Glass Scratch Remover

Glass of all types and sorts can end up scratched. Mirrors, computer monitors, televisions, picture frame glass…any sort of glass at all may develop tiny scratches. In some cases, especially if something is dropped, a large scratch may appear. While tiny scratches can be ignored at times, large scratches may almost make something unusable. However, with a glass scratch remover, you can often make these scratches vanish or fade to the point that they aren't bothersome.

There are many different types of glass scratch removers out there. Some include specialized tools for buffing out the scratches after applying specific chemicals or polishing creams. These tools may be motorized, and you may have several different chemicals to apply or tools to use. Other types of glass scratch removers may not be quite as advances—some may only come with a tube of special scratch remover and a polishing cloth. The more advanced removers are often capable of removing larger scratches than the smaller, simpler products.

There are even some homemade glass scratch removers. For example, one home remedy involves smearing toothpaste all over the glass. You then remove the excess toothpaste and let the rest dry. After it dries, you polish the glass using a soft cloth. Many people swear this glass scratch removal technique will hide small scratches, although it probably won't work on large ones. However, it can be a great method to use if you want to try saving a little bit of money.

While most small scratches can be repaired at home using a glass scratch remover, and some more powerful removers can handle larger scratches, for those deep scratches, you may need to either have the entire pane of glass replaced or take the glass to a professional.

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