E3 Spark Plugs

A spark plug is a crucial component of any engine, whether it is in a car, truck, or motorcycle. Unfortunately, during the past century there weren't many advances in spark plug technology. That is until E3 Spark plugs introduced DiamondFire, a proprietary technology that focuses on increasing fuel efficiency and power, while reducing engine emissions that are bad for the environment. E3 spark plugs are manufactured and designed utilizing years of experience and expertise, and the company focuses on quality, rather than relying solely on the materials used to build their spark plugs. By focusing on customer satisfaction and consistent improvements, rather than quantity, the company has been able to corner the market on spark plugs during the past few decades. The following information describes how and why E3 spark plugs are the most efficient and effective available.

The Secret behind E3 Spark Plugs
In order to create the most efficient and powerful spark plug possible, E3 focuses primarily on enhancing the ignition of fuel within the combustion chamber of the engine. E3 spark plugs have been the pinnacle of the spark plug engineering and automotive aftermarket industry for several decades now, and this success can be attributed largely to their patented DiamondFire design. The term DiamondFire was coined because of the pressure and fast flame speeds that E3 spark plugs facilitate, as diamonds are formed by immense amounts of pressure. By increasing combustion pressure and improving the direction of the flame front, E3 spark plug has been able to effectively increase power output and fuel economy of vehicles that have their spark plugs installed. In actuality, there are no real secrets behind the efficiency or power of an E3 spark plug, as the entire formula and history of the company can be found on their official website, and their reputability is widespread on the Internet.

The History of E3 Spark Plugs

E3 spark plugs started as a simple mechanic shop that developed into a laboratory used to create and test spark plugs, in an effort to make their own engines more efficient and environmentally friendly. After several years of research, E3 spark plugs had eliminated the outdated J-wire electrode technology that was seen in all of the spark plugs of the past, and introduced a more efficient way to ignite and burn the mixture of fuel and air that is introduced to the engine's cylinders. After several years of producing high-quality spark plugs, E3 spark plugs began testing their products at two leading engineering universities (Georgia Tech and Michigan State's engine research laboratories) with the assistance of professors that are highly trained in the study of engine dynamics. Today, E3 Spark plugs provide this crucial engine component derived from years of relentless research to NASCAR drivers, and average citizens alike.

Understanding the E3 Spark Plug Design

In order to understand the design of the E3 spark plug and its DiamondFire technology, various engineering scientists have studied the pressure that occurs in a single combustion event amongst various types of spark plugs. This measurement is known as the Indicated Mean Effective Pressure, or IMEP, and is derived from the analysis of various values from each spark plug. After establishing these measurements using double-blind tests, the data presented by the scientist was used by E3 to create their patented DiamondFire configuration, which statistically outperformed all other spark plugs on the market within its first year of release. The uniqueness of the E3 spark plug is derived from three main components – surface gap spark emulation, non-retracted plug designs, and a forced edge to edge spark discharge - the latter of which is the strongest aspect of the E3 electrode design.

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