Metal Emblems

Almost every car comes with some sort of emblem attached to them. At their most basic, these denote the make and model of the car. Also common is the emblem of the company who sold the car, as they attach their own emblems for advertisement. The reason they do this is because people notice car emblems. They literally stand out from the car, and because they are usually in a different color than the car is. They don’t take a long time to read, so drivers of other cars can see them and understand the message they’re trying to get out without any problems.

That is the same reason they are so effective for design purposes. Everybody wants a car that is an expression of themselves, but not everybody knows how they can do this well. Besides the obvious move of buying a new car they like, most people have to choose ways to renovate their current one if they’re attempting to artistically express themselves with their cars. There is, of course, a huge variety of things people can do to make their cars stand out – they can paint exterior of their cars, customize their tires and rims, improve the interior seats, speakers, and a whole host of other things. The options are almost limitless, but with so many people tricking out their cars, it’s hard to do something unique.

That’s why metal emblems are such an underrated option when it comes to decorating your car. Metal emblems are traditionally used for advertising, but they are as effective as art, even though they aren’t so often used for that purpose. The thing about metal emblems is that there are so many options that it’s easy to get one that is almost completely unique. After all, here are only so many paint jobs that a person can get for a car, but emblems? There are literally thousands of different emblems available. You can get an emblem showing off your favorite sports team, a religious symbol, an artistic design, or any number of different things. You can even use metal emblems for your own advertisement to show off your own company or website. Custom-made emblems that show your word(s) of choice are easy to find, and don’t cost more than $20 or $30. Most metal emblems are in that price range, but you can find some that cost less than $10.

Installing emblems is easy, and most companies that sell them will include an installation kit (usually, just an adhesive, like a double-sided tape). If you buy one used, though, you might have to improvise. You can buy a strong double-sided tape from an auto shop and simply cut it smaller than the emblem for the simplest solution. Some more complicated (or bigger) emblems come with screws that you’ll have to manually drill into your car, but that’s the most extreme situation. In that case, you might want to get a professional to install the emblem; the drilling can be a risky process, in terms of damaging your car.

If you need to remove an emblem, they’ll usually be loose enough for you to pull off, unless, of course, they’re screwed in. If that’s the case, you’ll need to make sure you have something to replace it, or the holes will likely begin to rust after a few weeks, if they haven’t already. If you can pull the off, and some tape is left on the car, do NOT use a scraper or screwdriver to get it off; you will scratch the paint. Use an adhesive remover like WD-40 to do the job. It should come right off.

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