Gear Shift Knob

A gear shift knob is located at the top of a gear shift lever. In other words, it constitutes the handle of the gear shift lever. Usually, in manual transmissions, the shift knob features a simplified diagram of the shift patterns printed on top of it, through which the gear shift lever's movement can be easily understood. Switches to enable special modes like a 'sports mode' in certain newer models of automatic transmission-equipped cars are also located on their shift knobs. However, these special switches can also be located on the steering column stalks or the dashboard console of the car.

An automatic transmission-equipped vehicle has an automatic shift knob, which allows the car to change gear automatically through various speed ranges, without the consent of the driver. It is often covered in leather, fabric or chrome, and it features a button on its side which needs to be held down when changing gears.

As the gear shaft is one of the most essential components of a car's controls, one needs to select a shift knob that best suits him or her in terms of design and comfort. It is a tool that is used to control the motion of the car, and one has to keep his hand poised over it almost all the time, especially for manual transmission-equipped vehicles. One may need to replace his or her shift knob as its grip becomes, or if its luster or original texture is eroded away. Many drivers prefer a heavier knob to help shift gears smoothly, whereas others go for more comfortable ones.

A shift knob can be replaced very easily, and it is possible to get it done in any workshop. One might want to consider buying a shift boot along with the shift knob, as some manufactures only sell them together as a bundle. A shift boot is the covering right below the knob. It is used for interior beautification as well as to prevent the hand from sliding when shifting gears.

There are a lot of different types of shift knobs with different functionalities and forms available in the market for any make and model of car. The knobs are usually connected with the gear shift lever by means of a threaded connection or screws. A little research on the knob prior to purchasing would be a good idea for a buyer, as some of the knobs have locking components below the boot. Sometimes local laws also mandate the type of knobs that can be used in cars in certain states. The right shift knob can greatly enhance the internal appearance of a car. Let us review some of the shift knobs currently available on the market.

Ford Racing SVT 6-Speed Shift Knob with Arm - Black (07-09)
This shift knob sports a racing-styled design, which can greatly improve the interior of any Ford Racing Mustang Challenge race car. It fits SVT Mustangs (2007 to 2009) particularly well. The shifter arm is made of steel and coated with durable powder black to improve its durability and appearance. On top of the knob, a six-speed pattern is clearly visible, with a white Ford racing logo printed on its side. It bears a price tag of $139.99.

Gold-plated American Eagle
This knob is made of 24-karat gold, and designed to embody the ultimate in interior decoration and luxury for cars. It weighs only 600 grams, and bears a price tag of $249.95. Apart from that, it has a NTIS height which can be precisely adjusted. It is 76 mm tall, and has a diameter of 46 mm.

Billet T-Handle Shift Knob (87-04 Auto)

This shift knob is mainly designed for Ford Mustangs (1987 to 2004). It is made of 6061 Billet Aluminum, and is made for automatic transmission-equipped cars. Apart from that, it sports a design which fits the driver's hand perfectly. This product is manufactured by Stack Racing BIL-87-ASK, with a price listing of only $69.99.

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