Glass Break Sensor

Burglary and break ins are very scary. Whether they happen in your home or to your car you can lose a lot of valuable possessions. Preventing someone from breaking in your home or car is the best way to avoid losing your valued items or being harmed by a burglar. Many people are unaware of the different ways to protect their home or vehicle and therefore become a target to many thieves.

There are several ways to prevent break ins and to deter a burglar from attempting to break into your home or vehicle. For your home you can install a security system that sounds and alarm and alerts the local police department when someone has tried to come in a door or window. You can also buy special locks for your doors or windows or install special motion censored lighting. For your vehicle you can install several different devices including alarm systems, car immobilizers, and steering wheel and break locks. All of these can really help your property from being broken into.

The problem with many of the methods mentioned above is they do not prevent a burglar from breaking through glass. Although some of the methods set off an alarm if the window is opened or the door is opened, this does not mean that if the glass of the window is shattered or cracked that the alarm system will pick up on it and sound the alarm. This is why it can be very beneficial to install this type of security in your home or on your vehicle.

Glass break sensors are available for both vehicles and houses. They work by sensing the high pitch sound that glass makes when being shattered. This is why they are also referred to as audio sensors. When glass break sensors are installed in addition to other home or car alarms they are much more effective and add an extra level of security. Of course a burglar may attempt to get into a home or car by first checking to see if a door or window has been left unlocked but when you have something valuable that they really want their next option may be to break a window for easy access. As soon as the window has been penetrated in any way the glass break sensor will detect this and sound an alarm.

Choosing the type of glass break sensor that will work best for you will depend on whether or not you are purchasing one for your home or your car. There are several different models that can be installed. There are wireless sensors and hardwired sensors. Both offer different benefits and depending on your situation one may work better for you than another. If you are trying to install a glass break sensor in your home you should contact a local home security company for advice on the best type of sensors to buy for your home. When you purchase a glass break sensor for your vehicle you should have it professionally installed to ensure it will work properly and that it is wired correctly.

Adding a glass break sensor to your property is a great way of adding extra security to your belongings. You should feel confident when you purchase a home or a car, knowing that your stuff is safe inside and no one will be able to take from you what you have worked hard to own. When glass break sensors are used in conjunction with other forms of security you will have extra protection and will no longer become an easy target for burglary.

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