Pedal Extender

A pedal extender is a device that enables you to bring your car’s gas and brake pedals closer to you when driving. These extenders are used by shorter individuals in order to more easily drive a full-sized vehicle. Since most consumer cars and trucks today implement airbags for safety reasons, pedal extenders are very important for those who are of a shorter than average stature. They enable you to increase the distance between you and the steering wheel which is much safer in the event of an accident. Air bags can cause injury to someone if they are sitting too close when an accident occurs. Experts recommend that the distance between a driver and the airbag be no less than ten inches. While there are many devices currently on the market that will allow you to disable your airbags, this is certainly not recommended. Pedal extenders allow you to increase the distance between you and the airbag so that the airbag does not pose a risk. Those who have certain handicaps, severe arthritis and other conditions also benefit from the use of pedal extenders when driving.

Pedal extenders are very inexpensive and can typically be purchased for around $60 to $70 for each pedal, depending on where you live and the brand of extender that you purchase. They are typically standard and will fit virtually any vehicle and can easily be installed. Gas and brake pedal extenders as well as clutch extenders for standard transmission vehicles allow more safety for pregnant or overweight people as well as those with hip, knee and back problems.

Depending on your vehicle type and the specific manufacturer, you may even qualify for reimbursement if and when you have pedal extenders installed in your vehicle. Many automobile manufacturers allow up to $1,000 for the cost of the pedals and professional installation for those who have certain medical conditions or who have a prescription from a physician stating that they need extenders. Be certain to check with your vehicle manufacturer, particularly if you have a recently purchased car or truck to inquire about reimbursement opportunities.

The pedal extenders clamp onto the gas, brake and clutch pedals securely and cause no damage to the original pedals. They sit very low to the floor and use screws for secure mounting. The screws allow the pedals to be easily adjusted in the event that they need to be moved forward or back for more or less room. Pedal extenders can also be easily removed when someone else is driving the vehicle that may not need the extension provided.

Pedal extenders come in a variety of brand names and types and can be purchased from automotive supply and parts stores as well as online. Before you purchase the pedals however, it is important that you choose the correct pedals for your vehicle. While most pedal extenders will fit all standard vehicles, some may be specifically made to be installed on a particular car or truck. Be certain that you read and understand how each pedal extender is installed and which vehicles it is compatible with before you purchase. Once you have your extenders, you can either install them yourself with the help of the instructions that are included or take your vehicle to a nearby automotive repair shop for installation. Installing the pedals typically takes less than one hour to complete and can be easily done by the average consumer with just a few basic tools.

If you are pregnant, have certain medical conditions or are shorter than the average consumer, pedal extenders on your vehicle will allow you to drive more comfortably and safely by making it much easier for you to reach the gas and brake pedals without sitting too close to your steering wheel and airbag.

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