Power Window Regulator

Over the years our cars have advanced greatly. Thanks to manufacturers we have so many wonderful features on our vehicles that add to the convenience of driving. One of the greatest features that we enjoy is the luxury of power controlled windows and locks. When cars started switching over from manual windows to power windows many people loved the new features that saved them from having to roll the windows down while trying to drive. Having powered windows allows the windows to be rolled down much quicker and just by the touch of a button.

As with any feature on a car or any car part, there is always the chance of something going wrong. Whether the part is faulty or has just worn out with time, maintaining all the car parts is necessary to ensure they keep working properly. You may notice that your power windows stop working at some point. This can be caused by a few different issues going on with the car. The first possibility is that the battery of the car is not working properly. If a car battery is drained or dead then none of the power features in a car will work, including locks, windows or the radio.

If the car can start and the battery is not the problem then the next possibility is having a blown fuse. Fuses direct power from the battery to the different areas of the car that require power and if a fuse has blown then different areas of the car may not be receiving the power they require.

If you have only one window that has stopped working correctly then chances are the problem is within the power window regulator. The power window regulator is the part inside the car door that is responsible for controlling the up and down motion of the car window. It is full of gears and when they become worn or clogged with dirt they can no longer work properly. The only way to replace this car part is to take the door panel apart. These parts can be a little expensive if you choose to go straight to the dealer to order your new part, however there are several places online that you can order a new power window regulator from and save quite a bit of money. If you are unfamiliar with working on cars then you may opt to have a mechanic work on the power window regulator for you. It can be done by a do-it- yourselfer although making sure the car part is installed correctly will allow the window to work well and not need to be fixed in the future. Once you have taken the door panel off you will be able to access the power window regulator and can examine it closely. You may find that it is not broken at all but maybe just needs oiled or cleaned. If it has in fact stopped working all together then replacing it can allow you to have full use from your window once again.

Sometimes our power windows give us warning leading up to the power window regulator going out. When a window starts making noise, is slow to go up and down or acts strange, it may be time to check the part before it actually blows completely. At other times the window may be acting perfectly fine then all of a sudden stop working. Either way, we are never guaranteed that our car parts will never need replaced. Most of the time the power window regulators will not need replaced on a car but if yours does, you can rest assured that it can be fixed and your windows can begin working like new in no time.

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