Honda Bumper

Imagine a scenario, where you are coming home late from work. You are tired and quite drowsy. At one point, without warning, you fall asleep while driving; and unfortunately you veer off the road and hit a lamp post. Yet by some holy miracle from the heavens, you survive. What kept you from possible death? Was it your airbags? Your seatbelt? Perhaps. But the first thing that kept most of the impact force away from you was your bumpers. And as you were driving your Honda, your bumpers were designed by few of the best minds in the engineering world to keep you safe from possible impacts such as these.

Most of the time, a car can be distinguished solely by looking at the design of the bumpers. They carry a notable legacy of the manufacturer. And with your Honda, you can tell the difference because of the classic but still sophisticated look that adds to the overall charisma. When people aim to change the appearance of their car, bumpers usually go unnoticed. This is a misconception as a simple change of the bumpers can change the overall appearance from an average everyday car to a distinctive sporty car. But fitting a new bumper based solely on the looks is also wrong. The bumper needs to be sturdy and resilient to protect you from possible collisions.

As well as being one of the most important objects that defines the appearance of your car, it is also one of the most useful defenses. Bumpers are constructed out of heavy sheet metal which is attached to the front as well as the rear of the vehicle. The design of a vehicle’s bumpers is such that they absorb most of the force experienced during a collision. They are curved and molded into specific shapes to make sure they do a satisfactory job. The bumpers are made so that they absorb the shock, protecting the passengers and lessen the damage done to the vehicle, by averting the entire momentum of the vehicle to the object it has crashed into.

Bumpers are usually fitted with added weights and brackets to support and strengthen them further. Bumpers are your first line of defense against collisions, as well as protect your interior from road fragments launched by the tires which may affect the optimum performance of your engine. Apart from the practical uses of bumpers, they also add the lustrous and stylish look to your vehicle that you desire.

If the bumper was installed for mere functionality, they would seem awkward and boring. But the cure for such dullness is custom bumpers. Custom bumpers are accessories made to increase the overall look of your vehicle. There are custom bumpers for both the front as well as the rear. Few custom bumpers come fitted in with built-in air dams. Few also have fog lights or a miniature billet grille that looks just perfect for the original billet grille. Rear custom bumpers may also be substituted for roll pans.

For those who want to change their factory bumper and replace it with a custom bumper, but do not want to get tangled up in the hassle of restructuring your car to fit the bumper, worry no more. Custom bumpers are now designed in such a way that they fit exactly according to the factory bumpers settings on your Honda Accord by using the original bolt on spots, allowing them to be attached to the car quickly and easily. Due to newer methods of production and using newly developed technology, manufactures now use fiber glass and even plastic to produce bumpers. They are now extensively favored over other bumpers because of the material’s lightness and strong features; and are used to replace old, dented and damaged bumpers as the new bumpers are also unable to rust, which may be caused by road salts and other forms of pollutants.

To put it simply, car bumpers were placed there to mostly protect the front as well as the rear of the car from any form of damages, be it small debris or large collisions on the road. They are engineered in that particular form and use such strong and robust materials to provide protection to your engine and to lessen the amount of damage experienced by the passengers, as well as the rest of the car. By maintaining the proper health of your bumpers, you can go on to relish the superior appearance and performance of your Honda.

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