License Plate Brackets

In the United States we call them license plates. International English speakers call them licence plates. Others call them number plates. Sometimes, even here in the United States, they are sometimes referred to simply as tags. No matter what you call it or how you spell it, a license plate is an important part of a car. It allows law enforcement and authorities to know that your car is registered and legal. Or, if you happen to be a very bumbling car thief, it can also allow authorities to run your license plate number and find out that you have been breaking the law. Yes, any way you cut it, a license plate is a necessary part of driving.

The frame that holds your license plate (or licence plate, or tag – whatever you wish to call it) in place is called the license plate bracket. This license plate bracket has the very vital job of holding your license plate in place. Without the license plate bracket, a license plate would fall off, you would likely get pulled over by police, and trouble would ensure as they tried to determine whether you legally owned your car. No matter what determination they made, chance are good that you would receive a ticket for driving a vehicle without a license plate.

License plates all come with different serial numbers on the plates. These serial numbers allow police or other investigating authorities to run that serial number through a computer system and determine whether your car belongs to you or is stolen. Perhaps if you have committed a crime that does not even involve a car, like check fraud or some sort of public disturbance of the peace, police will put a "be on the lookout" or BOLO out for your vehicle. That way, when other authorities or even citizens concerned about crime see that your vehicle's license plate number matches a current BOLO warning, they can alert authorities and bring the offender to justice.

Of course, it's doubtful that anyone reading an article about license plates and license plate brackets right now is a hardened criminal on the run from the law. But why are license plates and license plate brackets used? Well, there is a very simple reason, when you think about it. All cars of one make, model and year look exactly alike except for color. But way a criminal is driving a white Honda Accord that is in excellent condition without any identifying dents or dings. Without the license plate number, it would be impossible to tell one white Honda Accord of the same year model from another Honda Accord of the same year model. The license plate, the license plate bracket, and the license plate number, help police and other authorities distinguish a criminal offender's car from some Joe Blow who just happened to be driving in an area where a crime was committed that day.

As a concerned citizen, you should be glad that license plate brackets hold license plates onto cars. Otherwise, every time someone in a car like yours committed a crime, you would have a very high chance of being pulled over for a crime you had absolutely nothing to do with. Think of all the hassle you would face and all the places where you would arrive late if you happened to drive the same car as a criminal. You could be late for a date or lose your job! License plates are extremely vital when it comes to keeping the public safe and secure, and that is why it is important that all drivers make sure that their license plates and their license plate brackets are securely in place at all times.

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