Mobile Car Desks

Today’s workforce seems to be getting more mobile than ever before as many companies decide to downsize in order to reduce overhead. As a result, more and more workers are either contractors or working from home offices which puts them mobile more than ever before. Whether you are looking for a way to conduct business out of your vehicle or simply seeking a way to keep your electronic gadgets handy while on the road for pleasure, mobile car desks provide the solutions you are looking for. There are styles which attach to the steering wheel while the vehicle is parked and models which can be belted in to the seat next to you for ultimate protection and ease of use.

Steering Wheel Mounted Mobile Car Desks
The least expensive types of mobile car desks are those that simply attach to the steering wheel while you have the vehicle parked. If you need a place to comfortably work with your laptop, this type of mobile desk is ideal. They are usually priced between $20 and $30 and can either loop over the top of the wheel or hook on the bottom to quickly provide a secure workspace to set up your notebook. WheelDesk, which retails at $18.75, hooks vertically on top of the steering wheel and has a nylon strap to hold the laptop in place. The horizontal version, Wheelmate, hooks to the bottom of the wheel and provides a horizontal place to set your laptop. This model generally lists at $20.39.

Seat Belted Mobile Car Desks
Perhaps the most versatile type of mobile car desks are the models that have been constructed to be seat belted on the passenger seat next to you so that everything within and on top is safe from skidding around. Many of this type are manufactured with a non skid surface that keeps electronics such as a laptop, mobile phone or even an iPad from sliding off the edge with the motion of the car. Most mobile car desks sell for prices that range from $150 to $250 but they are packed with features that provide the next best thing to an office on wheels. From providing space for hanging files to sliding tops for easy accessibility, you will find that you can literally carry out the majority of your business while on the road!

Smart Desks Take Mobile Offices to the Next Level
Mobile car desks have a host of customizable options which can provide for a broader range of uses. For example, Smart Desks are now equipped to facilitate two outlet power inverters and some even allow for added GPS units while others have options such as a netbook stand or a printer mount and platform. Gone are the days of haphazardly trying to negotiate a printer tucked somewhere on the back floorboard while precariously holding a laptop between yourself and the steering wheel. Smart Desks take everything into consideration which makes them a ‘must have’ for anyone doing business on the go. While adding each optional figure does add a bit to the overall cost, that cost is balanced against the conveniences those options offer.

Whether you are mobile in the line of work or simply travel a lot for pleasure, mobile car desks keep you organized while offering the flexibility of being able to take your laptop and accessories along with you. With optional built in power inverters, swivel tops and netbook stands, printer stands and a whole host of other features, you can literally do anything in your vehicle that you would in an office, just in a smaller confined space.

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