremely durable and scratch resistant, as collisions tend to occur more often against the driver side mirror (i.e. – scraping the wall against a restaurant while passing through a drive-through, or scraping another car or the inside of your garage while trying to make sure the passenger side of the vehicle has enough room).

How to Avoid the Blind Spot in a Driver Side Mirror
Regardless of what type of rearview mirrors and side mirrors your vehicle has, it is very likely that, unless you have them adjusted perfectly, there will be some sort of blind spot you'll have to deal with. The blind spot is an area that the mirrors are not configured to reflect an image of. Many driving instructors recommend simply turning your head to check for cars behind you to avoid the blind spot. However, by rotating the driver side mirror a bit further out away from the vehicle, you can minimize the overlap between the driver side, passenger-side, and central rearview mirrors, thereby lessening the effect of the blind spot. Unfortunately, most drivers make the mistake of pointing their driver side mirror more towards the back corner of the vehicle, which does not really need to be monitored for any reason. Instead, make sure the driver side mirror is rotated just far enough so that the back corner of the vehicle is out of view and all of the lanes behind the car are as visible as possible.

The Average Price of a Driver Side Mirror
The price of a driver side mirror varies greatly depending on the retailer, distributor, and the vehicle make and model it was intended to be used with. In general, prices can range anywhere from $20-$220, with the more expensive models including features like power adjustment capabilities, larger areas of visibility, and more durable materials. Instead of making your choice based on budget alone, you should consider the visibility requirements of your vehicle when deciding upon the size and shape of your driver side mirror.

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