Overload Springs

A good truck air suspension system will help you to add a bit of cushion to your ride when hauling or towing. It helps you to protect your vehicle from the constant wear and tear typically caused by hauling heavy items and adds a bit of stability when you need to apply the brake pedal, limits potential bucking of your trailer and helps to level your truck. Overload springs can produce all of these benefits for the serious towing or hauling driver.

Overload or helper springs involve the use of an add-on spring that helps to keep your truck level and reduce the dips, bounces or bottoming out that typically occur when hauling heavy loads. The air springs are adjustable to each truck load weight to give you maximum leveling and control benefits. The cost of overload springs are much less than other air suspension systems but it is important to understand that additional equipment may be needed over a period of time, which can make them seem more expensive.

When installing overload springs, the steel leaf spring on your truck will be removed and replaced with the new spring which will give you much greater control and handling as well as added safety and stability. Trucks that typically haul extremely heavy loads or tow heavier equipment will realize the benefits of overload springs to help keep the truck under control and avoid bumpy or uncomfortable rides. A manufacturer may install both the rear and front shocks to match the suspension frequency of overload springs to give you an even smoother ride.

All air suspension products are going to claim that they are the best. When choosing to have overload springs installed on your vehicle, it is important that you take the time to research the various brands that are currently available and choose the best one for your specific needs. One very important feature to consider is the quality of materials used to create the springs. Make certain that you choose a product from a highly trusted manufacturer and that the product contains high quality premium parts. You want to be certain that the overload springs will withstand many years of heavy hauling or towing. You should steer clear of plastic fittings and other low quality materials simply because these tend to wear out much sooner and need replaced much more frequently.

You also want to ensure that the system you choose is easy to use. An easy system can be adjusted. Overload springs adjust to your specific suspension level. The actual towing capacity of the system should also be considered. You want to ensure that you choose a system that will allow you to safely and comfortably tow or haul the weight that you typically carry. Also be certain to check with the various manufacturers about the installation process and the difficulty of installation. You certainly do not want to choose an air suspension system that is difficult or highly expensive to have installed. You may also want to check to see if the system can be removed when necessary.

Doing research on your own before you purchase overload springs will help you to ultimately protect your truck against unnecessary wear and tear. Be sure that you note the amount of weight that each set of overload springs can handle and choose a weight limit that will cover your load when you are hauling. Your main goal should be to choose a system that offers optimal safety and stability as well as ride performance when you are hauling or towing a heavy load. You should never settle for overload springs that are not up to the task of towing heavy loads simply because they are cheap. Be sure that you check around and choose the system that offers you the benefits that you need to ensure that you are safe when you are hauling. You can purchase overload springs at a variety of shops that sell aftermarket products as well as a variety of online websites that specialize in these types of products.

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