Pillar Cover

Car owners often look for aftermarket car parts that can improve the overall appearance of their vehicle. Interior and exterior modifications can make anyone proud of their car, truck or SUV. A pillar cover is a popular aftermarket car part that covers the pillar on the sides of the windows and windshield. This area of the vehicle undergoes a great amount of abuse. Dirty fingers leave marks, grocery bags bang against them causing dents and many other unforeseen things can cause damage the pillar. These damages or and blemishes can be seen in the interior part of the pillar as well as the exterior part of the pillar.

Luckily there are aftermarket pillar covers that come in all shapes, designs and materials that not only protect the pillar, but add that extra custom look. The amount of scuffing and marks that are left on the pillar while climbing in and out of the vehicle can add up over time. Pillar covers are made specifically to fit the make and model of vehicle as needed. The interior pillar covers are produced to match the color of the interior of the vehicle. Other colors and designs are also available for that extra pizzazz that some car owners are looking for. Installation is easy and can be done within a few minutes. In most cases, only a few screws need to be removed before installing the new pillar cover.

Pillar covers in the interior can be made out of fiber glass, plastic and carbon fiber. For a more rugged look and more protection, some pillar covers are made out of diamond plated metal that is often found in trucks. The interior pillar cover may or may not be made with the typical handle that can sometimes be found on the pillar. Some models do have the handle mounted on the pillar but this doesn’t make installing a pillar cover any more difficult. The pillar handle is removed by unscrewing only 1 or 2 screws that fasten it to the pillar. Some pillar covers have cut outs that allow the cover to slide over the handle without having to remove it.

High performance vehicles will have gauges mounted on the pillar that can be easily removed when replacing the pillar cover. Customized pillar covers with pre-fabricated cut outs for gauges can also be found on the market. Electrical wiring may be behind the pillar cover that can be damaged when screwing in the new cover. Make sure the any existing wiring that is in the way is moved aside before screwing on the new pillar cover. Pillar covers that support gauges or aftermarket gauges mounted on the stock pillar are typically found to have wiring behind the cover. This area of the interior not only protects the wiring, it provides a decent and clean looking environment.

There is more to pillar covers than just the interior. The exterior pillar also needs protection as well. Pillar covers for the exterior can be replaced with either stock pillar covers or aftermarket covers. These exterior covers can be made from the same kinds of materials that the interior covers are made of. Some models of vehicles have the door handle located on the pillar. Customized pillar covers can be purchased to fit around the door handle like a glove. Chrome covers can also be purchased that adds extra shine and a custom look to the vehicle. Heavy duty pillar covers can be purchased for more extreme environments. Many construction workers who own trucks may want diamond plated steel pillar covers or other durable material to help protect against dents and scratches.

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