Header Panel

A vehicle’s header panel can be found right in front of the hood. This is the area of the car or truck that holds the grill and the headlights. Although the header panel has no effect on the performance of a vehicle, it is very important to the structure of the truck or car. If the header panel becomes damaged due to an accident, it should be replaced immediately. It helps to protect the motor from damage. The header panel is typically constructed of plastic, sheet metal or fiberglass and covers the entire front area of the vehicle from the driver’s side to the passenger’s side. If your header panel does become damaged, you can purchase a new or good used one from a variety of automobile dealers or automotive parts stores.

New header panels can also be purchased online. There are many online retailers that offer these parts for sale. Specialty shops typically supply harder to find header panels such as those for classic or antique cars and/or trucks. These are not typically expensive items. In fact, a new header panel for most models of cars and trucks can be purchased for less than $100. Of course, certain models may be more expensive. Sports cars and antique vehicles may cost a bit more. Header panels for earlier models of Camaros, Corvettes and Barracudas for example may cost as much as $300 or more. Older and rarer models may take a bit more research before you can locate a header panel. Online message boards and forums are an excellent place to look if you are having problems finding a header panel for your specific make and model. You can often find automotive repair or body shops that will create a header panel for you if you are having trouble finding the right product. Header panels from other models can often be trimmed and customized to fit your specific vehicle. This is often necessary for owners of vehicles that are no longer in production.

The header panel itself is a major part of the overall design of the vehicle. This is particularly important to those who collect rare or early model vehicles. If you have a vehicle from the 1950s or 1960s for instance, you may not want a custom panel made. Most collectors try to keep their vehicles as original as possible. This may require a bit more research in finding a header panel to fit your specific model, but the internet offers an excellent place to do this research. You should keep in mind also that the emblems that are found on many header panels can be very expensive for collector editions and may be a bit more difficult to find than newer models.

For those who typically do their own vehicle maintenance, installing a header panel is not terribly difficult. You simply need to remove the headlight and parking light assemblies as well as the grill before you begin installation. Depending on the specific make and model of your vehicle, you may also need to remove the bumpers. The actual instructions for installing a new header panel will depend on your specific vehicle.

Maintaining your header panel is very important. You should ensure that there is no rust on the panel when you are driving the vehicle. Regular inspections will tell you if you have encountered any rust. Keeping the panel clean and dry can help to eliminate the risk of rust. Of course, most vehicles will experience some rust over time or when involved in accidents. If you do find that you need to replace your header panel, you should learn that most online retailers have very easy to use interfaces set up that will help you to quickly and easily locate the specific model that you need. If you are unsure of just how to properly install the header panel, you should be able to locate an automotive body repair shop that can install it for you for a minimal fee.

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