Instrument Cluster

The instrument cluster is one of the most useful features in your vehicle. It's a control panel that's found on the driver's side of your vehicle, just behind the steering wheel. The instrument cluster displays a variety of information about your vehicle's performance.

Dashboard Instruments
The dashboard instruments will depend on your specific vehicle, for example, race cars typically have a lot more instruments displayed than typical passenger vehicles do. There are a variety of gauges located in the instrument cluster. Some of the more common ones including the speedometer, odometer, tachometer, and fuel gauge. There are many indicators as well. These include the seat belt light, engine malfunction light, and various other lights.

The instrument cluster section of your vehicle is the main area where your eyes should be directed at when not looking at the road. The information provided in the instrument cluster is very important as it displays information such as how much gas you have left and how fast you are going. Old cars may be limited on the instruments found within this unit but most cars are now designed with a lot of instruments, some even offer digital reading.

Instrument Cluster Designs
The main difference in instrument clusters between different cars would be the lighting and gauge shapes. There are certain models that are designed uniquely but most will be similar and you just want one that blends in well with your vehicle's interior.

The main difference that could be noted between two very unique designs would be the option of digital instruments. These are designed with digital screens, so, for instance, you can even view the speedometer information on a digital reading.

Problems with Digital Speedometers
While it may seem like a cool feature to have in the instrument cluster, there are sometimes problems with these instruments. In particular, there have been some known issues with digital speedometers. The first concern with digital speedometers would be that they are only capable of displaying the current driving speed in whole numbers. The digital speedometers are also an issue as they are difficult to read during the day when sunlight is shining on them.

People have been avoiding digital speedometers, and even digital dashboards altogether, ever since they were first introduced to the market. They're definitely not a great option if you want reliable performance and all they provide is a pleasant appearance. This type of instrument cluster would also cost quite a lot to repair if there were ever any technical issues.

Since the digital dashboards never gained much interest, most vehicles are designed with the traditional analog gauges within the instrument cluster. However, there are still usually some digital outputs in the instrument cluster designs. The most common digital screen within the instrument cluster is the trip history feature which displays the mileage traveled within a specific time frame.

You can find various companies offering custom instrument cluster products which may be of interest to you. It's not too difficult to replace your current instrument cluster with a new one, and it's definitely a great investment too. When buying a new instrument cluster, you will want to look for one that offers components that provide display for a large variety of information. However, you won't want to pick a unit that looks messy, as you'll want to make sure it looks good with the rest of your vehicle's interior.

Take a look online at various shops providing custom instrument clusters. These designs are very attractive and you can definitely find one that suits your vehicle perfectly. The instrument cluster is providing you with important information on the driving conditions of your vehicle, so it's important to have a reliable dashboard unit to keep you informed. As well, since you’re going to be looking at it regularly, it helps to pick a fashionable unit.

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