Fiberglass Tonneau Cover

A tonneau cover is an adjustable cover that fits securely over the bed of a pickup. These covers provide storage in the truck’s bed and allow you to safely carry a variety of goods in the bed without worries of weather damage. They also provide security to ensure safety from stealing. Most models are manufactured from hard materials and include doors that operate on hinges to allow access to the bed area. Other models are available that include air suspension. These can be lifted and held up by fiberglass or metal poles. The poles work much like the ones that hold up the hood of a vehicle. Retractable tonneau covers are also available that have paneled tops. The panels easily slide under each other and allow access to the bed. Soft tonneau covers are widely available, but most consumers prefer the added security and safety that hard covers provide. Hard tonneau covers cost a bit more than soft covers, yet they offer many more benefits. In essence, a hard tonneau cover will create a lockable trunk inside your truck bed and allow you to securely transport many products.

Tonneau covers are designed to be aerodynamic and help to decrease the amount of wind resistance that you experience when driving. This helps to increase your overall speed when driving because air is blocked from entering the truck bed by the cover. Hard covers are created from a variety of materials and each offers many benefits. Fiberglass tonneau covers are the most beneficial and the most commonly chosen. Fiberglass covers offer a smoother finish than many other materials as well as the option to be painted to specifically match the paint on your vehicle. Many fiberglass models offer additional options such as carpeted lining and built in lights for more convenience.

If you haul cargo regularly, particularly heavier products, a fiberglass tonneau cover is the best choice. Fiberglass offers a lightweight convenience and is very easy to install as well as to remove. Most fiberglass tonneau covers can be purchased for around $500, depending on where you purchase them and the specific brand name that you choose. A variety of automotive specialty shops, detailing shops and car parts stores offer fiberglass covers. You can also purchase these online, although the shipping is often quite expensive.

Fiberglass tonneau covers can be a very valuable asset for you to own. They allow you to securely lock up any cargo that you may have in your pickup truck and protect that cargo from thieves as well as rain and other natural elements. They are built to be very durable and can withstand many weather and road conditions. They are typically light enough for anyone to lift, so access to the truck bed is very convenient and with the variety of options available for access, you can choose the one that best suits your specific needs.

Fiberglass covers are a very stylish way to protect your belongings. They can be painted to match or compliment your existing truck color and look very attractive on all pickup truck models. Many consumers who own custom trucks choose fiberglass tonneau covers to give the truck a more customized look as well as to add security and convenience. In addition to providing protection and increasing the value of the truck, these covers help to increase gas mileage as well. Popular brands of fiberglass tonneau covers include BAK, Access, Ranch Fiberglass, Gaylord, Lund, Pace Edwards, Revelation and a wide variety of others. Covers can be custom built to specifically match your pickup truck and come in a variety of sizes from smaller trucks to larger, commercially sized vehicles.

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