Fuel Pump Gasket

All vehicles have different gaskets, plugs and seals located under the hood in order to prevent car parts from leaking fluids or air, and to help parts from rubbing against one another. There are different types of gaskets that can be used, including the fuel pump gasket. The fuel pump gasket has an important job and anytime the fuel pump is removed from the car it is likely that a new fuel pump gasket will be needed to put the fuel pump back into place.

The fuel pump gasket is a flexible material used to fit between two other car parts. It sits between the fuel pump and the service of the engine where the fuel pump is mounted. If the fuel pump gasket were not in place there would be a great possibility that the car would begin leaking engine oil. Often times if a car is leaking engine oil it is due to a faulty fuel pump gasket. Since the fuel pump gaskets are made to be flexible they also become worn after time. They need to be replaced if the fuel pump is removed from the engine or if they have become bent out of shape, worn thin or damaged in any way.

Replacing a fuel pump gasket it fairly easy however keeping the gasket in the proper position while trying to get the fuel pump put back in place can be a little difficult. For this reason it is common for many mechanics to use a gasket sealer in order to hold the gasket firmly in its place. The fuel pump gasket can benefit from the gasket sealer for several years keeping it from sliding and leaking fluid. However, when using gasket sealer there should only be a small amount applied so that it does not cause an imbalance in the gasket. Using large amounts of gasket sealer can actually cause a bigger problem than it fixes. If a fuel pump gasket has been put in place using gasket sealer then it will be more likely to tear when the fuel pump is removed from the engine mount, requiring a new fuel pump gasket.

When it comes to purchasing your new fuel pump gasket you need to know exactly what type of gasket your car requires. There are a few different shapes and sizes of fuel pump gaskets and your vehicle may require a specific type. Fuel pump gaskets are usually inexpensive to purchase and are one of the cheapest ways to repair an oil leak in your car. If you replace the fuel pump gasket and you are still leaking oil then you may want to try testing other parts of the fuel system for leaks and damage. Fuel pump gaskets can be made out of different materials and some are stronger than others. Many basic fuel pump gaskets are made out of a cork material surrounded by a rubber material to help with sealing. There are other fuel pump gaskets that are a little sturdier and are made to last longer and withstand more wear and tear. Most fuel pump gaskets have been improved over the years to provide good quality and are made durable and leak proof. Finding a good fuel pump gasket should be easy. Several manufactures make fuel pump gaskets that can be purchased online. You can also find fuel pump gaskets at your local auto parts store to purchase or order for your vehicle.

Remember, before removing the fuel pump from the engine mount you should have a new fuel pump gasket to replace the old one. This will save you a lot of time and you will be able to put your car back together much quicker.

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