Low Profile Tires

Low profile tires are continuously becoming more popular in recent years. Not only is there a higher demand for these tires but there are also many more styles and designs that are being made available by the manufacturer's as well. To get the best visual appeal for your vehicle and improve the handling and performance, a set of low profile tires should be essential. You will be making a minor sacrifice by having a slightly discomfortable ride and also taking a financial risk as low profile tires are at higher risk of damage. Even with that said, most individuals find that it is worth the risk to invest in low profile tires simply for the visual appeal that they offer.

Basically, a low profile tire is designed uniquely to basic tires for the reason that there is a short sidewall and wide tire tread. The amount of space between the tire tread and the rim is shorter than it will be with a set of traditional tires. Low profile tires are not determined by this distance though. The way that most manufacturer's determine whether a set of tires is classifiable as low profile tires is by using the aspect ratio. These numbers will be available on the tire's sidewall and will be separated with multiple slash signs. The most simple way to understand these numbers is that the smaller the number is the lower the profile is.

Advantages of Low Profile Tires
Low profile tires really do add a lot to the visual appearance of a vehicle. They also have a lot to offer when it comes to the overall performance of your vehicle as well. A set of high quality low profile tires will improve your ability to handle your vehicle while traveling at higher speeds. The reason for this is that the tires have a wider tire tread than normal so you have more tire control (grip, response, etc) then you would with a set of traditional tires.

If you purchase a set of large rims which are designed to go with most low profile tires, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of larger brakes. This will add to your driving capabilities as you can stop quickly and do so while traveling at high speeds.

Disadvantages of Low Profile Tires
Most vehicles will not be stable when the low profile tires are installed. If your vehicle was designed to use these types of tires then this will not occur. However, many vehicles are not extremely compatible with low profile tires and there could be a minor conflict that can affect your driving experience. The most noticeable disadvantage will be that the ride will be less comfortable than normal. When you have a set of low profile tires on your vehicle the whole vehicle will be absorbing all the bumps, pot holes, curbs, etc. This means that you will feel all the imperfections of the road and the ride will be a lot harsher than it would if you had traditional tires on your vehicle.

Another disadvantage of low profile tires is that they are at a higher risk of becoming damaged. The particular areas which will become at highest risk of being damaged are the rims and the sidewalls of the tires. This also means that the expected life expectancy of your low profile tires is shorter than it would be for a set of traditional tires. Lastly, low profile tires are not great if you live in an area with an abundance of snowfall as the tires provide a less than stellar grip on snowy surfaces.

Final Thoughts
Low profile tires do have a lot of advantages which may make them a worthwhile investment but ultimately they are not the best choice possible. Most vehicles will get a lot more out of a set of traditional tires then they will from a set of low profile tires. If you are driving at higher speeds and have a sports car that you want to fix up then the low profile tires may be right for you. Low profile tires offer a vast amount of control when traveling at high speeds and it could become a life saver if you ever get into a dangerous situation.

Low profile tires are only worth investing in if you plan on opening up your vehicle to high speeds. If you are a casual driver that operates a passenger vehicle for the sole reason of getting to work, home, and to run errands, then low profile tires would not be necessary. They will give your vehicle an improved overall appearance but the ride will be less comfortable and the benefits will be almost completely unacknowledged. To close, low profile tires are only necessary for vehicles that are subject to high driving speeds and are best for those that want the additional handling control that these tires can offer.

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