Iridium Spark Plugs

Most modern automobile engines rely upon the concept of combustion to turn air, gasoline, and electricity into kinetic energy that can be used by the vehicle on an on-demand basis. At the beginning of the combustion cycle are the spark plugs, which facilitate the creation of a spark using anywhere from 40,000 to 110,000 volts of electricity. Spark plugs are basically insulated passageway's that allow high voltages of electricity to be transferred, conducted and grounded within the engine block. In order to function properly and withstand the rough environment within the engine compartment, spark plugs must be manufactured with strict specifications to prevent fuel additives from accumulating on the plug itself.  If you are looking for extremely durable high-performance spark plugs then you may want to consider the following information pertaining to iridium spark plugs.

Basic Types of Iridium Spark Plugs

Although spark plugs can be comprised of a variety of materials, there are two main types – hot plugs, and cold plugs. Some vehicles require cold plugs, which have more surface area and tend to run cooler, while some vehicles require hot plugs, which have ceramic inserts that reduce overall thermal transferring, causing the plug to run hotter and burn away some of the deposits from the electrode. Hot plugs are ideal for city driving conditions, as they do an exceptional job of staying hot while the car is frequently stopping, starting, slowing down, and accelerating. Cold plugs on the other hand are better for racing and high-performance vehicles, as these plugs tend to stay within a reasonable temperature range even at high speeds. Fortunately, Iridium spark plugs are made in a variety of heat ranges, and therefore suitable for nearly any type of vehicle.

What Is Iridium and What Are the Benefits of Iridium Spark Plugs?
Iridium is an extremely hard, shiny silver/white metal that is considered a type of platinum, and is classified as the second densest, and the most corrosion resistant element on earth. Many people don't know that Iridium solely originates from the same asteroid that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs about 50 million years ago. This asteroid created the Gulf of Mexico and is directly responsible for the massive deposits of Iridium that are being used to create the best spark plugs in the world. Iridium spark plugs are known for causing less misfiring, and a much more subtle spark, ultimately resulting in a more efficient combustion cycle. Until recent years, many experts believed that platinum was the best material to place above an electrode simply because of its durability, however it has been discovered that Iridium is eight times stronger, six times harder, and has a melting temperature that is more than 1000° higher than platinum. Iridium spark plugs are guaranteed to outlast other types of spark plugs by years, if not decades, and are guaranteed to be good for more than 120,000 miles of service.

Other Than Material, How Do Iridium Spark Plugs Differ from Conventional Plugs?
As if being made of Iridium alloy doesn't give Iridium spark plugs enough of an advantage, they are also coated with Trivalent metal plating, which provides superior anti-seizing and anticorrosion properties. Each spark plug provides high fuel efficiency and unmatched durability, which ultimately results in superior acceleration for years without the need for a replacement. With improved throttle responses, enhanced antifouling, and optimal ignitability, Iridium spark plugs provide the best value and the highest quality combustion cycle initiation in the automobile industry. Overall, using Iridium spark plugs will lead to improved fuel efficiency, better acceleration, and lower emissions, while also saving the vehicle owner money on future upgrades that will be rendered unnecessary by the seemingly indestructible ancient metal known as Iridium.

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